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for Transformers Animated Season 4: Circle of Destiny

7/29/2017 c20 2Leonarda Hamato Prime
Good cap... yes this cap is the transformers prime... ratchet is crazi!

Continue plis
7/29/2017 c20 9mikel97
I have request for you: can you show us Bulkhead's past and reason why he love SpaceBridges so much. From all team Prime we NEVER knew anything about his past. I think that his mother was the strongest Wrecker woman and father was creater of spacebridges.
P. S.: Also did you watched Japanese opening for Transformers Animated? You should. Anyway can you write down on Author's Note this opening only with using Season 4 characters?
What do you say?
7/27/2017 c19 Merchthoudow753
There is a bit out character flaw as I am concern about unless thats how the story flows, Sari has immunity against Soundwave's brainwashing due to her Tech-organic nature, or her traits, which was referred in two part episode Human Error. In that case, there should be some reason why she stayed behind with Cade and friends, though Sari has some advantage against Soundwave's mind control music, but that will be your choice. Regardless, I enjoyed how the story goes and keep it up in your own pace until it was right.
7/24/2017 c19 2Leonarda Hamato Prime
Jazz is cool... no... is awesome!

Continue the history
7/16/2017 c18 Leonarda hamato
Omg! Bee...
7/9/2017 c17 Leonarda Hamato Prime
Wow... good cap... yes the time fly... sorry i dont write in english... sorry
7/3/2017 c16 1Vikingz-87
Nice chapter on the Shattered Glass Episode and Liking the Story so far.
7/2/2017 c16 2Leonarda Hamato Prime
Wow ... things went crazy ... bug bite told bumblebee the truth about the secret of OP. Things went to the dick ... follow the story that got good ...
6/29/2017 c15 Leonarda Hamato Prime
Incredible story ... I can make a request ... that there is Ironhide x Chromia, Ratchet x Arcee and Rodimus x Red Alert plis plis I ask you please ... I ask you with all my spark ... I still do not believe me That Sentinel and Optimus are children of Solus Prime and Ultra Magnus ... The couples can fulfill my request please ... I love those couples ... and minerva with Sentinel ... would be funny

Sorry but I do not speak or write in English, I use the google translate ... excuse me
6/27/2017 c15 atdang1998
Cool! I wonder how Sari find a way to unlocked her full potential in the future chapters. Will the Earth Defense Command appear in your story and be based off of S.H.I.E.L.D./S.W.O.R.D. from Marvel Comics and/or Earth Space Defense(ESD) from Independence Day? Also, will the Guiding Hand or someone very ancient might have some connections with Sari's origins or something else?
6/19/2017 c1 rjacobs130
ha ha this is the best, looking forward to future chapters
4/6/2017 c1 15SonsOfBeaches99
Quick testing
3/24/2017 c3 29PhantomWorks- Stories division
Interesting. Considering your tendency to use characters from other parts 9f the TF franchise I am gonna guess that the person who called Powel is Silas, or at least worked for MECH.
3/21/2017 c3 Guest
I'm sensing Age of Extinction setting is gonna be involved...
3/14/2017 c2 Guest
Very cool! Looking forward to the rivalry between Barricade vs Bumblebee!
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