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for The Warmth of Home

7/12/2020 c2 763Kristen3
This is adorable and sweet. It's just like Daphne to care about Niles like this! :)
7/12/2020 c1 Kristen3
Ooh, intriguing! I'm sure Daphne's idea isn't daft. I can't wait to see where this goes!
7/11/2020 c2 50KeepingUpDisappearances
Great story, as always. I really enjoyed it!
3/5/2017 c1 31LittleLizzieZentara
Awwww...I love that Daphne is going to do something to help Niles feel better. It doesn't matter what it is because if he knows it was Daphne's idea, it will mean the world to Niles. I'm really curious what she's going to come up with. Daphne is definitely one to think outside the box. :)
3/5/2017 c1 170A.Baroness
Ohh what's her idea? Can't wait to find out.
2/28/2017 c1 dreamer 3097
This is good
2/27/2017 c1 SereniteRose
what a great start to a first chapter, thanks ever so much I can't wait to read chapter 2 because you've got me hooked. thanks again.

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