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for Harry and the Blue

6/15/2020 c5 1Xandrom
Warcraft humans didn’t start like real humans they came into existence with a culture pretty much just like the Vrykul because humans are mutated Vrykul
6/15/2020 c2 Xandrom
How would Sindragosa know what race Harry is? I thought humans didn’t exist on Azeroth until after the Sundering?
4/9/2020 c5 Robmart
More please
4/23/2019 c5 11Kimera20
this is very interesting! i like it!
4/16/2019 c5 Tsukoblue
I hope this will be updated again
12/13/2018 c4 R
Im not impressed with Harry. He was barely scraping by in canon. And he is barely scraping by here.

7/26/2018 c5 6TekoloKuautli
Well, this explains about his appearance in Azeroth, but does this means that future Harry found a way to sent others back to Earth and all? Maybe he could travel when he wants to? I hope he gets revenge to the bastard who cowardly pushed him through the Veil, I suspect if that dictator-wanna-be wasn't aided by a Bronze he would have never been able to drop the ball on Harry.
I'm liking this fic a lot, many problems and intrigue and adventure haha
7/26/2018 c4 TekoloKuautli
What a cruel beatdown, poor guy is gonna be a giant bruise until he heals himself or something haha
Does this mean their bond is deeper than it appears? Also, could Sindragosa now speak parseltongue?
7/26/2018 c3 TekoloKuautli
Well, my first thought after that last paragraph was 'they are screwed'
7/25/2018 c2 TekoloKuautli
The explanation of bonds and Harry's type of magic was awesome, I can see that his magic is more reality-defying than Azeroth's and in many ways more versatile, if Harry's core bonded to hers does that mean their magics combined to create a force even more powerful than the originals? I also want to see a dragon Harry haha
7/25/2018 c1 TekoloKuautli
A playboy Harry? Well that's mild compared to other vices haha
Sindragosa will not end as a death dragon for the lich king now, yaay.
6/30/2018 c1 dragonngo
...I know this is a new that people who follow this fanfic should already know, but apparently the author of the story has declared that the fanfic is no longer supported and thus will not be updated. However, if anyone want to continue this story, I think the author is putting this fanfic up for passing to anyone who want to take over. To the author, I'm sadden to hear that this fanfic is now discontinued and will no longer look forward to future updates of this story, but it is your decision to make and is something no one can hold against. Best of luck with whatever you are doing right now.
1/15/2018 c5 Berna45
Like how your story is going so far. Was wondering with the pairing will Harry be paired with Sindragosa, Merithra and Onyxia?
12/6/2017 c5 9Teon
I lve where this story is headed please update soon
11/19/2017 c5 3PascalDragon
Interesting story and an interesting choice to set it before the Sundering and during the time of Deathwing's betrayal.
As you had Harry mention Warcraft in the first chapter will he ever realize that he's in the universe described by that game?
Will it turn out that Sirius is indeed also alive and somewhere around on Azeroth?
I take it the cruise ship will play a role during or after the Sundering? Will we also get to see more current events of WoW, especially with the bronze dragonflight being involved apparently? (and being able to travel to Earth and back without problems it seems)
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