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for The many Deaths of Harry Potter

11/18 c78 Yeet
Damn, this was really good!
11/17 c77 lulu2613
That was the best and most realistic Snape and Harry relationship I have ever read. And it made me think about their connection to each other. Harry was right, his parents should have been each others secret keeper and maybe Lily and Serverus could have resolved their differences.
11/16 c65 lulu2613
This should also be called the many deaths of all your favorites
11/16 c62 lulu2613
That’s slut shaming and stereotyping Harry! Just because Fluer is part-Veela doesn’t mean she is the free love type.
11/15 c50 lulu2613
Oh Harrikins so emotionally stunted you can’t tell that you’re falling in love with Hermione and that’s why you suddenly don’t like Krum.
11/14 c36 lulu2613
If only Colin was still alive to take that picture
11/14 c33 lulu2613
This version of Harry reminds me of Wednesday
11/14 c25 lulu2613
Harry’s becoming a little bit of a psychopath
11/14 c10 lulu2613
No Harry you were not suspicious of Quirrelmort
11/14 c8 lulu2613
He’s in Slytherin! Oh this is gonna be good
11/12 c78 So long ago
Amazing plot. Loved the story.
I’m so glad I found it. Congratulations!
11/11 c39 So long ago
Loving the story.
11/5 c75 Guest
Why the heck are you suddenly rewarding the loser especially by getting rid of the winner?!
11/5 c73 Guest
Pathetic why the heck would you reveal your secret to an enemy instead of telling a lie?!
11/5 c72 Guest
Why the heck would you tell most people important to you your current location instead of using code words or getting out of there first?!
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