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for The Dark Knight Of Chiba

3/1 c52 FanFictionLovver
This the best FanFiction i have read on this site. Please keep cooking. I just love what you cook. All the best for your future endeavor's.
1/24 c18 GhostEist
Bro didn’t even question whether or not the weapons store was even legit
1/23 c7 GhostEist
“FFS, False Face Society.”

A society of dumbases apparently…

Have the cloth under the lenses, not over. To not have the fog covering your lense (trust me, I have glasses)
11/18/2023 c4 Binge Reader
I hate when a seemingly different story eventually falls in line with Canon. Uncreative. You always damn the butterfly effect. Disappointment.
10/18/2023 c58 G3RMEN
Hello, although I don't speak English very well and, in fact, I'm using a translator at the moment, let me tell you that I loved the fanfic, first I saw the 9 translated chapters that were on Wattpad, and one day I just searched for the name of the fanfic in google and the first link was here in Fanfiction. While the design of the page seems like a shit to me, it was worth it just to read this, I guess now I'll move on to reading the sequel.
9/21/2023 c43 6AllHailThe99th
Holy fuck, this is one of the best chapters of a fanfic I have ever read. Not even kidding. You made me go from hating Iroha to outright feeling horrible for her.
9/21/2023 c42 AllHailThe99th
I always disliked Iroha. Now I hate her.
9/21/2023 c41 AllHailThe99th
Komachi still won't even check on her brother, despite knowing he got shot. What an utter bitch.
9/21/2023 c37 AllHailThe99th
Uh oh. Question is which Yukinoshita family member is in on it? Her parents? Haruno? Obviously not Yukino, but will Hachiman be suspicious of her?
9/21/2023 c35 AllHailThe99th
This got creepy. If that's supposed to be Harley Quinn, and she's just stalking them...º º ll)/
9/21/2023 c33 AllHailThe99th
Komachi is such a bitch in this fanfic, and 8man's father is also a piece of shit.
9/21/2023 c30 AllHailThe99th
Harley Quinn?
9/21/2023 c29 AllHailThe99th
Amazing chapter.
9/5/2023 c28 AllHailThe99th
Komachi is such an annoying nosy little bitch. She needs to stfu.
9/5/2023 c26 AllHailThe99th
Haruki and Kaoru are male names. This is essentially a gay couple getting married. Ew.
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