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9/2/2017 c6 7Miniclio
I can finally post a review ! (problems with my computer sorry)
It's pretty interresting how you explain the background of the other kingdom after the war.
Van is a romantic knowing Hitomi may return to him after her own trials, and I really like how Millerna and Dryden got his back.

I didn't see the leak of the power point coming, great idea.

It's a bit ironic, in the serie Van was the one pessimist, and even with her fears Hitomi was the positive one, here it's Van who is more positive by the end even if he still have fears, and doubts.

Great story !
8/15/2017 c6 Meghanna Starsong
Wow! You posted! yay! Hard to believe that this story is done. It was an honor to beta for you. I'm glad that Van learned how to deal with his problems. I really loved the reunion with Folken and Morgan's cameo! You wrapped this story up as nicely as usual.
7/18/2017 c5 1pinkdynamite
I don't know if I'll ever be able to read about Folken's ghost/spirit/whatever coming back to talk with Van without crying. This is another of your wonderful stories that I'm sad must come to an end. I really enjoyed how Van's confidence is returning, and the confrontation with his advisors emphasized this perfectly. I always wondered what became of Freid's sword after the Seal was opened. It seemed very appropriate that Folken would have had a back up plan. I am both sadly and eagerly awaiting your next chapter!
6/20/2017 c4 Meghanna Starsong
Hey! Well, this was an exciting chapter! As I mentioned, it definitely weaves together previous events and sets the stage for the final countdown. I am sad to see the end, but ,I've enjoyed the glimpse into Van's psyche and the story behind his own tattoo. Thank you again for the cameo!
6/18/2017 c3 7Miniclio
It's really good !

Van is going through a maturing process, along his own reconstruction, and it's really interresting to read how he go through it all.

Seeing Chid on the war path is... Disturbing, but not so surprising with the way you write the potential dark future. That and his whole family have a history about not giving up.

Balgus is always the one who deliver the bad news, but he know how to do it. He even helped Van by telling him Hitomi was going through her own trials, which is comforting in a way.

I like how you made the alcool match between the names and Gaea culture.
5/1/2017 c3 2Meghanna Starsong
Wah! I'm waaaay late reviewing (again), but here it is! So, wow, just wow! So much going on in this fiction. I think it is a suitable companion to your last story centering around Hitomi overcoming her own trauma and finding herself again. It's actually good to see Van having to hammer out his own problems and destiny. The end of Escaflowne left me with so many questions, and at times, it felt as if Van had adjusted to "peace time" a bit too easily. I like the political conflict you've introduced into this story as well. Poor Merle! Poor Van! *hugs them both*

Thank you again for Morgan's cameo! It was a lot of fun! _ I super enjoyed being Van's first kiss, lol! *swoons* Teehee! I'm also glad that Morgan got to help Van come to an important realization: he loves Hitomi, whether or not she is coming back, and an arranged marriage partner won't replace her. *pats his back* Just hang in there, dude!

Great chapter as well. Good job fleshing out the Merle/Van scene where he snaps. *nod nod*
4/23/2017 c3 1dinkycharlie
Oh Vargas one of my favorite characters... Reading this story I'm starting to wish for more of Vans POV. This is a side of him we never got to see! I also liked his encounters with the fanelian people. Usually stories tend to be set only in the castle, or in a foreign country and nearly every time him being a draconian is an issue, so that you almost forget, that Van is a real Fanelian, a king of a country with real people. (As real as everything can be in fiction :] )
4/23/2017 c2 Guest
Great to see another story from you. I didn't expect Van to be so very helpless but I can see how it's a possible continuation to the series. Looking forward to see how he overcomes these obstacles and reach the light at the end of this dark tunnel.
4/15/2017 c2 7Miniclio
This is really great !

After the war it was a sure thing Fanelia would get the short end of the stick. Yet compared to some others... It could have been worse. The advisors are in charge of the more political face of the country, I suppose the 4 samouraï were in charge, as part of the council, of the military part, and there no one left for that part. So in a (sad ) way they are doing their job. Even if it's a pain in the ****.

I absolutly adore Dryden letter. It's priceless! Even if the subjects are hard ones, it make me laugh.

Gaou was a great king in his time, when his country was at war. But we don't know much about his impressions on his sons. Folken never takled about him, and Van probably can't remember much about him. Balgus was his father figure after all, he was the same for Allen for a time... Yet you didn't tried to make him act like he was trying to bond with his yougest. Which is better, since it's wiser with what je had come for. Van would have snap had he tried to paternise him just after feeling Hitomi cutting their bond. Yet his father is probably the best person to help him with her since the situation with Varie at her arrival in Fanelia can be seen as a kind of parallèle.

I see probably too much in this ? Anyway it's really good, and hope you will continue having fun with writing! One ghost left ;)
4/14/2017 c2 1dinkycharlie
Wow, this was intense! I was so heartbreaking to see Van's struggle to reach Hitomi. I also love the way you portrayed the relationship between Van and his father. You're right, he basically doesn't know him.
I was at first a little bit reluctant to read a prequel, because I usually don't like them, but in this case I can't wait to know more about Van's side of this story.
3/2/2017 c1 7Miniclio
The duke was a great man.
Nobody ever tell you that being king is hard. After a war it's even harder.
Van had to go through a lot, his country count on him, but he is still 15.

He have a long road before him, but he have Hitomi waiting for him at the end.

The others ghost are going to be really helpful.

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