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6/9/2019 c20 Guest
Hey, I’ve was following the story for a while, and I thoroughly enjoy it, so great job! You haven’t been updating, though, and I’m just wondering if or when there will be another.
6/11/2019 c17 10Lightning Lord Kaji
So is Corrin not a dragon in this? I mean I guess he hasn’t gotten angry enough yet.

Interesting story so far though it seems a little random at times.
6/10/2019 c21 Veovorn
I hope everything goes well for you
6/10/2019 c21 3LukaLukaa
good luck!
6/9/2019 c21 HoangKimVu
Good luck on your job mates
6/9/2019 c21 29Coral the Leviathan
Good luck on your job. I await the day you will return with a new update for the story
5/20/2019 c18 16Tegusis

Lol nice Anakin skywalker revenge of the sith reference. I can only imagine who is saying that. Possibly takumi? because he's just as whiny as Anakin? XD
4/15/2019 c20 11Insane Dominator
Here’s the next chapter of the story of Fire Emblem, and I understand why it took some time to get written up. Real life can be a pain, but that aside, I was glad we were able to get a small glimpse of how the perspectives have been changing about in this story. There’s still some work that can be done, but the cleanup that you’re implementing is starting to bare fruit. We got to see Cayden take lead again, but now he’s starting to second-guess himself and the agendas of a game and reality, a function that we reviewers can sometimes find ourselves contemplating on. But for the main point taken, we can also see the game functions still being a primary grasp of the dynamics that follow thus far.

When we look at the beginning and thus move along, the plot follows the basis of the game. I don’t have too much of a problem with that as authors need some form of base to go by their stories. As I was reading the beginning, I felt that while you were being fair with how you were setting up with character monologues from the game, I felt the originality was somewhat lackluster. Aside from Cayden and his influence, the rest of the cast were adjusted similarly towards the game. I felt perhaps a little more original context would’ve sufficed like maybe word things differently, but otherwise nothing major.

And this next part is something that caught me by surprise. I’ve seen this in fanfics before, but here you scratched the surface. You’ve made Cayden realize that this isn’t a game to THEM. To him, his experience was all based in his world, where Fire Emblem was nothing more than a meager game towards him. He could pick whatever settings he wanted and rolled with it. He could do whatever, and here it’s like he’s omniscient. When you think about it, if someone was giving the answer to you all the time, you’d consider them psychic, if not weird. It wouldn’t be the case that they’re helpless, but there’s also pressure to be accounted for. And Cayden here didn’t account for their human emotions. He treated them like it was a game, to him of course. But to these girls and Corrin, it’s their life, something that’s he starting to realize. They can take damage, and they can feel pain like actual warriors. It’s not a pretty world to behold, and with the limited time he’s been here, he hadn’t considered much but how to make it towards Revelation. He accomplished that route, but now that he did, he’s beginning to evaluate himself. This little retrospect of character I felt is morally needed in a crisis like this. If he kept giving answers and doing the work for them, they’d knew things would get out of hand eventually and question him further. I call that part a good job, but also I feel that you still barely scratched the surface of it. When you’re considering this and hence forth, try to make the revelation smoother. Let him think about it more often in detail and maybe let him rethink his course of action so that they all function as a group more than depict him for answers. So overall on this subject, decently played for sure.

Along the rest of the plot, we see that you followed along the video game through towards the next realm. This realm is very much intertwined like the game, so the stronger they all get, the more stuff they can unlock, so they can bond and get stronger. I don’t uphold any qualms to this, but I wonder if this place will be visited often, that’s my wonder.

We soon reach the end, which is where we see Azura and Cayden finally deciding to tell them the secret. The time and place is feeling appropriate as any to avoid complications, and by all means the sooner they learn, the better it will be to learn to depend on one another. Who knows? This may be a good thing down the road, though I won’t be surprised if others feel like they were being played, especially Corrin and his sister. I can feel confliction coming along, so don’t hold back.

So, overall, this chapter’s pacing was moderate. While it was lackluster in originality deriving from the gaming concept and length, the trade-off was that we’re getting retrospection from Cayden. This will be most essential down the road, especially when it comes to the interactions of other characters. There is also Takumi and Camilla, who have also strayed from their paths. If these guys all meet up, then there will be intense conflict, without question.

Hope the next chapter comes out soon!

~Insane Dominator
4/15/2019 c20 2Ethan Kironus
Cayden certainly won't be expecting Takumi AND Camilla to show up together.
4/14/2019 c1 2DoomMarine55
Nobody wants to read this lame ass gary-stu bu-ll sh-it.
4/14/2019 c20 29Coral the Leviathan
Finally you’ve updated! We’ve been waiting for this chapter for so long! Not much action, but we do get some bonding done. Love how cute and playful you made Kamui and Azura towards Cayden, especially Azura. She Especially needed that. Now, we wait for next chapter, which is to Valla!
4/14/2019 c20 MasterBlade47
Huzzah! We start revelations in full now, I can't wait to see Cayden using Fallen Moon. This is gonna be an interesting road I can say that much.
4/14/2019 c20 Poharan
3/19/2019 c19 MasterBlade47
I really want to see the reactions to Cayden having a modified Ganglari, Also hammerspace coat is best coat.
3/19/2019 c13 MasterBlade47
Not gonna lie as soon as I read that he had light blue hair and was from Valla and not Earth, I was like "Cayden's gotta be related to Azura in some way."
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