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6/24/2017 c1 Nigel
the heck is this, Hunger games with emotions?
6/11/2017 c15 1Tripledent
I'm sure Disgust would be suited to being the Queen Of All Minds, but she wouldn't be the kind of person to get down and dirty in the courses, so that's never gonna happen. This story was quite dramatic, I think you've said before that you enjoy doing drama, I'm definitely someone who needs a happy ending. I appreciate you too, and your dedication to Inside Out! Wonder what your next story is going to be the sequel of.
6/9/2017 c15 5Orangebird124
Great googly moogly, HollyAnne1084! I can't even tell how proud I am of you for completing "The Champion"! (Joy: Woohoo! That was the best, fantastic, incredible, fun, well-written story ever!) (Disgust: You go, girl!) Wow, I loved the way you handled Sadness' P.O.V. a year later and now she has Anger has her king and Disgust is the new manager of the Mind Games. (Anger: Good riddance for that stupid Audrey!) (Sadness: *smiles* Maybe participating in the Mind Games wasn't so bad after all, even though it was risky.) (Fear: *to Sadness* And you made it out of the three courses alive.) So now that this is the 2nd annual of the Mind Games, we got four new champions named Nate Walker, Gabriel Jenkins, Hannah Reyes and Kennedy Owens. (Sadness: Nothing will ever be the same without Tony Anthony, Jessica and James, though. But at least I became the Queen of all Mind Games.) I liked how Sadness made her speech and I knew that Hannah was Jessica's sister and I'm actually proud of her for giving her first public speech to everyone and saying that she's doing the Mind Games in memory of her sister! (Fear: All that takes is courage.) That's right, Fear. I also got to remember that quote, "Champions fight, try, and win.". That is also a wonderful quote you came up with, Holly. (Anger: *happily* I'm just so proud of my kid.)

Hey, you're always welcome, Holly, and I enjoyed reading this story along with "Part of Our Lives". I think I'm gonna have to read this story again someday. (Joy: *singing loudly, but triumphantly* Gloria, don't you think you're falling? If everybody wants you, why isn't anybody calling? You don't have to answer, leave them hanging on the line! Oh, oh, oh, calling Gloria! Gloria!) (Anger: *annoyed, to Joy* Oh, 'Gloria' yourself!) (Fear: Anger, please don't start another fight! This story is over!) (Anger: *screams, as his head erupts into flames and starts chasing after Fear* This story may be over, but I'm gonna finish you, beanpole!) (Fear: *screaming, as he runs off* I'm out of here!) (Disgust: *rolls her eyes* Oh, genius.) (Joy: Don't worry, the chase doesn't last that long. They'll tire themselves out.) Well, Holly, I knew that this story would have a happy ending and I loved, loved, LOVED the way you wrote it and you handled the courses and the characters well and aw, you're too kind! You know that I'm always happy to review your stories because I'm your BFF. (Sadness: Too bad this story is over, but I can't wait for the next one.) I think I know what sequel you're talking about and I'm looking forward to this story when it comes out! You did a marvelous job writing this story and I'm very happy with how this turned out to be. (Joy: Until we meet again, Holly!) (Disgust: Toodle-oo!)
6/9/2017 c15 31iHateFridays
WHOO YOU FINISHED ANOTHER STORY! CONGRATS! *throws flowers at you* This is a cute chapter. Disgust is the new manager, and Sadness and Anger are the King and Queen of All Minds. Now the second round of games are starting. Aw, Jessica's little sister. That part's sad. Well done on finishing this story, and you're very welcome for all my reviews! :)

6/9/2017 c15 6lordhaxsupreme
Well done Holly! Having it end in this sort of way has made me really happy! Sadness has gone a bit dark though!
A sequel is a great idea, but what about making it much darker and having the mind games from the other champions points of view? Or make a prequel about the other champions' lives as well? Or both together! If pulled off in the right way you could make that a huge success!
I thank you again for such a beautiful story and I hope you release a new story soon!
6/6/2017 c14 1Tripledent
I never thought of there being social media in Riley's Mind World, but since there are TV cameras and paparazzi, yeah, it makes sense. This reminded me of The Hunger Games again when Katniss and Peeta go on their victory tour and address the crowd in district 11. If you haven't seen The Running Man maybe check it out, although it's a violent Arnold Schwarzenegger movie so be prepared for that. I'm actually the most glad that everything turned out so fine between Sadness and Disgust. Does Sadness keep Oscar now?
6/3/2017 c14 5Orangebird124
Hey there, Holly! Well, here I am with another new chapter that's been published and I'm eager to review this chapter! Awww, even if Sadness won the Mind Games, she felt zero happiness because she lost Tony Anthony and Jessica! :( (Sadness: *tearfully* I still feel like this is a nightmare.) (Fear: *sadly* I know and it's gonna be difficult for you to move on.) (Joy: *sadly* Nothing will ever be the same without James Hill, Jessica Reyes and Tony Anthony. God bless those fallen champions.) I liked it when the headmistress was comforting Sadness when she was crying. That shows that she really does care for her since she's so warm, understanding and gentle. That part was tear-jerking when Sadness gave out her victory speech and said some nice things about the fallen champions, especially when she got to Tony Anthony's name. (Disgust: *sniffles* This almost feels like I'm at a funeral right now.) (Anger: *growls* Thankfully those nemesis who killed Jessica and Tony Anthony aren't invited, otherwise I (shouting) WOULD'VE KILLED THEM WITH MY CHAINSAW!) Anger, calm down! (Anger: *shouting* No, you calm down!) As I was saying, do you know how it was tear-jerking with that victory speech? First, Sadness talked about James, then Jessica and when she got to Tony Anthony, she started to cry again and the headmistress was able to comfort her. (Sadness: *sobbing* I, I, I wish I could travel back in time to save Tony Anthony, but I can't now.) (Anger: *sympathetically, hugs her* Aw, Sadness...) It's always important to stay gold because that shows you that you are a true champion. This didn't make me cry, but I felt very sad for her. (Joy: *depressed* Those champions may be gone, but never forgotten, just like Bing Bong.) (Fear: *screaming* Wait! Audrey is back!) She's back? Oh-no, before Sadness could be crowned, Audrey returned! (Anger: *grabs a knife* GET BACK, AUDREY! YOU'RE NO MATCH FOR ME!) (Fear: Uh, Anger, don't you think that knife is a little too dangerous?) (Anger: *glares at Fear* You wanna be stabbed, beanpole?!) (Fear: *screaming, as he runs away* NO! NOT THAT! ANYTHING BUT THAT! RILEY NEEDS ME!) Luckily, the guards caught her and took her away to the courthouse. (Joy: Good riddance for that woman!) (Anger: Yeah! What a pig! *spits on the ground*) (Disgust: *cringes* Ew.)

I guess that means Audrey is the main antagonist of the story and luckily, she won't be bothering us anymore. *to the Emotions* Right, guys? (The Emotions: *in unison* Right!) So when Sadness aka the Queen of All Minds got home, she saw Disgust and were both in grief over Tony Anthony. (Disgust: *sadly* I still miss him.) I liked it when they hugged and when Disgust told Sadness that she deserved him more than her and I loved it when the Emotions did the group hug together! That was so cute! (Joy: At least group hugs cheer me up.) Holy cow, Sadness asked Anger to be her queen as a replacement for Tony Anthony and he cried! Not tears of sadness, but tears of joy! (Anger: Oh, come on! I never cry!) Do too, Anger! (Anger: Shut up, Orangebird124!) This is very rare for Anger to cry tears of joy since he's so serious all the time, but hey, Sadness did it! (Sadness: *blushes, as she smiles* Uh, thanks, I guess...) Wait, did they just kiss on the lips? (Joy: *eagerly* Yes, they did! Hooray for TearBrick!) OH MY GOD, HOLLYANNE1084, I COULD HUG YOU SO BAD! YOU MADE MY DAY! (Joy: *singing* I'm doing the happy dance! I'm not wearing any pants! Something, something, France! I'm doing the happy dance! Hey!) (Fear: *starts shedding tears of joy* I promised myself I wasn't gonna cry anymore, but too late!) (Disgust: *rolls her eyes* Will you stop already, genius?) Disgust! (Disgust: What?) Anyway, this has been a much happier chapter and you just made my day, Holly! Now I can't wait for the happy ending! Three cheers for Sadness and Anger becoming the king and queen! Hip, hip! (The Emotions: *cheering in unison* Hooray!) Hip, hip! (The Emotions: *cheering* Hooray!) Hip, hip! (The Emotions: *cheering* Hooray!)
6/3/2017 c14 31iHateFridays
Aww, the fallen champions. That part was sad. But hey, Audrey got caught! I wonder what her deal is. Sadness and Anger are the new King and Queen of all Minds, huh? Nice! I wonder what they'll do together. Cool chapter again!

6/3/2017 c14 6lordhaxsupreme
What? I'm confused now! Would someone fall in love with someone else so quickly, especially after losing a loved one? Or maybe I'm completely wrong? I probably am, aren't I? A real nice fitting ending to a rather awesome story, despite it wrenching my heartstrings at times. In fact, I enjoyed shipping for once, which is really rare for me! Bravo Holly, I can't wait for the next one!
5/30/2017 c13 1Tripledent
Man, I don't know where this story is going to go now! I hope they catch Audrey and we get an explanation. That was a nasty rule about adding nemesis', but one that when you think about it you would expect. Wonder why Sadness didn't know, maybe she forgot in her panic. Well I've got to admit that if only one champion was able to survive, I'm glad it was the emotion who was competing. By the way, were you inspired by Buzzsaw from the 80s movie 'The Running Man'?
5/27/2017 c13 5Orangebird124
Oh my gosh, at last! Another chapter is here with the final course! (Anger: Well, it's about time!) (Joy: Oh, boy, things are seriously about to get suspenseful!) That's right, guys and I can't wait to review this chapter! I almost forgot, congratulations on making your first T rated story! I'm really proud of you! So, now I know what the final course is about, trying to escape the Subconscious without getting caught by the nemesis'. (Fear: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, stop right there. Did you just say the Subconscious?! NO! NOT THAT SCARY PLACE! ANYTHING BUT THE SUBCONSCIOUS! THAT'S WHERE JANGLES LIVES!) (Disgust: *to Fear* I'm afraid that's where the obstacle course is, genius.) At least Sadness is released from the hospital and I hope that she makes it out alive. Aw, there was a bouquet of flowers in James' seat. (Sadness: *sniffles* I still miss him.) Oh my God, so it was Audrey that signed Sadness up in the Mind Games! (Anger: Audrey signed Sadness up in the Mind Games? *growls loudly*) Yes, she did, Anger and she crumbled up your card on purpose! (Anger: SHE WHAT?! *grabs a sledgehammer and screams furiously* I'M GONNA HUNT DOWN ON AUDREY AND KILL HER TO DEATH! I WANTED TO BE IN THE MIND GAMES!) So Sadness found out that Audrey signed her up for the Mind Games from Jessica and Tony Anthony and they proved it to her through the security camera footage which means that Audrey is the antagonist of the story! (Sadness: *angrily* I'm so angry I wanna strangle her!) At least the Mind Games security caught her when Tony Anthony and the headmistress showed them the footage. I hope Sadness tells Anger about this and watches Audrey get arrested and then later on executed. (Disgust: Executed, eh? *gives out an evil laughter*) (Anger: I'm gonna pop some popcorn and watch Audrey get sent to Hell.) Alright, Anger, alright. Anyway, when the three remaining champions got to the Subconscious, I knew something was gonna be real tough. Those obstacle courses looked so scary and I wouldn't be able to make it out alive if I did that. (Fear: Me neither!) (Joy: I don't think these obstacle courses are my style, especially with all of these nemesis' and the fire.) When everyone separated, Sadness went on the monkey bars and when she looked down, there was a hooded guy with a knife! (Fear: It's almost like he wants to murder Sadness!) (Sadness: *scared* No, please, I don't want to be murdered!) (Disgust: I almost screamed when Sadness nearly slipped off, but luckily, she didn't and made it to the next course. Whew!) (Fear: Code red! The nemesis is after Sadness! Run, Sadness! Run!) Now Sadness is walking across the balancing beam like she did on the first course, but with the nemesis behind her? Oh, boy... At least she made it and now she saw Tony Anthony save her life and told her that he would protect her. How cute is that! (Sadness: My hero...)

When Tony and Sadness got to the third obstacle course, that ladder was so sharp like razors and I felt so bad for her when she was climbing too fast and got a bad cut on her hand. (Sadness: *sniffles* I'd rather have a nosebleed than going through this.) At least Tony was able to comfort her until they saw Jessica running from the nemesis'! (Fear: *shouting* Make it stop! PLEASE!) When they separated, Sadness went to the bow and arrow course and tried to shoot the target in the middle, so she can get past until there was a nemesis coming after her with an axe until she shot the arrow at the nemesis and took the axe with her! I think Sadness was a hero by using the axe to kill the nemesis that was after Jessica. (Sadness: *sobbing* I'm sorry! I couldn't help myself! I didn't want to see her die!) I don't think you'll be in trouble for killing a nemesis, Sadness. You are a true hero. (Sadness: *weakly smiles* Thank you.) Now the fifth course was jumping the hurdles and then she saw a nemesis with the chainsaw! (Anger: Hey, that's my chainsaw! Give it back, you thief!) (Joy: *to Anger* Anger, you already have a chainsaw.) (Anger: Oh, wait, that's right.) I also cracked up a little when Sadness kicked the nemesis in the crotch after she tripped. (Sadness: I didn't know if it was right or not.) Now that she got the five keys, she needs the last one! (Joy: *cheering* Go, Sadness! Go!) Uh-oh, the last course is a brick wall! Sadness couldn't reach the top, couldn't climb, but was able to dig under and grab the last key! Oh my god, wait, what? Tony Anthony has been killed?! (Disgust: *screaming dramatically* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT TONY ANTHONY! NOT HIM!) (Sadness: *crying* Why, Tony Anthony?! Why did you have to die?! You were doing excellent!) (Anger: *shouting* Curse those stupid nemesis!) When Sadness picked up Tony Anthony's lifeless body and entered a different room which was the end, I felt so happy for Sadness that she made it out of the last course alive!

Oh-no, the headmistress said that Tony Anthony and Jessica were dead! That can't be right! There's gotta be another way around to revive them! There's gotta be another way! (Sadness: *crying* Yeah, Holly! Please save my Tony Anthony!) (Joy: *sadly, to Sadness* They're gone, Sadness.) (Fear: *wailing* Tony Anthony and Jessica are dead! First James, now this! This is the worst, tragic chapter I've ever read in my life!) (Disgust: *sobbing* Holly, you gotta find another way to bring Tony Anthony back to life! He's my hero!) (Anger: *sadly, as he murmurs* The only last words I heard from Jessica was for Sadness to tell her that five more nemesis' would be added and when Tony Anthony comforted Sadness after she cut her hand from that razor-sharped ladder.) *to the Emotions* Guys, do you want to play "My Immortal" again? (Joy: *sniffles* I have something else better in mind.) *Tears in Heaven starts playing* And Sadness ended up in the hospital again, even though she won the Mind Games. Whoever gave her those congratulations and get-well gifts was very nice of them. Poor Sadness. She lost the love of her life and her close friend. (Joy: *crying softly* At least they're reunited with James.) (Sadness: *bawling* What a brave man and woman, surviving two courses! Why?! Why?! WHY?! *cries into Anger's arms* Hold me, Anger!) (Fear: *sobbing, as he hugs Joy* Oh!) Holly, I gotta tell you something. I didn't cry when Tony Anthony and Jessica died, but I was shocked. Completely shocked. Listen, you're doing a fantastic job with this chapter and I love the way you're writing it. I'm mostly proud of you for not giving up and I knew you had all of that faith inside of you. This was the biggest tear-jerking chapter I've ever read and I'll be right here waiting for the next chapter. (Joy: *crying* Come on, guys. Let's get into a group hug together.) *We all form into a group hug*

R.I.P., Tony Anthony and Jessica :(
5/27/2017 c13 31iHateFridays
HOLY SHIIZZZZZZZZ 0_0 A lot happened. I mean, A LOT happened. Tony and Jessica both died! That was insane! And Sadness won the Mind Games, but she's not happy about it... and there's a lot of action in this chapter. Including killing all those nemesis'. Just... holy crap 0_0 What will happen next chapter? I'm not sure if I want to know...
5/27/2017 c13 6lordhaxsupreme
You monster! I was rooting for a ship for once which I rarely ever do, and you go and kill of one of the ship's crew! Evil naughty Holly! I hope you bring Tony back to life or have something interesting to make up for it! *begins to sob quietly* sniff...well, now that's over, I guess I have to congratulate you for another fantastic chapter and I can't wait for the next one!
5/24/2017 c12 1Tripledent
I'm very happy that Joy got off and is back to being... well, happy. I also reckon a rating change might be in order due to some heavy subject matter. It's good that Sadness saw how the people around her really cared about her after she went to the edge like that. Gotta wonder if this will impact the rest of the mind games.
5/21/2017 c12 5Orangebird124
Alright, Holly, now that we're up to the twelfth chapter of "The Champion", it's time to review this whole chapter! (Joy: Yay!) (Fear: *nervously* Oh, I already don't know about that because Holly did say something about self-harm...) Gee, so much for expecting something better, it just got WORSE! (Disgust: What do you mean it got worse?) You'll have to see for yourself, Disgust, because Sadness was trying to commit suicide by cutting her own arm with a knife! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT SADNESS?! (Fear: *screaming* Oh my gosh, Sadness was trying to kill herself! She can't do that! Riley needs her!) (Sadness: *bawling* I'm sorry! I just wanted to drop out of the Mind Games!) But Sadness, committing suicide is like a sin and you have to wait until your time is up! (Anger: *shocked* I did not see that coming. That chapter was very unexpecting.) (Joy: *seriously* Yeah, what Anger said.) But before that got worse, *to the Emotions* guys, cancel your jail-breaking plans because Joy is not guilty! (Sadness: *happily* Joy's not guilty? This is the greatest news I've heard in my life!) (Joy: *singing* I'm doing the happy dance! I'm not wearing any pants! Something, something France! I'm doing the happy dance! Hey!) (Anger: *cheering* All hail Joy!) (Disgust: *proudly* Sadness is our hero!) (Fear: *cheering* Joy is innocent! My sweetheart is saved! *kisses Joy on the lips*) (Disgust: *to Fear and Joy* For starters, don't ever do that again. *turns away and gags*) Before the celebration could get started, I was shocked when the Emotions found out about Sadness' big cut and that bloody napkin she was trying to cover with. (Disgust: *cringes* Please do not mention the word, 'Blood'.) Oh my gosh, Anger, go a little easy on Sadness and you owe her a new door! (Anger: *shouting* No, I do not! I just wanted to know what Sadness did to herself!) Very well then, if you're not gonna give Sadness a new door, then you're going to the corner until the story is over. (Anger: *pulls out a frying pan* How about I knock you out with my frying pan?!) You wouldn't. (Anger: I would.) Be my guest. (*Anger is about to hit me with his frying pan when Sadness runs into the scene*) (Sadness: *screaming, while crying, as she stops him* NO! PLEASE DON'T HURT HER, ANGER!) (Anger: *stops and softens up to Sadness* What the- Oh, Sadness.)

~Please stand by~

Okay, I'm back and don't worry, I did not get hurt. As I was saying, when Anger saw that cut on Sadness' arm, I thought he was going to kill her, but luckily, he didn't. He seemed harsh and angry with her, but he was showing her three feelings which are sorrow, worry and compassion. (Fear: That cut was so scary!) I know, am I right, Fear? I had a feeling that Sadness had to go to the hospital for treatment because she can't go to the Mind Games and face the final course looking like this. What I found heartwarming was when Sadness got get well soon gifts from her friends because they do care about her. (Sadness: I love all these presents, but if I had to pick two, it would be Joy giving me flowers and Anger giving me a box of shaped heart chocolates. *sniffles a tear of joy*) (*Anger and Joy glance at each other, smiling*) I loved it when the Emotions wished Sadness to get well soon and gave her hugs when they came to visit her, but I mostly loved it when Anger hugged Sadness even though he hates hugs! That was so cute and everyone was in character! (Joy: You're doing great, Holly! Don't give up!) (Anger: This is the only time I'm hugging Sadness and that's it.) I also liked it when Tony Anthony stopped by and shared a kiss with Sadness while showing her concern. (Sadness: *sniffles* I won't kill myself ever again.) Oh, and I knew that Disgust would get a chance to meet Tony Anthony! (Disgust: I should've asked for his autograph when I met him. *giggles, as she blushes* Or maybe next time before the final course.) This definitely made Disgust's day and this unexpecting chapter made it better in the end by Disgust fainting into Sadness' arms. I'll be waiting right here for the next chapter and just so you know, I can read this story all day! (Joy: So can I!)
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