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8/16/2017 c3 Elendyr
Good chapter pal,
Can't wait till the next one!
Keep up the good work and have a good one!
8/15/2017 c3 sone4nia
Looks like Quistis is going to try to pursue Squall in this story. I really like Rinoa so hopefully she brings him out of his shell soon.
8/14/2017 c3 Bcaffera
I'm really glad that you could write another chapter. I love this story, just as I love The Golden Path. Hope to see more of it (when you have time, obviously).
Xu is still infuriating. In both stories I want to punch her in the face.
The interaction between the main characters is great. She try, he doesn't. As I said before, I really like when Squall "protect his loneliness" by being antisocial (I know, I'm crazy, but that's what I like more about Squal. That, and Lion Heart), and that's why I love your story.
I'm really curious as to why Cid (because it's fairly obvious that Xu is not pairing them just for personal amusment) want Squall to socialize.
I really want to see where this story goes. Keep at it. You're great. :D

P.S.: I know that I said it before, but sorry for any grammatical error. XD
8/13/2017 c3 25TheOrichalconThief
Aw Sweety, you flatter me!

I really do love the sweet developments in here! Squall, as much of an asshole as he is, is nonetheless too amusing. "I don't usually treat people at all, I ignore them." I really loved his train of thoughts there, and I am sure our dearest Squally-Squall has his reasons for acting all cold and detached. Poor Rinoa though, she is not deeming herself lucky as of yet!

As for the other characters: Zell is ace, as we already know from chapter 1, I love Selphie's friendliness and her handing out nicknames all easily - I find that cute. Her crazy food habits make her hilarious and adorable and her bright character is fun to read. "Not before the third lunch" - it makes me giggle every time! And how hard Irvine tries for her - bless! As for Quistis - this is a very interesting and different take on her character and I am curious to see where you are heading with it!

I wonder of course what Xu's ulterior motive is for assigning anti-social Squall to sweet Rinoa. How will that end...

Oh, and, I am glad to have learnt some new information regarding para-magic; your take on it is very interesting and sounds logical - me likes!

Keep up th beautiful progress ;)
4/11/2017 c2 Bcaffera
I'm really happy that you decide to continue with this story, is excellent. I hope Squall gives Rinoa many, MANY headaches before he fall for her. I'm not against SquallxRinoa. I just like when he is a lone wolf. In Golden Path you create one of the bests Squall I ever read in this page. Hope you keep with this story.
Good luck (and sorry if my english is not that good. This is my first review :P)
4/7/2017 c2 Rasivel
Wow, I LOVE the title!
4/5/2017 c2 6Angel-Wings Naya
Wow, that was GOOD! I love the way you describe the people and their actions! I hope the next chapter will be up soon enough! _

~No one can predict the future, there are no guarantees~
4/4/2017 c2 Boukun
Wow your writing style is absolutely amazing and Zell is very entertaining so far. I liked how Squall just totally doesn't care how mean he seems. I really can't wait for the next update.
4/4/2017 c2 25TheOrichalconThief
I really like the style of this introductory chapter! Showing the parallels of Rinoa and Squall, personifying them as completely opposite characters whilst using similar situations is just wonderful! It felt like two roads that lead to the same crossing, which is kind of the climax, and of course did their first encounter end not too well. I hope Squall will open up to Rinoa, for whatever the reason might be for his preferred solitude, Rinoa is bound to understand some day!

I LOVED the first scene with Zell - god, that part was hilarious. Losing 50kg dumbbells, honestly Zell? Just hilarious. And that poor girl confessing her love to Squall and being brutally rejected - ouch. Just ouch. I also loved meeting Selphie and Irvine, whilst I feel somewhat sorry, yet also annoyed by, Quistis - I have yet to see if she is as likeable as Zelly-boy!

I also am highly intrigued as to why Rinoa had to leave and who it is she is searching for. I feel sorry for her too and think it's amazing that she can stay so strong and positive all the while. That Leon guy...*sigh* poor Rinoa, having to reject him, but YOU ARE NOT SQUALL SO HANDS OFF! *cough cough*. Such a poor guy, hm...

I found the concept humorous of Squall trying to find one silent corner after the other and constantly having people run into him. You are never alone, Squall, but how beautifully the chapter ended, with Squall usually forgetting people so quickly, yet quite immediately having remembered Rinoa's feautures. Ha! Fated lovers! Now get your anti-sociable ass going and make some character-progress, Squall, or else Rinoa won't fall for you!

After this wonderfully written and rather beautiful first chapter, I am eager to know how things will progress, what else will occur plotwise (the thing with Edea is bugging me!) and how Rinoa and Squall will progress. Also of course what other characters you might introduce (I fear Cifer already!) Please keep up the great work!
4/4/2017 c2 Elendyr
Love the first chapter mate,
I really liked the old version of this story aswell.
I can say that the remake of this story is better then the old if i remember correctly the first chapter already had a few plotholes in it and i didn't see them in this chapter,
And if there are a few i didn't notice it at all.
Keep up the good work!
Have a good one!
3/2/2017 c1 Rasivel
I really hope Ultimecia is given motivation instead of being plain evil. Where's the fun in that? Best of luck! Looking forward to the rest.
3/1/2017 c1 Elendyr
Love the dark start of this story mate,
I really hope you'll update soon because this got me aching for more
I enjoyed the old story aswell and i'm glad you're back with a remake of that one!
Have a good one
2/27/2017 c1 6Angel-Wings Naya
This was amazing! I can really see the effort you've put in it and your writing style has really matured, I'm in awe!
The only question I have is if Ultimecia is an much older Rinoa? If she is, will we get an explanation of how she ended up that way and why?
Keep up the good work! I'm excited to read more! :D

~No one can predict the future, there are no guarantees~
2/27/2017 c1 25TheOrichalconThief
Now what a rather interesting prologue! Ultimicia in all her evil glory - poor slaves. And I have never been as intimidated by Ultima Weapon as now, realising what a monster he actually is appearancewise. But the vision - I can tell some of the characters present there, but it really makes me wonder what exactly happens and why Ultimicia is being so calm about it! Although she did kill that slave seemingly out of frustration...I am highly intrigued! I want to see what twists you have prepared, so keep on going, it can only get better!

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