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for The many Deaths of Harry Potter

7h c78 OneGoldenGod
great story
2/26 c2 21Orphans
Honestly I don’t know why someone hasn’t puzzled out the Dursley’s like that damned if you do damned if you don’t they are still shut human beings but they have a decent reason.
2/25 c1 austin-flare-potter
thanks for the story,
2/20 c4 aGnamZer0
I know it's cliché and probably why you didn't do it, but it's also reasonable. I wish he Petunia had told him he was the heir of a pureblood family and that he discovered himself – without Petunia herself finding out – that he actually had a vault full of gold waiting for him at Gringotts.
2/14 c78 3fireflame789
This story was... much better than I thought it was going to be. Time Travel HP fics have been exceptionally hit or miss with me, but I think the way you've done it has been great on most fronts. Interesting idea to try and advertise the prophecy and put an even bigger target on Harry's back, and the Death Eater's reaction to that is both believable and in character which is impressive. Harry's paranoia is well done, you explained the Dursleys well (which I always found tough), people aren't as incompetent as they are in the books, and you managed to move the story forward without pushing it fast. I like that last one a lot.

This one isn't the best story I've read out of the HP community, but it's definitely heads above just being an average story. Amazing and great, even if there were some things I would change.
2/13 c78 18Alexander Von Einzbern
Great story, thank you for sharing.
2/8 c5 8Clumsy Psychopath
Dont agree with the narrative.

1. Kids having wands is insane case it's a weapon. So is a pencil if you jab it in someone's eye you don't see that happening do you. in many countries it's normal to teach kids martial arts. you don't see them breaking necks. it's called having a different culture.

2. normal laws not applying. imagine an American going to China and raging cause normal laws don't apply there.

3. Magicals being a cult cause they segregated. So would be almost all the religions cause for centuries they used to isolate their kids. Plus they'd be right to isolate themselves humans have hunted animals for far less except this time it's something exponentially more valuable than a hide or tusk.

4. not teaching science or maths. Arithmetics and medicine and astronomy. Plus honestly use some brain, the protagonist literally visited the magical society. can any society develop to the point of having banks and shops and a working economy without maths or science? And if they did reach this point without maths and science I don't see why they should bother learning any now.

5. Hogwarts education crippling them from getting a good job with nonmagicals. think of it this way. wizarding world is a different country altogether with its own rules and government, just cause it's also a part of UK doesn't mean anything. it's like saying the education system of India is crippling people over there from getting a job in UK. just cause they are both part of commonwealth doesn't mean anything. If someone from India wants to get a good job in UK they work harder than the rest of their countrymen and it's only fair.
2/7 c1 455artix
2/5 c78 UnknownUserNr47
Awesome story.
1/26 c78 Distortionist
Ooh wow. I was just thinking about the part about college at the end. It's sad, really.
1/21 c6 love4HP
And I think you have made bad side too strong, alert for Harry to die repeatedly so many times even before getting to Hogwarts.
1/21 c4 love4HP
When are you planning on letting Harry know that he has a vault left in his name by his parents? If he was alone it was a good opportunity for him to take control of his own life and money at least.
1/20 c78 Zelda

Very well done
1/19 c5 Guest
The fic is a bit too dry
1/12 c7 Aselo
If anyone actually digs through his memories they'll be hella confused
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