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6/30 c10 15Lord Jaric
Well, he is fired and that is if he is lucky.
11/11/2019 c7 berserker79
Hey, posting chapter 7 exactly on N7 Day was a well-timed move (and if not entirely planned, then it's still a nice coincidence!). While I've played the Colonist background only once, the events of this chapter sounded familiar as soon as I read the C-Sec's officer name and that the situation involved a girl holding a gun at a docking bay on the Citadel: I find this was a very nice N7 Day tribute to the first game in the trilogy, well done! Also, I enjoyed the way you have developed the events in your own way, especially the addition of Garrus handling the news skycar in the... "Archangel style" and that little bit at the end, showing that Shepard has his and Ashley's soon-to-be-family in his thoughts.
12/30/2018 c4 berserker79
As I had the chance to mention elsewhere, I'm very happy that you managed to post this new chapter. It was fun to see that Shepard’s detective skills are really up to snuff: by figuring out that the victim’s friend had been accusing the wrong person he saved yet again the day, this time from a diplomatic crysis. Also, it was fun to get a small glimpse into what seems to be the somewhat complicated (professional, as you correctly pointed out) life between Garrus and Tali. Looking forward to read what will come up as the investigation into Shara's death continues.
10/3/2018 c1 Guest
4/27/2018 c3 berserker79
Hey, long time no hear! ;) I really appreciate your dedication to writing this story and that goes double seeing that you are now busier than ever. Anyway, with two more chapters up, I feel that the story is starting to shape up and it's not letting me down (not that I ever expected to be disappointed): Shepard is just as good at saving the galaxy as he is at solving crimes. I'm betting that at some point he'll be competing with Garrus for the title of "Citadel's greatest detective". I've had quite some fun with the side characters here, the crime scene techs and the other C-Sec agents are an interesting addition to the cast, contributing their own quirks and peculiarities to the world of the ME characters. Looking forward to chapter 4!
4/13/2018 c3 IncensedBus87
Fantastic chapter man and i have to agree with "Masso 2010" Shepard haveing a detective skill like Batman is awesome and a nice touch keep up the great work
4/7/2018 c3 7Masso 2010
this is getting really interesting, and I love the Batman detective style Shepard's getting.
1/31/2018 c2 Bigguestinboots
First; lemme say congratulations on your engagement. May you both find love and laughter in your years together.

2. Dont think the itch to write will stop once your married. Mine actually got worse as i had a whole new mindset to write from and experience to write about.

3. I love how you're writing this. While i never pictured MShep being CSec after the war myself i cant wait to see how this goes.
1/31/2018 c2 Endrius
I wish You good luck on the new way of life.
3/10/2017 c1 3Centaurus
Sorry it took me so long to review! Quite a good beginning, not a lot to say obviously as it is just and introductory chapter, but really interested for the future!
3/2/2017 c1 berserker79
I was already familiar with theaterman007’s Mass Effect stories before reading this one and as a fan of the pairing between Shepard and Ashley Williams I found myself at home with his stories. If you are a Shepley fan and you have read any of the author’s previous stories, you will find more of the same good stuff here and possibly more. Exploring planets, meeting new alien races and saving the galaxy from a dark threat is fine, but this story introduces a new twist to the Mass Effect world. In fact, this first chapter tells the reader about Shepard’s new job as a detective with C-SEC and I find this offers a welcome change and a promising experience. I’m looking forward to the next chapter… too bad I’ll have to wait a few months! ;)

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