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4/22/2018 c77 NovemberRainbow
This was GOOD (and yesss, I guessed right ;))!
One of my favourite chapters really. I could so relate with Rilla's feelings of insecurity, vulnerabilty and all the worries if you're able to keep your child from harm (experienced a similar bout worrying myself sleepless if we made the right decision to have a child, worrying about parentingskills as the one certainty is that you're bound to make mistakes, worrying about the state of the world right now etc. etc. And then my love said as much the same, that we could only do our best. The rest is to wait and see but 'Love' is the most important aspect).
And Ken is so lovely here. I'm happy he understands or at least tries to understand her, instead of getting angry. She needs that. They do have a lot to learn still about each others' personality and processing everything that had happened and what they experienced in the war.
Can't wait for aunty Persis coming and how she'll take the news, but knowing her she'll be able to lift spirits up,
Oh a little correction, you don't feel the pulse with your thumb as it won't be accurate for you'll feel your own heartrate, but you do it with fore- and middlefinger, says this Krankenschwester ;)
4/21/2018 c77 4Anne O' the Island
I had a feeling that this would happen...and after Flanders, operating rooms, death and gore in spades, it's a being approximately the size of her husband's fist that terrifies Rilla more than anything else. That says something about her, I think. Because I'm also following along with the English version, I remember how Rilla said she'd been able to desensitize and disconnect herself from the war - but there's no way she can disconnect herself from this...and I have a feelingthis might be one of the factors to the terror.
On another note, as your trusty beta-reader, I suggest the translation of "stomach bug" for "Magenbazillus". But that;s just me (and admittedly, a little modern, but the idea of them referring to the baby as "little bug" is quite pleasing ;)
4/21/2018 c77 Andrea1984
Wow, das ist ja der Hammer: Rilla erwartet ein Baby. Wann soll es soweit sein ? 1919 oder 1920 ?
Ken ist einfach toll, wie lieb er mit Rilla umgeht, sich um sie sorgt etc.
Ein wunderschönes Kapitel.

Herzliche Grüße

4/15/2018 c76 NovemberRainbow
Bless her, she’s finally recovering well. And she distracted Polly from the baby-talk! I do think I’ve guessed right, though you keep me in suspenseFor those affected by loss there’s bereavement to be endured. To live a happy life is to keep faith. But Rilla’s right, the ones who loved but stayed behind bear the burden the most.
4/14/2018 c76 Andrea1984
Wie schön, wieder etwas von Polly zu lesen. Ah, sie hat eine Tochter. Die Idee gefällt mir.
Und auch die Idee mit der kleinen Rosa, die bei Di und Mildred aufwachsen darf. Das ist einfach super.

Herzliche Grüße

4/8/2018 c75 NovemberRainbow
It's great that Persis and Rilla get along so well and Persis can be honest about her emotions.
I wonder if Rilla will to return to Canada alone or if she'll want to wait for Ken, if that's possible, as he's not too far away.
It's a bit awkward for Rilla that she doesn't know Nan setting up business with Selina but then again, life goes on and the Blythe/Shirley women have an independent streak in them. I'm happy for Nan that she can do something she likes, excels at and earn her own money. I hope it will be a succesfull venture.
I like Selina, she seems to be real nice and sweet and not afraid to make bold decisions. I think Rilla will find that as well once they get to know each other and are past the awkwardness of their situation, perhaps they'll even become good friends...
4/7/2018 c75 Andrea1984
Davon wusste Rilla nichts.

Schön, wueder etwas von Persis, Nan und Selina zu lesen, ich freue mich sehr darüber.

Herzliche Grüße

3/31/2018 c74 NovemberRainbow
Aha, I must admit this romance was in the back of my mind after reading ch. 8 and 45 that Shirley was one of the few (if not the only one) who really knew how Carl was doing during the war.
I liked the way Rilla reacted. First of all Shirley was a bit cold, not even giving her a hug (damned Blythe selfcontrol) and then he did tell her a bit bluntly. It wouldn’t have felt real if it was all lovey-dovey given the time-frame and sudden confession. It was honest confusion as she never figuered it out in the first place, the taboo of it all and the dread what might happen if they were outed. But then again, I also understood how difficult it was for Shirley to show his vulnerability, let her in on his secret love and trust her to keep it that way. It was sweet how he got so defensive about Carl.
The title is fitting as I think it shows Rilla realising that indeed everybody deserves that right. Hope the reunion with Carl is a happy one. Have a nice Easter!
3/31/2018 c74 Andrea1984
Shirley und Carl - ein Paar - warum nicht. Das ist eine Wendung, mit der ich überhaupt nicht gerechnet hätte und doch, es passt irgendwie zu den beiden. Erst Freunde und dann ein Paar - alles langsam über viele Jahre hinweg.

Frohe Osterfeiertage wünscht dir - und deiner Familie unbekannterweise - herzlichst

3/29/2018 c73 NovemberRainbow
Yay, I’ve finally managed to read a chapter without translating! I’ll wait for the English version patiently to see if I got it correctlyBut after reading I got this feeling that Rilla might be expecting! I know she’s a hard worker and that she feels tired after everything she’s been through...but still...hmmmm...
She got spunk going back and assist with the operation, what with the trauma she has.
I’m happy that going back home is finally on the horizon.
3/25/2018 c73 Andrea1984
Arme Rilla. Da hätte sie geglaubt, das schlimmste überstanden zu haben und dann wird sie wieder in den OP gerufen, um genau dieser Operation, die sie nicht will, beizuwohnen bzw. dabei zu helfen.

Hoffentlich darf Rilla wirklich bald nach Hause fahren, wo immer das auch sein wird. Vielleicht bei Ken in Toronto, vielleicht anderswo. Ich lasse mich da überraschen.

Was wohl Faith schreibt ?

Herzliche Grüße

3/22/2018 c72 NovemberRainbow
You made Rilla a real strong woman, there’s little frivolous about her. How she remains standing with Ken just gone and caring for all these wounded and sick men around her, barely recovered herself, is to be greatly admired. I hope she’ll keep coping until she’s with Ken again. Ever so curious if he arrived safely in Belgium and how long it will take for them to finally go back home to Canada and be reunited with their families. It was heartbreaking to read how the blue eyed one met his fate. Pheww, this aftermath of war is so terrible. I hope next chapter will contain more hope.
3/18/2018 c72 14elizasky
You have no idea how tempted I am to try to translate this. I won't, because any automatic translation would do violence to your lovely writing, but it is taking a lot of effort on my part to resist.
3/18/2018 c72 Andrea1984
10.01. 7 Tage 17.01. nicht 18.01. ;)

Au Backe, da hat Rilla ganz schön etwas zu tun, mit der weiteren Grippewelle.

Bitte, bitte lass Ken nicht sterben, egal, was geschehen mag.

Uff, das ist gerade noch einmal gut gegangen, dass der eine Patient, der sich aus dem Fenster stürzen wollte, gerettet worden ist.

Wie so oft trifft es auch hier die unschuldigen Opfer. Wofür haben sie gekämpft ? Für ihr eigenes Land, nur um dann, in einem fremden, Land, an der Grippe zu sterben.

Herzliche Grüße

3/14/2018 c71 NovemberRainbow
Okay, I PM’d you that I used my dictionary at first as I was so curious and I really did but half way through I couldn’t resist putting whole chapters on a very good translation service (from a good German btw) because the suspense of it all just got to me and I wanted to know the bends in the roads. And what a bumpy roads they were as well. War in every form always leaves collateral damage. I hope for Rilla and Ken they will not be separated too long and they can finally start being home...where ever that may be!
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