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for Transformers Animated Season 4: Circle of Destiny

12/13/2023 c1 Guest
Tu cuarta temporada de transformers animales está realmente genial pero hubiera Sido genial más apariciones de Trevor y Haley incluso pudiste hacer un episodio en dónde trevor aparezca como antagonista principal
3/12/2022 c1 3bodyjaa
Keep the good work and i like transformers animated and is one my favorite transformers show
9/21/2020 c21 DevilGoblin99
Nice touch referencing The Day Of The Doctor.
9/8/2020 c36 MothraRanger
I just finally finished reading this for the second time on Sunday and I figured now would be a good time to give my review of your version of "Transformers Animated: Season 4."

I really enjoyed this story, and its one of the few Season 4 FanFiction's that are complete. I liked how you brought in some of minor characters from the series, such as Minerva, Cosmos, Team Chaar, Mirage, Barricade, Frenzy, etc. I also liked how you brought in characters and from other Transformers media, such as Solus Prime and Synthetic Energon. The episodes concepts are interesting and done really well. The couples that you have featured in this story are really good, even the obscure pairings such as Bumblebee/Minerva. The characters feel like themselves, which is a good thing.

I love that you kept Ultra Magnus alive. I honestly question why the writers of "Transformers Animated" were planning to kill him off, despite the fact that many other characters in the franchise managed to survive from worse injuries (like how "IDW Generation 1 2005" Optimus Prime survived having the Matrix of Leadership being pulled out his Sparkchamber and being on life support for a while, "Bayverse" Megatron being beheaded and brought back to life in "Age of Extinction," etc). I'm probably being biased because Ultra is my favorite character from "Animated," but whatever. Him being the father of Optimus and Sentinel makes sense if you think about it long enough. I also find it interesting that his Sparkmate is freaking Solus Prime of all Bots, you even got me to ship them after I read "Transformers Animated Season 5: Live Like Legends" (review will come...if I don't take my sweet time reading it again).

Sentinel's redemption story is a nice change in pace from all of the hate Fics on him. It felt genuine. Blackarachnia forgiving him and Optimus was a surprising twist and her redemption is great as well.

Bumblebee being the son of Optimus and Elita-1 Blackarachnia was something I did not expect, nor thought of! The same goes to Minerva being the daughter of Warpath and Flareup.

Sari's origins are still pretty convoluted, but nowhere near being as convoluted and Mary-Sue levels of bull crud as she was in "Transformers Animated: Trial & Error" (just because "Trial & Error" is unofficial and free doesn't mean that its immune to criticism).

Megatron's descent into madness was well done and quiet the great read. When said that he would destroy his entire army just so he can conquer Earth in "Megatron Must Be Destroyed! Part 3," I had to laugh.

The fan characters aren't Mary-Sues or Gary-Stues. Trevor is a huge jerk (except in Shattered Glass), Haley is snotty, bratty, dumb-blond rich girl (no offense to anyone, this is just how I view Haley), and Lena makes a good villian (or villian-ness, I'm not so sure how to spell that).

The twist at the end of of very episode mentioned above really shocked me when I read it for the first time and even though I've read "Live Like Legends" once before, it still shocks me.

Asides from a few continuity errors (such as Kup being a Minor instead of a Prime in "The Allspark Almanac," but this is FanFiction) and a few grammatical mistakes, "Transformers Animated Season 4: Circle of Destiny" is a great FanFiction and a worthy continuation to "Animated."

See you when I review "Who wants to see a Dead Body?" (which will probably be in a few minutes), "TFA S5 commision" (again, in a few minutes), "Valentine's Day in Cybertron" (same as the previous two), "Transformers Animated Season 5: Live Legends", and eventually "Transformers Animated Season 6: The Fall of Cybertron".
3/22/2020 c21 12Doctorwhofan01
Some parts of this chapter has references to the Doctor Who episode: Day of the Doctor as the lines in this are somewhat the same but with small differences.
3/3/2020 c5 13foxchick1
Yes, just yes!
6/30/2019 c36 224H.R.C. Stanley
Worthy ending. I look forward to what you plan next
6/29/2019 c35 H.R.C. Stanley
I'm on the edge of my seat.

Btw, what's the difference between flyer and seeker? As well as sport and muscle?
6/28/2019 c34 H.R.C. Stanley
Now the End begins...

I hope Trypticon transforms
6/27/2019 c33 H.R.C. Stanley
Slipstream is back!
6/26/2019 c32 H.R.C. Stanley
Good to know Ron is back with his true family
6/25/2019 c31 H.R.C. Stanley
Does she have a cousin named Taylor Fox? XD

But Anyways, good homage to Circuit Breaker. I hope she'll come back into play later
6/24/2019 c30 H.R.C. Stanley
Cool seeing Bludgeon again.

You'll be remembered, Wasp
6/23/2019 c29 H.R.C. Stanley
They should've gone to Velocitron
6/22/2019 c28 H.R.C. Stanley
Funny mention of Steve the Vehicon.

I hope Astrotrain and Octane will return too
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