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for Star's Journey: The Hall of Masks

4/9/2017 c7 30KM2000
Oh, this is getting interesting! :D I did not expect the twist concerning Zamiel, though I did guess who Zared Azan wanted him to marry. Poor Zamiel. :( It was hard to see him so upset, especially since we've never seen him like that before. And seeing everyone wanting to help him was so heartwarming. :')

It's also nice to see Zamiel getting some focus, as well as Zaneth, as they've never been focused on much before. It seems like there may be some conflict between them that could threaten to tear apart the rebellion. And it looks like Zamiel might be a bit reckless in the following chapters too, which would definitely be dangerous for the rebellion.

Vivi stealing the diadem would have been awesome. :D It's probably not going to happen, though.

Sorry I don't have much else to add. I really enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait until the next one. Now I really want to see where the conflict between Zaneth and Zamiel goes, as well as Zamiel's turmoil about his planned marriage. It looks like it'll be exciting! :D
3/4/2017 c2 KM2000
I probably shouldn't be so excited about this book not having a happy ending, but I am. :D I'm really anticipating the ending now and all the horrible things that could happen to Star, her family and the rebels.

It’s nice to read about Star and co again after so long. It’s nice to see the rebellion underway, and also nice to meet new characters like Porii, Seth and Spencer. I hope we’ll be seeing more of those three in later chapters. I find myself curious about Porii and why she’s so suspicious of the radio, too.

And hooray, Star and Zan are dating! They make such a cute couple. :’) I love how Star’s now claimed the Zebak as her people and Habaharan as her home. I get the feeling that she’ll fight tooth-and-nail for it when the time comes to go to war.

The introduction of the radio felt rather ominous, as did Porii saying ‘maybe we die soon’. I have a really bad feeling about the radio. :(

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