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for The Dark Knight Of Chiba

10/29/2020 c57 12Kous Ousine
thank, your words make me fell shame for not update my fanfic, you fic Is a pice of gold and i mean it, i hey back to writing today, i hope you bring us another good fic. me despido que tengas un buen día/tarde/noche.
10/28/2020 c57 worrierfierce
this was great wonder if someone will do a crossover as superman
10/28/2020 c57 Thedarktheme
Thanks you for creating this masterpiece
10/28/2020 c57 RitsuMio
hmm, I do feel your argument is strong ... I don't really care if one of the characters is a villain ... and frankly I look forward to the continuation of your story ...
9/27/2020 c4 Rice with Chest-Nuts
...holy hell! i was thinking and expect him to say “i'm vengeance” or something when the thief asking ‘who's there’... lol, xD xD

still, i was only curious at first when i saw this fics and i was like, alright, why not, let's give it a go... but now i'm intrigued! definitely, this seems interesting enough for once in a while...damn wish i found this sooner!~ hopefully this is not turn cringey as i thought at first, lol. sorry >﹏< still a good ones, nice ones tho! faved~
9/18/2020 c56 Zashhu
This fic was so unexpected and weird but I love it so much!
9/16/2020 c1 crazycarzom
I can’t stop but go back to reading this story, I binged it when I first came across it and never regretted it.

While not perfect, it was unique enough to catch my interest to an unprecedented degree.

Thank you for writing this and I’m enjoying the sequel so far!
8/27/2020 c41 Hypnos4002
8/26/2020 c56 Guest
Awesome. Great fic. All the hints and homages to other batman stuff was done in a quirky but self depreciating 8man way. The story ran on the rule of cool. Great.
8/8/2020 c36 DragonTetho
There is no regret, this is my only path.

-Emiya Shirou

I think this could somehow describe the path that 8man is going now. It might be the same road but the person travelling on that road is a different person.
7/26/2020 c56 Stakoza45
Loved your story. Can't wait for Beautiful Lie too.
7/24/2020 c1 Bespe
i don't care how but i must have more huntsman plz tell me there's an active sequel
7/23/2020 c54 1valkrus
typo at the very first line:"was" is missing an s
7/16/2020 c3 tisobyn
I like this story.
Idea 5 star, realization 4 star, world build 4 star fighting 3.5 star. Average i will give 4 star

In this story you don't see canon hachiman and his popular comments. So it OOC!Haciman. You don't see hachiman being lonely is his comfort zone. But you will see hachiman who don't want to be lonely. Despite this it is good story with character grow.
7/15/2020 c56 2Lord Alania
Yikes. Of all these shorts, the one that is staying with me is Yukino's. I liked it, but it makes me worry for what she could do. This was not a HachiYuki fic. Romance was not its focus, and in the context of Oregairu, that changes a lot of things for Yukino (and Hachiman, but he was a very different person from the begining).
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