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8/2 c35 firedawg
One heck of a story and one good read. Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for writing a real winner.
7/14 c35 Disturbio
This was a weird book. Didnt care for it
6/22 c3 Guest
And I’m out. Multiple time travelers always fuck up the story into a mess that’s a pain to read and never enjoyable. Should have stuck with one.
6/24 c4 poimeme90
belh ron weaseley for all his purebloodedness is not that powerful lol im taking a pass on this one for. a whiel;
6/14 c4 2Nightshade4316
As much as I'm having fun reading this story to this point, I doubt that Ron is that capable in magic... Regardless, it's a fanfic so I'm gonna enjoy it anyway.
6/4 c35 Guest
Are you nuts. Finish this!
5/29 c35 B53
I do hope you continue this story one day. It was great.
5/27 c15 LovinqRosiie
HYPOCRITE Voldemort: "Death conquers all." And he says he won't die? Dude.
4/20 c35 botsm
Please continue
4/19 c1 War
Uh you do Know that this story is dead and you're essentially reading a an Overpowered Harry Potter anyway so I find this story to be Ok in that regard the story doesn't need Harry to brute force his way into the story you know
PS : Doctor Strange ( just not the MCU one ) would totally beat This Harry Fucking Potter in a Magical Duel
4/14 c1 FledditFliveflind
How are you so brain dead that you got 160k words into this story, and then just abandoned it? Get fucked, idiot.
4/3 c35 Hedwig68
Great story so far, hopefully you will get around to finish it.
3/25 c20 Dissapointed
For the supposedly strongest Dark Lord who has almost twice as much magic as Dumbledore, Harry sure likes to faint a lot after every battle. Honestly, it is not 'cool', it is pathetic that somebody like this could be considered 'strongest'.
3/25 c4 Dissapointed
Okay... the author really did this.

I really hope, though, that he would not make Ron from the future into some kind of Godly wizard capable of destroying even Voldemort. That would be highly unpleasant to read about.
3/8 c18 Brandon Boodoo
Yup Harry lost consciousness ... lame.

I tolerated the WEASLEY of all people being your antagonist but this... this WHOLE chapter right here...won't be wasting my time anymore.
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