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3/28/2022 c1 15kiafaith
Please please please update! I've read this several times already and I'm dying for a new chapter!
1/14/2022 c15 Guest
Omg this is such an amazing story! I've literally reread it a hundred times and I am dying for an update! You're such an incredible author and I love reading anything you put out there, but this is my absolute fave! Please update!
3/18/2021 c14 kiafaith
I'm reviewing again in hopes that you will update! I always look forward to your stories!
11/18/2020 c15 kiafaith
This is so amazing! I'm really really hoping you'll update soon - this is hands down my favorite fanfic ever. I'm dying to find out whether or not Maya is pregnant and if her death was a murder! Please please please update soon!
8/14/2020 c15 auntie maim
This is, by far, one of the best stories I've read. The worldbuilding in this is simply spellbinding.
5/11/2020 c15 1Discursus
Another amazing chapter - it doesn't seem to matter how long it takes you to write: the quality, the content, the story - all at par and absolutely amazing. I cant wait to read more! Good luck with finals!
5/7/2020 c15 nona0310
I feel like the answer it's going to break Lucas heart all over again...
5/6/2020 c15 EmyEnna
I reread the entire story as distraction from finals, so I understand what you mean. :) I cannot figure out who I most feel sorry for in the whole Lucas/Riley/James thing. James knows that she doesn't love him as much as she loved Lucas, or at the every least, she loves him differently. In the end though, he's okay with that because what she gives him is enough. Anyway... I have a lot of thoughts about that that simply end up with me wanting to gives everyone hugs, so I'll move on...

Going back a couple chapters to Zay... I couldn't tell if everyone is ticked off with him because they think he betrayed Riley by publishing everything or if Riley is ticked off at him because he published the photos of her and James. Zay and Riley kind of seem to be like Maya and Farkle in a way. The both love each other and have deep loyalty, but they both know that a relationship would inevitably end in disaster. It seems you're strongly hinted that Maya was pregnant, which adds further weight to the whole, "she didn't kill herself" line of thinking. Poor Josh. Again, another character that I want to wrap up in a hug.

On another note, I'm having a hard time piecing together the timeline of thing story. There are just SO many flashbacks without any time stamp that I'm just lost. The flashbacks are detailed enough that the time stamps aren't strictly necessary, but they would give the reader a much better shot at understanding how much time has passed.

To illustrate: Based in your flashbacks I understand that the answer to Lucas's question is "kind of". She didn't leave because of him/ for him/ with him, but she spent a LOT of time with him afterwards, even as just "friends". From the way you lined the flashbacks up in the chapter, if SEEMS that as soon as she signed the divorce papers a relationship started, but that idea is sketchy to me, especially when the physical side of things means a lot to Riley. It would seem of character (to me anyway) that a relationship with her would start with sex. However, despite all this knowledge, I don't really know where this is in the larger stream of time. Anyway, the more I think about it the more I don't actually want you to fix this problem because it might mess up the flow of the flashbacks, which I really like. At this point you're probably wondering why I still bothered to include it but I've spent too much time on this to not include all my thoughts even though the coherence might be low so... *shrug*

Going back to how much I love your way of writing flashbacks, I really think the flashbacks are well done (despite the minor I have no idea what year it is problem). It always annoys me when a flashback is done with a character is thinking about a moment. Not only does it feel inorganic, but the reader is left to follow along with the characters thinking rather than truly understanding it. The reader is left on the sidelines as a observer, rather than going into the story and learning for themselves. The way you've done the flashbacks is AMAZING. I'm able to feel like I understand all of the characters thinking without feeling moved about on a chessboard that the author constructed.
This chapter was a pleasant surprise to wake up to! Good luck with finals and have a lovely day!
5/6/2020 c15 grace
I hope you're doing well too! This update came at just the right time :) I always appreciate how lengthy the chapters are and it is clear you put a lot of thought and attention to detail in your work. You're a great storyteller and this chapter was amazing, as usual. Looking forward to the next update!
5/4/2020 c14 EmyEnna
I am on the edge of my seat here! I hope that your have the inspiration to finish this eventually. Thank you for sharing your writing with the world, its been a nice distraction from the fact that I have finals in a week. :)
1/14/2020 c14 Callie
I loved this chapter! Please please please update soon!
10/31/2019 c14 Guest
I honestly love your work! It’s fantastic and, as someone who feels conflicted about Lucas, I thought this chapter was amazing! Is it wrong to potentially want them together again? I get that they needed space from one another, but I just wish it would happen for them and that they could live with Savannah in New York together. I guess I just feel like they have something worth fighting for.
10/17/2019 c14 Discursus
Thank you for the update! More of Lucas (what were his calls to Maya, how he handled things with Riley) and a little bit more of what Smackle was up to. Awesome stuff, can't wait for the next update!
9/28/2019 c13 Guest
Also damn sis you write good
9/28/2019 c13 Guest
Okay it's 12:20am I just read this whole thing in a night I'm sobbing you made me love maya and we haven't even seen her pov also 100% sure smackle tried to kill riley and prince boy toy possibly had a roll
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