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1/6/2019 c50 darkchain zangetsu
Ah man shit is going down. I can't wait to see huntsman confrontation with the matriarch. And yukinos reactions to all of this after the fact. Keep up the good work.
1/6/2019 c50 3Pheonixash
Damn, Hachiman imediatly has more balls then most of the league.
1/6/2019 c50 omegazero2718
Two Knights update is awesome!
1/6/2019 c50 6Shini Kurogane
Heh, yandere. Yeah, someone totally needs to say that to Talia's face.
12/30/2018 c14 Edgardo Roldan
Fantastic story so far man noticed a type in beginning of chapter "Morning came and Komochi, in her school uniform was at her brother's door."
Its "Komachi"
12/30/2018 c49 Npwall
Nice chapter!
12/29/2018 c49 1VergilXSparda
12/29/2018 c48 VergilXSparda
Oh man it's the Ra's al Ghul
12/29/2018 c47 VergilXSparda
Well, a hero and a villain is just the two different face of the same coin, after all.
12/29/2018 c49 1BlackPsych
It was good to see Hachiman still training in the last chapter. As strong as he is, dealing with the League of Shadows/Assassins will be beyond every villain he's ever faced. These people are monsters and he's still practically in the "Falcone" stage of his first year, dealing with the Yukinoshitas. That said, he's shown Alfred and Bruce that his analysis and reasoning is still adept and even growing, with he way he presented his intel to those two and came up with a small plan. Though Batman surely thinks Hachiman may need some form of help, given how the latter believes that it's all on him to take down the Yukinoshitas.

Seeing Hachiman trying to take on this burden alone may have prompted Batman to go beyond his interrogation of Black Mask. Finding out about the League's involvement gives Batman one hell of a good reason to become physically involved and help Huntsman share the burden. Obviously stopping the League is first priority, but Huntsman's only a teenage, starter vigilante — he still has some physical growth to do and lacks the experience to effectively deal with the League, despite everything that's happened in his first year. Who else to give Huntsman the help he needs and sound advice than Batman? Huntsman's next goal is following Batman's lead but not all the way to the point of becoming just another sidekick. I look forward to see how Huntsman grows from observing Batman and distinguishes himself as a separate, competent vigilante by the end.

I also still look forward to see how Haruno ultimately aids Huntsman in cutting her family from their crime connections not only because it personally disgusts her, but also for Yukino's sake. It's because of her that he knows about the party, but surely there's more that she can reveal. ESPECIALLY now that Batman's involved. I thought Huntsman would have forced Haruno to help him as he infiltrated their house, but maybe he'll go to her again sometime later.

It was good to see more of Yukari's personality and the behind-the-scenes activities she was a part of. I wonder how many artifacts and resources they've discovered over the years, supplementing their vast wealth. Must be one hell of a thing to own a lucrative construction company, get to dig up stuff no one else is privy to. I also wonder just how deeply connected they are with the DC rogue gallery that they can just contact someone like Dr. June Moone without worry.

Yukari is an effective, resourceful ruthless leader; one could argue she's more dangerous than some of the other white collar villains of the D.C. universe, given the way she easily dismissed Black Mask. It's 'cause of exposition like this that convinces me of her villainy. Honestly, a book shouldn't be judged by its cover — if she had abilities and fighting skills that were as good as she is pretty, it would be an even bigger risk for Huntsman to take her on. Seriously dude, she's so decisive and logical. If Haruno considers Hachiman as a "monster of logic" I wonder what she regards her mother as.

I continue to enjoy seeing Hachiman get worried over Shizuka. Even if it's true that he's saved her before, I guess he's feeling a little guilty that he hasn't completely opened up to her and skirted around her advice. It's clear that Shizuka's one of the few genuine bonds he's forged since the beginning of the year. Anyone as inexperienced as Hachiman (in regards to relationships) would feel a bit insecure, thinking they "don't deserve" to be in the other person's thoughts.

I was very surprised that Yukino and Haruno were there. I would have thought that Haruno would do her best to keep Yukino away from the prying eyes of the criminals and corrupt "young money" that their parents associate with. Perhaps they forced Haruno's hand to bring Yukino in for once, but even Hanzo kept Hayato away for the night.

Batman's entrance was pretty cool. I could definitely picture Huntsman sensing his dark presence at the very least. It was good to see Hachiman didn't completely freeze or run away; he at least threw a batarang. Things are getting good. I wonder if Batman snuck up on him on purpose lol. Whatever Huntsman had planned for the party just might be altered or scrapped completely with Batman's appearance. Finally, their first one-one-one since that fateful night... thanks for the updates and I can't wait to see what happens next.
12/25/2018 c49 shiranakutemokekko
Thanks for the chapter! A small one, but enjoyable nevertheless. Looking forward to the next one.
12/25/2018 c49 TheLaughingStalk
It's over, bat dude is here
12/25/2018 c49 1Viate
Oh shite
12/25/2018 c49 4Mythfan
He's going fanboy. In his own way.
12/25/2018 c49 omegazero2718
Mentor/Idol meet Apprentice/Fan
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