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for Kingdom Come

4/30/2020 c14 dstroyr8nikh
I don't know whether you will read this or not if you do please reply.

I don't know why you stopped, but if you are gonna continue anytime I will be sure to read this. I loved this AU.

Just to be clear is this Karry fanfic?
7/11/2017 c11 Zor-El12
Thanks for answering my question!
7/8/2017 c10 Guest
Not to be rude but I first started reading this just to read Barry and Kara stuf but now theres all of my favorite ships and characters this is great! Keep up the great writing!
7/7/2017 c1 Zor-El12
Why does Kara have powers and Alex doesn't? They're in Krypton right? Because in Krypton, kryptonians doesn't Hage powers because of the Red Sun...
3/9/2017 c6 LazySpeedster
This is great can't wait for more
3/4/2017 c4 Element Siren
I'm intrigued, can't wait to see what happens next

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