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10/30/2017 c34 readicted
How great is it that Edward actually spent the extra time and effort to try to look better than Mike. I loved that so much, that he was consciously being vain and trying to make it look like he just threw on a little something, ran his fingers through his hair a few times-and viola, perfection! And oh how self-pleased he was about his size 12s. Jasper is perfectly incorrigible, a bad influence on Edward and it's hilarious and fun. My gah, poor Mike. That was evil and Edward loved it. So did I. I feel slightly bad about that. Eh, over it.
10/30/2017 c33 readicted
Bwahahaha Jasper is a hoot. That was fun. Sad that Mike had to fly out to get dumped, by as Edward said, it can't be helped. It is what it is. Next 'man' up.
10/30/2017 c32 readicted
Ooooh, bossy Edward makes an appearance. I got concerned when Bella said she had been having headaches, that combined with the lethargy she was experiencing symptoms related to that hit to her head in the Jacuzzi. Hopefully it's just a cold or flu. She'll be under the weather during Mike's visit. Pity.
10/30/2017 c31 readicted
Oh, good to have Carlisle make an appearance in this story. Hope his inquiries don't raise concerns in Italy. Especially in conjunction with the history project.
10/30/2017 c30 readicted
Jasper smokes? This 'guy' here, lol. He's funny, and a bit of a pig. A likeable pig though.
10/30/2017 c29 readicted
I like that Bella insisted that Edward ask her more directly to join him in Boston. Make him make his intentions plainer, no hiding behind Katrina or the project. That almost kiss... Oh how clever Edward was with his response about sleeping in coffins.
10/30/2017 c28 readicted
Well, he's not lying to Bella. Or, maybe he kinda is, by omission, but he really has been fairly honest. Once the shock wears off, she'll realize that. I bet she's going to be pissed about him agreeing to their class project topic, thinking he was making fun of her.
10/29/2017 c27 readicted
Edward handled that uncomfortable conversation like a champ, refusing to be ashamed of his lack of sexual history. Bella's confession surprised me. Frankly, I assumed as Edward had, that Bella and Mike had been intimate. Ugh oh, what's going on? Why is Bella sobbing angrily?
10/29/2017 c26 readicted
OMG, I can't believe she slipped and banged her head getting into the hot tub. Thankfully she wasn't trying to make a seductive entrance. Now they're getting somewhere with their communication.
, but girl what iz you doin'?! You don't leave hot Edward in the Jacuzzi alone. He's all toasty warm. And wet. And half dressed.
10/29/2017 c25 readicted
Ahh, mystery solved about her wondering alone in the woods. You think Edward would've wet up some dishes if he really wanted Bella to believe he'd already eaten. LOL at the horny teenager winning g out over the gentleman.
10/29/2017 c24 readicted
Even when sick, these two give good banter. So that's what dear sister Alice was up to. And a snow day. How...fortuitous. Thankfully Alice has stocked the fridge.
10/29/2017 c23 readicted
Too bad about Edward not spending much time with Emmett because of his relationship with Rose. So I guess Jasper really went hunting, hunting and something more 'exotic' wasn't a code word. Alice is acting a bit weird. By the way, loved that she hates shopping. So funny.
10/29/2017 c22 readicted
Okay, this chapter definitely should have a warning on it. I nearly choked to death on my drink while reading about Edward's panicked paramilitary stealth maneuvers to avoid getting caught being a creepy bedroom stalker. So funny picturing him pressed against the wall, with his eyes wide as saucers. Then him stopping, dropping and rolling his way out the window all while copping a pervy peek at her yellow unmentionables. Edward is slipping. Hmm, wonder if Bella is feeling sad about hurting Mike or feeling morose because she thinks Edward doesn't 'like' her, like her. Weird that she'd walk out dressed like that at night in the winter into the dark woods. I thought she was following the footprints in the snow from under her window.
10/29/2017 c21 readicted
Oh dear. I hope Jasper isn't a cheater. If Alice isn't upset, maybe they have a special understanding or maybe he really is hunting...a non-human. I love Alice's sex lesson. It was perfect and simple. Now we wait and see.
10/29/2017 c20 readicted
Oh my gah, I was reading this chapter with my mouth slightly agape. I had to rereread part of it to make sure I was reading it right. I was so surprised and extremely impressed with Edward's sudden boldness. It was so damn erotic, my gah. Then I read on and realized the twist. LOL That was good. Edward caught daydreaming, erotically. Bella is not cruel or shallow about Mike. She's not demonizing him, or herself. What a breath of fresh air. She's just not...feeling Mike, but doesn't want to be cruel. Breaking up is the more humane thing to do, even if Mike doesn't agree at the time. It's much worse to string someone along when your heart is just not into it. Edward handled that with sensitivity. I love that line Bella said about Mike fighting a losing battle against fait.
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