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for More then meets the sensor data?

2/28/2020 c1 5jimmie.toyne
I imagine that from the Wyzzr's point of view she was talking to a human with the heaviest Cockney accent she had ever heard
3/19/2017 c1 4Haegr
Quite funny and orky. Orks are always the best race to write about.
2/27/2017 c1 Guest
At least it wasnt Kirk trying to bang some gretchin.
2/27/2017 c1 7Uncle WAAAGH
Orks orks orks orks!
2/27/2017 c1 TheGreatUncleanOne
Dah purple makes it sneeky while da red makes it fasta! OW DAH ELL DID I NOT TINK OF DAT?
2/26/2017 c1 Commissar Carl
I fucking love this, I require more.
2/26/2017 c1 Fellowman
This was hilarious, nothing else need to be said.

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