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for The Dark Knight Of Chiba

2/3/2019 c52 Dark Durian
Yeah! That's a grand way to end a season/first book! I'm pumped for the sequel in the future, I wonder how he'll deal with the league, lol. Also, cute to see Iroha already stalking him barely a day after dealing with that monster, poor guy.
2/3/2019 c52 EiNyx
Well, nothing good came from his involvement at all as a hero. Isshiki's fate went to absolute shit. Yukino has somehow become even more weak-willed and pitiful. Yui was a no-show. Miura ended up having no presence even though she's in the stories tags. This was all so poorly handled.
2/3/2019 c52 1BlackPsych
Favorite moments include when he killed that gator (croc?) in the sewers lol. When he got contacted by Batman himself and got neat equipment. When he first "fell" and picked himself up again. Yumiko's arc entirely. When he attended that wedding with Shizuka. That time Alfred was in Japan entirely. When he beat the crap out of Iroha's drug-addled goons at school. Iroha's second attack and small arc entirely — him being kidnapped as 'Hachiman', connecting with her and earning her obsession was awesome. And, honestly, the final Matriarch arc — finally ending with the two Dark Knights partnering up.

What an amazing end. I gotta admit to being a little skeptical when I saw the 4.3K word count: thought it would end a little rushed but man I'm glad to have been proven wrong. I gotta remember content matters more than quantity. You really did well in balancing the final fight with the general end. I really enjoyed the parts where it actually seemed like Huntsman was about to die in the fight. Sure Batman had a hand in the final fight, remotely controlling the Batmobile and all, but nothing more than that. Huntsman was the one who truly gave the final blow. He WAS needed there and truly established himself as Chiba's hero. The media must be having a field day, I wonder how that shot of Huntsman and the Bishamonten looks lol.

Honestly it's like something out of a legend, the way he climbed out of its freaking ashes haha. I do wish we got to see Hachiman handing over the evidence to Etsudo and Batman possibly backing his claims, but that doesn't matter all too much.

The short transition to Hachiman back in school worked out better than I thought it would. A shame that he and Komachi haven't made up, but Hachiman's got many other things in mind. Good to see he recovered well enough to dodge Shizuka's emotion-driven attacks! That was something I forgot to consider she would try to do the next time they met up after his reveal heh. I'm glad she's really the last person, other than Batman, he has a conversation with in this final chapter. Througout the entire story, she's been a constant presence in life as Hachiman and broken down a number of walls he's built around himself.

I'm glad she won't report his activities, nor did she attempt to dissuade him being Huntsman. In the end, all she wanted was to make sure he kept close by enough for her to at least watch over him during school hours. Shizuka doesn't want Hachiman to run away or distrust her. There's still so much for Hachiman to learn and grow as a person; it can't be done if he's far from her and all alone again. In a way, she's putting his well-being above other things, as she's done throughout the entire story.

You can see how much he's grown, he sympathizes with Yukino's situation and feels bad that he ruined her family, even if it was the right thing to do. Past Hachiman, I think, wouldn't have felt nearly as bad, especially since the Yukinoshita family was who he wanted revenge on all along. No, now he's definitely more human and understands there are underlying consequences to his actions that aren't always 'irrelevant'. Hopefully, with Shizuka's further encouragement, Hachiman helps out Yukino and Haruno in the future as 'Hachiman'.

Because we know, with his proclamation a the end, that he'll do anything he can to protect them and others as 'Huntsman'. Iroha's letter was a nice added touch, she's still obsessed with 'Hachiman' and I assume doesn't know he's Huntsman as well. He lists other issues and loose ends to Batman, but it seems Batman's genuinely confident that Huntsman will resolve them. Sure they still have boundaries as to who presides over the League and its strange motivations, but that's more than fine! He rightfully earned Batman's respect as Chiba's protector. Huntsman's motivations aren't purely over vengeance anymore. What drives him now is his desire to protect those around him and other innocent civilians caught in the crossfire between criminals and justice. This is the right mindset that anyone could rely on: Hachiman's and Huntsman's motivations have found a center and aligned themselves to be one and the same. Sure there are still flaws to kink out, but this was a tremendous step forward for Hachiman to become a very well-adjusted man and hero.

I can't get over his new resolve — what a great end to Hachiman/Huntsman's first year. Thanks so much for this epic conclusion and the story entirely. As always, I look forward to see what you write next!
2/3/2019 c52 3Pheonixash
Damnit i love it. If you ever make a volume two just know you'll have a whole army supporting you. Thank you for writing this masterpiece.
2/3/2019 c52 1billykeo95
clap clap clap AMAZING
2/3/2019 c52 Super Saiai
Justice League or Young Justice crossover please? Great job on finishing the fic by the way. This fic holds a lot more potential, introducing the Huntsman to the greater DC Universe should be quite awesome.
2/3/2019 c52 XxxMBDDXXX A.T.F.R
Is there gonna be a sequel?Just asking cuz i'm curious
2/3/2019 c52 Wandering Wraith
Thank you for the amazing story
2/3/2019 c52 1Steelrain66
Dude this is honestly a really great story. I hope you give it a sequel someday, as there is a lot of potential for one here.
2/3/2019 c52 16RedBloodedMoon
Alright, I will be bold and just assume that this is the end of season 1 instead of the end of the entire story because I might just die if it ends now.
Duh, this is one of the few stories I actual anticipate an update from and check my favs every day for.

Besides, there are too many open plot points to end it now anyway.

In any case, this was a fantastic story till now and you can be proud having written something good like this.

Hope to hear from you soon!
2/3/2019 c52 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Very nice.

Sad it's the end though. Kinda disappointed we don't get to see how he handles Ishiki or Yukino. One is a psycho (Yandere?) and the other is a wreak due to his actions. Ah well, maybe there will be a sequel one day.
2/3/2019 c52 Clipsus
While it does pain my heart that the ride is over, I understand that everything good has to end. This story is nothing like what one would expect of oregairu, being an action packed adventure rather than a slice of life drama, and yet it kept the most important part (in my opinionan absolutely awesome MC. Now turned badass.
I sincerely thank you for your dedication, and I hope to hear from you again.
2/3/2019 c52 Guest
Hoooold it! By end you mean season 1 right?
2/3/2019 c52 2HouseMD93
This story was great. Though I feel the way it was written didn't always flow smoothly, it was still excellent.
Hoping to get a sequel.

If a bunch of it was cut out, you could almost imagine it being a 2hr movie.
2/3/2019 c52 MALT T
Any chance for a sequel?
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