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for The Dark Knight Of Chiba

1/7/2019 c1 golemsilagan29
1/7/2019 c50 4Mythfan
1/7/2019 c50 Gomichan88
Hahaha when Talia is just a yandere to our beloved 8man
1/7/2019 c50 orekiuchiha
This was too good to be true.
1/7/2019 c50 5NPwall
Nice chapter
1/7/2019 c50 1EmperorSnorlax
1/7/2019 c50 5Betrayed Dreams
Yes finally! The Batman and The Huntsman team up and fight the menace of the League of Assassins and Yukinoshita Construction. That's awesome!
1/6/2019 c50 Clipsus
Oh god the HYPE!
1/6/2019 c50 1Viate
Well shit
1/6/2019 c50 PropHunter
And the fight is on xD
1/6/2019 c50 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Hahaha, so Batman has his own yandere huh. It seems Huntsman is following in Batmans footsteps in more ways than one.
1/6/2019 c50 TheLaughingStalk
Fuck yeah. Action time!

When Hachiman went off ranting to him and leaned in the fourth wall I wonder if Batman is going to later be like “hmm... Robin, huh?”
1/6/2019 c50 Dark Durian
Hahahaha! Wow, I guess Huntsman has Talia pegged as Batman's yandere, I wonder what both of them think of that? Also, nice references to the canon Bat family, lol. I wonder just how Huntsman will handle his targets while carrying Shizuka along, hmm perhaps he'll find a vacant bedroom to hid her before persuing, well I can't wait see what happens next time.
1/6/2019 c50 16RedBloodedMoon
You have no idea how happy I am that I started the story when there were ready 45 chapters available. Imagine I would have had to wait from chapter 1 till now for this is a horrible thought! :D

Hopefully we will see a nice, long conversation between the two 'heros', of course after the action takes place

My holidays end tomorrow and I really needed something like that to end my day on a positive note.
Thank you!

Hope to see more soon! :)
1/6/2019 c50 1Skyhaou
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