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2/12 c1 Dasgun

12/18/2019 c4 Guest23
I already told you the person that you first introduced as first Contact have him be the son or brother of grand Admiral thrawn different galaxies thrawn went to the Mass Effect Galaxy to get his family back set after the founding of the new republic and before his books he returns to the star wars galaxy to to see if the empire he serves is still standing to and to find out if his empire is alive to find out it is gone the emperor is dead Vader is dead but he remakes the empire in the the mass effect galaxy with him as the emperor with an asari wife and he then moves to the star wars galaxy to have a foothold in the star wars galaxy and he must choose between the empire he knew and the empire he created this is a goldmine please continue
12/18/2019 c2 Guest23
Please continue this story this is a goldmine I myself in a very big Grand Admiral Thawn fan I'm only on chapter 2 needs to continue and if you can try to pair thrawn up with in asari maybe even benezia and have the first chiss that you encountered beThawn's sonor brother or an enemy but pair thrawn up with an asari thrawn could conquer the mass effect galaxy or rebuild the empire there with him being the emperor like I said this is a goldmine
3/5/2019 c1 Guest
So far you have done an excellent job portraying the Grand Admiral's tactful behavior. I am both satisfied and disappointed that you just added the Chis to Mass Effect; satisfied that this makes sense for a logical story but disappointed because Thrawn's tactical prowess was at it's peak during his service as a Grand Admiral.
4/26/2018 c4 2Mirrors Cracked And Broken
you were doing so good
4/3/2018 c3 15Vanessa Masters
Oh Thrawn is intrigued by Shepard, and wondering what will happen next. As our all of us.
4/3/2018 c2 Vanessa Masters
Lol lemons. I agree, not Mass Effect without sex.

Well, Thrawn seems to have done well for himself, I never doubted.
4/3/2018 c1 Vanessa Masters
Nearly two hours went by before her theory was proven correct.

A shadowy figure climbed out of the shuttle which housed the alien dwelling, nimbly landing on the ground and staying put as it looked around. A few seconds after it had appeared, it began sneaking across the hangar bay, stealthily keeping the darkest areas and using any of the sparse cover that it could find to keep itself unseen. The matriarch, though, never lost track of the figure.

"Wh-What is that? Who is that?"

The elder Asari did not turn to address her officer, but instead spoke as she watched the entity move towards the larger shuttles at the other end of the hangar bay.

"I do believe that is the alien whose world we trespassed upon."

"One alien? One?" Officer Baeriph fumed incredulously, obviously finding the fact that a single individual had utterly beaten her troops alone. "Ma'am, that's impossible... and I thought you said it was pirates?"

A smile spread on Benezia's lips and she leaned her head back, all the while keeping her eyes on the figure as it inspected the side of a shuttle.

"A lie, Officer Baeriph; but if you are so concerned about the absolute numbers of our mysterious foe, then let us see if any others will join them."

They waited a few more minutes, and the entirety of the time the matriarch could feel the younger Asari seated next to her hoping for more aliens to appear so that her failure might become less humiliating. Tragically for her, no other shadowy figures appeared and only the lone one whom now began boarding a shuttle remained as the sole source of the ground force's troubles.

"Well, it would seem that they truly were alone," Matriarch Benezia declared and began to rise from her chair. Her arm came up next to her mouth as the orange light of her omni-tool flared into existence. "Alright, commander, move in. Secure our guest, but do not harm if possible."

With that, she swiveled around and strode to the elevator with Officer Baeriph following. In minutes, they had exited the lift and were entering the hangar bay with a platoon of soldiers and a squad of commandos guarding them.

At the base of the shuttle which the alien had attempted to steal was the alien, themselves, as well the commandos whom had captured them; two flanking either side of their unexpected—or in Benezia's case, certainly expected—guest.

However, as she laid her eyes upon the alien, she felt confusion curl around her thoughts. With all the trouble and commotion that the native had caused planet-side, the matriarch assumed that they would put up a fight. She believed that they would sport bruises and leak a small trickle of blood after quarreling with their Asari commando captors. Yet, they seemed perfectly fine.

Then, she noticed the key feature of their appearance: their skin was blue.

The same healthy shade she saw many of the soldiers under her command whom were still in their maiden phases; the same shade Liara sported.

Her brow furrowed and the matriarch pushed the thoughts of her daughter from her mind as she began observing the figure again.

Blue meant they were Asari, and that meant that this was no native of the planet... but they were not Asari. Their shoulders were broad and their face was chiseled with slightly sunken cheeks. Their head and brow wore bluish-black hairs, the majority of it covering their scalp and grew down past their shoulders, some of it draping over it to brush their collar bone.

Then, she saw their eyes.

At first glance, she had thought them ringed red, but as she stared into them, she saw only red. Both eyes were solid scarlet, seemingly glowing as the blue-skinned alien stared back at her... no, they weren't staring, the alien was observing her too.

The moment she realized this was the moment that the alien knew she realized.


Oh wow, Thrawn! Awesome start!
3/10/2018 c4 Guest
My friend said he would do it with me. As a co-op Fiction but i AM a Huge FAN of Thrawn and will make a great story form what you made here. So thank you for this Story man.
3/8/2018 c4 Guest
you could at least let someone adopt your story.
3/9/2018 c4 2Imperial Briton
I personally If you wanted to continue the story, would have everything set in the Milky Way, the Star Wars Galaxy is irrelevent. We use Legends lore about the Chiss and Thrawn, however the canon discription of his rising through the ranks is reinterpreted for use in the Citadel, instead of the Empire.

To this end, you have Thrawn and the Chiss, as well as the rest of the powers of the Star Wars Unknown Regions, existing in the Terminus Sector (or maybe even have it so that the actual sectors of space are simply nominal ownership and distribution of territory, with many of the systems within these regions remaining non explored due to lack of Mass Relays and the slow nature of the Council).
Thrawn is exiled from Cssila and the Acendency, due to his actions dealing with the (retconned to be pre Reaper) Andromeda exporatory fleet, treating it as he did the Outbound Flight.

Maybe have it so that the Yuuzhan Vong and the Reapers (and their creators) came from the same galaxy, and are treating the milky way as the testing and recruitment grounds for their wars between one-another as each is the anathema to the other (Reapers to convert sentients into reapers, husks and other entities; and the Vong, acting like the Tyrannids from Warhammer).

Thrawn brings the means to fight the Vong, and Shepard brings the means to fight the Reapers, you wouldn't even need Empire tech to be involved as the Chiss would have their Legends advanced technology and maybe Thrawn could be interested in one of the Sci fi's that helped push humanity into the stars (wink wink nudge nudge), and use the highly logistical and literal schematics and proposed technologies of this sci fi, to adapt into the war effort.

Maybe have Pellaeon being an old British, of Southern (US) fleet officer, overlooked after the adoption of humanity into the council, and given over to the heavily loathed foreign, non-council species humanoid in order to slight him.

There are so many ways you could take this story, and I only hope you continue it at least in some fashion, into the future.
3/8/2018 c2 aDarkOne
Yes, Thrawn just being in charge of the Empire of the Hand seems...wrong.
3/8/2018 c4 4moops
well you could do it do he rips off Promethean tech and ends up right after the reapers have been there. that would leave to 0-50000 years to play with. no one says you have to do it when the humans turn up and only have a short time till the reapers. hell if he is found by pirates he can take them over and never need to deal with the counsel. and fan fics dont need to be exact so choose what ever thrawn you want and occ his char to the point you feel comfortable writing it. hell make it so there is an si in his body so you can do what ever and have some knowledge of the ME verse and SW but at the same time its not so detailed as to know where planets are that arnt on the holonet.
2/8/2018 c3 Patrick
Please continue
9/21/2017 c3 Guest
I had high hopes for this fic, but you've given Thrawn all the Star Wars weapons and tech, against Mass Effect. With that he won't need any strategy. Even a Gamorrean could win the wars here with that advantage!
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