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for The Dark Knight Of Chiba

4/12/2020 c40 JinDevilKazama
"Like a submarine"
"Like a bat"
Hachiman just went ahead and said it lol
4/12/2020 c11 JinDevilKazama
"I never said Thank you"

"And you'll never have to"

I see what you did there. Great stuff!
3/22/2020 c19 1ClassyUlysses
I can see Hachiman as Daredevil too
12/29/2019 c13 Xperior

GG 8man
12/2/2019 c33 Chronos the tyrant of time
Why is his father such a gargantual jackass to him?
11/22/2019 c5 kidds
where can I see the art?
11/1/2019 c51 13WwEpsilonwW
That ending... just like dark knight returns...
" A hero can simply be putting a coat over a boy's shoulders, telling everything's going to be alright"
11/1/2019 c35 WwEpsilonwW
FN Five Seven... i got it... sao season 2
10/27/2019 c55 Guest
God overall its so-so average at most slow pacing and irritating scenes cliche plot where another so called hero arrives pft pathetic
10/27/2019 c40 Guest
Neko cliche hahaha seriously another hero? Hahaha
10/27/2019 c19 Guest
Fuck yukinon
10/27/2019 c5 Guest
The fuck same scene can't somebody change this scene?
8/29/2019 c36 1Galeiam
I really enjoy this story, but the further you get into the story...the more whiny and emo you are making Hachiman.

Oh who is me no one understands the pain I go through to protect them, like, duh. Its called you have a secret identity.

It makes this whole talk with her in this chapter like he's just a whiny egotistical bitch.

Along with that comes his reaction to Nekonee, for some reason you write his introspections like she was being antagonistic to him, while the actual written scene only show her being friendly and outgoing.

Im sorry what? There is a serious cognitive dissonance between your characters thoughs and actions, and the more characters you focus on the more apparent it become throughout the chapter..
7/20/2019 c55 m3medealer
I was hooked by this unique story. I've read your fanfiction the whole week. I think your english is overall understandable and it's an amazing accomplishment finding out that you were learning english as a chinese native speaker. But still, there are sometimes grammatical mistakes, that bothered me. If you need proof/beta-reader contact me over PM. I would gladly proofread such an amazing story as the "Dark Knight of Chiba". You've contributed a lot with your unique story to the Oregairu community
7/14/2019 c55 Guest
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