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for The Dark Knight Of Chiba

10/14 c23 notaflashfananymore
Well Batman/Bruce wyne will be his parenting figure considering how his real parents treat him
9/20 c11 MountainBookSage25

Got a lot of flaws with the grammar and dialogue here

Still gonna read anyway

This is the only fic with a BatGaya here
7/24 c58 Satriander
ah I can't wait for the next chapter
7/7 c52 Mistersnx
Batman has Yandere? Hachiman… you have female joker on ya, your yandere more cra cra
7/7 c28 Mistersnx
I just found gold, thank you Author I like how you use Batmans crime gallery in this and make it Hachiman crime gallery
7/7 c58 Aerocar03
thanks for informing about the sequel coz I had a bit of confusion as the story ends in chp 52 but in Adventure continues which you had previously announced as the sequel, the time wrap was confusing and the link between them was quite weak. However I would like to see more of the Adventure Continues too as a side story too if you will write more. Thanks for this story by the way...loved it.
7/6 c58 misterfishy
It feels better, smoother.
Except the parts when native Japanese thinks about "God". It really sticks out to me. AFAIK, Hachiman isn't a Christian and Japan Christianity in general wasn't widespread enough that such words would be common expressions.

But overall, definitely an improvement.
7/6 c58 Guest
Having a story read in third person is better than having it read in first. It gives the viewers a better understanding of the situation rather than the biased version of the person who's view we're reading. Take Oregairu itself for example. Each and every scenario are over dramatized/fantasized/romanticized than it actually is. In a third person setting it would feel far different than that. Admittedly though the first person view makes every situation a lot more impactful(because of the previously mentioned exaggeration). But reading it in third person gives us a better perspective of the situation and let's us feel and react to it accordingly. Fanfics like this(ones that focus on the story/character development more and treat romance as a subplot) in the Oregairu fanfic community are a dime a dozen. And it really helps that some of them(there's so third person oregairu fanfics that I feel like I could count them all with my fingers) are pretty well written for a fanfic.
7/6 c58 2yubiyubi
like what the comment below said
7/6 c58 AlimeLover123
Amazing 1st pov
6/1 c33 Guest
Wow he become real trash now amazing disgusting how did you do that?
3/24 c38 1Fukawari San
I was wrong
3/24 c32 Fukawari San
Definitely Haruno
3/22 c2 Fukawari San
Me like this
2/6 c52 Fullmetal11791
First and foremost, considering English is not your first language i think this was very impressive. There was certain a lot of issues, from grammar, sentence structure, incorrect words, dropped words etc., but by and large it was readable and you were able to get the point across, so great job.

Overall, in general, I liked the plot. I especially liked how you were giving Hachiman kind of non dangerous versions of Batman villians. Thought that was cute and amusing. Also liked what you did with Yumiko.

I will say that the story did seem to sway from cheesy to very edgy, back and forth, over and over. Which i think was kind of detrimental. I also didnt love how you were considering the Huntsman to be an equal to Batman. Hachiman has solved maybe five or six crimes, and gotten into like half a dozen fights. He's nowhere near Batman's league, and i thought it kind of odd that you tried to force that in the end.

Also thought the ending was rather idealistic. A more realistic outcome, considering the absolute lack of evidence Hachiman had and the enormous amount of Influence and Money the Yukinoshita's have, would be absolutely nothing happening to them.

Still, good effort on your part. Thanks for writing.
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