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5/20/2017 c12 31iHateFridays
AHHH SO MUCH DRAMA! (Ehh, maybe you should change the rating to T...) I can't believe Sadness did that to herself! And whoa, when Anger stepped in, things got nuts! Now Sadness is in hospital, and all of her friends visited her. I hope she's okay for the next course! And, of course, you're welcome for my reviews.

5/20/2017 c12 6lordhaxsupreme
You managed to make me sad, scared and happy all in the space of about five minutes! Stormcloud injuring herself like that, her being rushed to the hospital, Shooting star being forgiven (again), Firebrick losing his temper (again), Disgust go and everything turning out alright eventually! I must apologise for not reading your story lately, I've been really busy with college and I just haven't had the time. This is gonna end well I can tell, but we've got a long way to go yet!
5/14/2017 c11 1Tripledent
Man, I feel very bad for Sadness and Joy right now. This has gotta work out OK, for my own sake! BTW, I like that you used the old 'someone starts saying something to you in a dream and then you wake up and its a different person who really is saying it to you' trick ;)
5/13/2017 c11 31iHateFridays
This is a pretty sad chapter :( Poor Sadness, all this pressure on her. I wonder who put her name down! I think it was Audrey. And Poor Joy. She has to go to court. Nice chapter!

5/13/2017 c11 5Orangebird124
Yippee! I've been waiting all week for the next chapter to come out and look at that, it's finally here! (Joy: Why does the time fly by so fast?) I don't know, Joy, I just don't know. So, let's see what we got at the beginning. When Sadness was crying in her bedroom, I felt like that I wanted to hug her because of what happened with Joy. I feel like the way she let out that frustrated scream scared the pants out of Fear. (Fear: I thought something happened with Sadness!) However, it actually turned out Sadness was stressed out because of what's happening with Joy right now. (Sadness: *crying* If Joy does get sent to prison, I'll never forgive myself for what I did. I wish I never participated in the Mind Games.) (Anger: *to Sadness* But then you would've never met the champions and Oscar, Sadness.) I think Fear really is a good brother to Sadness because that's what he's supposed to do, check up on her. Oh my gosh, Oscar's back! (Disgust: Well, it's about time.) I loved, LOVED how he kept Sadness company and I found it dreamy when Sadness dreamt about her and Tony Anthony winning the Mind Games until Disgust woke Sadness up. (Sadness: I just wanted to stay asleep and dream about Tony Anthony forever.) Uh, that's called being dead, Sadness. (Sadness: It is? Oh, I knew that dreams don't last forever. *sighs sadly, then starts crying again*) (Disgust: *annoyed, with her ears covered* Would somebody please shut that crybaby up?!) Disgust, stop insulting Sadness! (Disgust: *shouting to me* You stop insulting Sadness!) I'm not insulting her, that's you! Why can't you learn to keep your mouth shut? (Disgust: Why can't you fall down a well?) (Fear: Oh, please don't start another argument now.)

Sorry about that, Holly, as I was saying... (*Disgust and I glare at each other*) A hearing is like going to a court when someone is on trial, just like Joy. Fear and Anger looked handsome in their tuxedos, though. (Anger: *pleased* Thanks, Orangebird124! Just wanna make sure this tuxedo fitted me just right, because who doesn't want a tuxedo that has the wrong size?) Aw, Sadness felt heartbroken when she saw Joy crying at the courthouse. I didn't know that Tony and Jessica were going to be there at the trial, what a nice surprise! I'm glad that Jessica was able to move on from James' death and I loved how she and Tony reassured Sadness that she's still the best champion they've ever seen and met. (Sadness: *sniffles and weakly smiles* At least I still have some people that respect me.) I couldn't believe that Joy was crying almost throughout the whole time during the trial and when Sadness told the judge and the lawyers that she couldn't control herself the minute Joy offended her and I still need to figure out who signed Sadness up in the Mind Games. Yikes, watch your language, Sadness! (Sadness: I'm sorry, I was just upset...) I did not see that coming when Sadness stormed out in tears and on the way back to Headquarters. She even got a chance to control Riley again and I think that Riley may have found a depressing video on her computer. That was really cute of Oscar to allow Sadness to cry on his back and kept her company again. It looks like he understands how she's feeling. This was another well-written tear-jerking chapter and I feel like everything is so real! Imagine if I was in the Mind Games, I'd be having a hard time facing those courses. (Fear: It's almost like a horror movie which contains death!) I didn't cry while reading this chapter, but I've never seen Sadness get so upset like that. You're still doing a wonderful job, Holly and don't think that you aren't, you are. You're always welcome for my review and I always enjoy reading your stories. (Anger: *impatiently* Hey, Orangebird124! Back to the jail-breaking plans!) Oh, I don't know, guys, this is gonna be a lot harder than we at least expect it. But don't worry, we're still gonna work together to get Joy out of there. (Fear: Oh, my precious Joy!) (Disgust: *holds up an ax* I'm gonna slice those metal bars with my powerful ax!) (Anger: *holds up a chainsaw* Good thing I got my chainsaw on me!) (Sadness: Hang in there, Joy. We're gonna get you out of jail right away!) I really hope that Sadness doesn't drop out of the Mind Games and I hope Anger doesn't get mad at her again after what happened. I hope that things will get better in the next chapter. (Fear: Me too, Orangebird124. Me too.)
5/12/2017 c10 1Tripledent
The jaguar obviously like James, even if James didn't like him at first, I hope James did eventually soften up to him. Speaking of which, haven't seen Oscar in a while, maybe he'll break Joy out of prison for Sadness or something. I hope the thing with Joy is something like where charges can be dropped, but I have a suspicion it's going to be something where the punishment is mandatory...
5/6/2017 c10 31iHateFridays
Aww, this is a sad chappie :( Poor James' family... but hey, Sadness and Tony are a couple now! I knew it! :D Uh oh, the Mind Games security guards are taking Joy away. Sadness had better save her! Good job chapter as always.

5/6/2017 c10 Guest
Disgust seemed out of character. Unless she moved on to a new crush I don't think she would be pleased with sadness and Tony. Maybe I misunderstood it, English is not my first language. I hope this doesn't come across as negative because I love this story!
5/6/2017 c10 5Orangebird124
I know! I can't believe my Emotions and I have posted the longest review since the last chapter! (Joy: Golly, I feel like this longest review was about to become a novel!) Maybe you should be an author one day, Joy. (Joy: *eagerly jumps in the air* I'd love to be one! I'll write a lot of positive stories to make everyone happy!) Oh, um, speaking of happy, I was not happy, but extremely PROUD that Joy finally made up with Sadness when she got back from the Mind Games! :) (Anger: Well, it's about time!) (Joy: I only cried when Bing Bong and I fell in the Memory Dump and I was looking back at all of the happy memories of Riley.) (Sadness: I remember. That was really sad.) I also loved it when Sadness comforted Joy when she was crying and that is being a good friend. I knew that Sadness would survive the second course with Tony Anthony and she was able to prove Joy wrong. (Fear: *happily* Hooray for Joy and Sadness becoming best friends again! Now the fight is finally over!) I laughed a little when Joy found out about Sadness and Tony becoming a couple and Sadness trying to shush her without waking up the other Emotions. (*Joy starts singing "Here Comes the Bride"*) (Anger: *yelling* Will you stop singing, Joy?! You're getting on my nerves!) (Joy: *stops singing, to Anger* No, I'm not!) (Anger: *to Joy* Yeah, you are!) Just as Disgust overheard it, I thought she was gonna get mad at Sadness and lose another friend again, but it turns out that Disgust was very happy for her. (Disgust: Can I still be the bridesmaid?) Yes, Disgust, you can still be the bridesmaid. (Disgust: Woohoo! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a dress to buy!) (Joy: Wedding, here we come!) I liked it when Disgust told Sadness to 'Stay gold' and I feel like that gave Sadness a lot of encouragement and I think I have a feeling that she's gonna nail the final course even though it may be very, very hard. (Sadness: I really hope so.) (Fear: I'm not so sure about this because we already lost James.) (Joy: God bless that man.) That funeral for James was really sad and while I was reading that part, I played "My Immortal" for him. Jessica's heart was broken and she was sad to see James' dead body in that casket while the other champions got to see it too. (Disgust: Holly, I'm not even kidding, but when I saw James' dead body, I felt like I was gonna vomit.) (Anger: I may be upset, but at least James still did the right thing.) (Sadness: *sniffles* Poor James, gone too soon. *cries into Anger's arms again*) (Disgust: *rolls her eyes in annoyance* There she goes again.) Disgust, please stop being mean to Sadness! (Disgust: I'm not being mean, Orangebird124! It's just that, every time when she cries, she's gotta cry into Anger's arms! She's just gotta!) Well, that's how she is, Disgust. She needs somebody to comfort her. (Joy: Like me. *hugs Sadness along with Anger*) (Fear: And me too. *gets into the group hug*)

I felt awful for James' jaguar, Jasper and the way he licked his face was cute, but sad at the same time. That was cute when James' mom told Sadness about how much James really liked her and when Sadness hugged his mom back while she was crying. That was also nice when Jessica, Tony and especially Sadness said some nice things about James and when she gave out an example of the fight she and Joy had, it made me feel like I wanted to cry, but I didn't. (Sadness: *crying* I just wanted to give out a goodbye speech to him and I don't know if I did poorly or not.) Aw, Sadness, you did amazing with what you said and yes, losing someone is like having a fight with your best friend and losing your relationship with that person. It's the same feeling: Pain, grief and depression. It's just like what you said and James did live a perfect life. (Joy: He's an angel now and he's shining down on us along with Bing Bong.) When Anger and Sadness had that little chat after the funeral, they were still in character the whole time, especially when Anger called her 'kid'. See? You're doing a fantastic job with this story and so far, you haven't received any flames lately. (Anger: If anyone tries to insult you, they'll have to get through me first.) (Joy: Yeah, Anger, you tell them!) Just as things were about to get fixed, the three Mind Games security guards came into Headquarters and took Joy away! (Fear: They what?! *picks up a megaphone and shouts loudly into it* CODE RED! CODE RED! JOY HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY FROM HEADQUARTERS! I REPEAT, JOY HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY FROM HEADQUARTERS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!) (Sadness: *wailing* Oh-no! This is really bad! If only I kept my mouth shut then none of this would've happened!) (Fear: We gotta bail her out of jail!) (Anger: *grabs a chainsaw* Don't worry, Joy! We'll bust ya out of here in ten seconds or less!) Uh, Anger, I don't think a chainsaw is gonna work. (Anger: *yelling* It will too, Orangebird124! Joy's been taken away from the Mind Games security and we're busting her out of here no matter what!) Oh my gosh, Riley needs Joy to keep her happy! Without her, this'll be like when Riley had trouble moving into San Francisco all over again! (Fear: *screaming* RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, GANG!) This chapter may have been tear-jerking, but it was very heartwarming. James will never be forgotten and he'll always be a part of the Mind Games forever and ever. (Sadness: *sobbing* It's all my fault! It really is!) (Disgust: Hold on, Joy! We're coming!) I'll be waiting right here for the next chapter and I want to see what'll happen with Joy. Now if you'll excuse me, we've got some jail breaking plans to do. (Anger: Wish us luck!)
5/3/2017 c9 1Tripledent
Wow, I didn't expect to see Sadness being steered away from TearBrick, or TearBrick getting more complicated. On top of that, I know Disgust has a thing for Tony, so yikes! And I think Joy is in big trouble. And James died! Lots to find out about in the next chapter!
4/29/2017 c9 5Orangebird124
Hey, you're very welcome for my review as always! Anyway, I'm all prepared for this sad chapter, so here we go! (Sadness: I got the tissues ready.) So the chapter started out with Sadness getting ready for the final course and uh-oh! She missed her training the day after the fight and if that happened again, then she'll get kicked out of the Mind Games! (Sadness: Kicked out?! I didn't mean to miss the training, but I don't want to get kicked out! I won't miss it again!) Don't worry, Sadness. Now you know for next time. She still didn't apologize to Joy? Oh-no, their relationship is still broken! (Sadness: *sadly* I tried to apologize, but Joy wouldn't accept it.) Wow, the second course is going to be a lot harder than the champions ever thought it would be! (Fear: I still can't do it. I'm a coward.) The second course is going to have teams and it'll have something to do with safety and strategy. (Fear: Safety and strategy? That seems good.) (Joy: Uh, Fear, it's not what you think it is. This is still the dangerous Mind Games.) (Fear: *shrieks* Why'd you have to bring that up, Joy?!) It looks like Tony's father works for the Mind Games and he is a nice guy, but he can sometimes not be nice to him. (Anger: I'm gonna report him to the Child Services!) Anger, calm down! He is nice to his son, but wants to make him proud. I liked how Sadness told Tony about what happened with Joy when they got into a physical fight and for saying that she won't make it all three courses until James, Jessica and the headmistress overheard her. (Sadness: *ashamed* Maybe I should've kept my mouth shut.) I definitely think that Joy is gonna sent to the Mind Games National Security after the headmistress wrote the report down to Audrey. Oh my gosh, the second course is about escaping the Titanic on the beach! (Disgust: "Titanic"? Wasn't that made into a movie based on the true story?) (Sadness: *sadly* Yeah, it was. It unfortunately had a sad ending. *sniffles*) (Anger: Curse that iceberg!) I just know that Sadness is gonna nail that second course because she is a champion! If she can survive the first course, then she can survive the next one! (Fear: The four champions got lucky once, but not lucky twice.) (*Anger hits Fear on the head*) (Fear: *painfully* Ow! What was that for?!)

I believe the Titanic course was hard for Sadness and Tony, but they did it as a team. (Sadness: *crosses her arms* I'm glad I didn't get to do it with Joy.) (Disgust: Come on, Sadness, just let it go already!) Guys, I don't want to start another dramatic fight again and I'm trying to review this chapter, thank you. Sorry about that. As I was saying, first Tony and Sadness were getting wet from the water rushing in and the clues were very helpful on where to find the lifeboats. (Sadness: I feel like I'm back in 1912.) I know, right? I felt like they were swimming while trying to escape the sinking Titanic and I thought they weren't gonna make it when it came to the humongous cracks and the boat starting to split apart. (Fear: *stammering* Sp-Sp-Sp-Splitting apart?! Oh-no, they're gonna die! I just know it!) (Joy: *covers her eyes* I can't bear to watch!) (Anger: Tony and Sadness, look out!) Hold on a second, before the ship could tip over some more, it was back to its original position and Sadness and Tony were able to move! (*Joy and Fear both sigh in relief*) (Disgust: Come on, Sadness! You got this!) They managed to find the keys even though they were very close to being underwater and when they unlocked it, there were the lifeboats and managed to get out safely! (Sadness: *happily* Oh my gosh! I did it! I survived the second course and I proved Joy wrong!) You sure did, Sadness! I'm proud of you and Tony Anthony! (Disgust: *dreamily* My hero!) I'll bet you that Sadness and Tony were really soaked after the course they did and they do make a great team after all. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop right there! Tony and Sadness kissed? I did not see that coming! (Sadness: *blushes* I think we're in love now.) (Disgust: *furiously* Hey! That's MY lover, Sadness! You stole Tony Anthony from me!) (Sadness: *to Disgust* What? No, I didn't, I swear!) (Disgust: *arguing* You did too and I fell in love with him first and you just had to take him away from me! Shame on you!) I guess the real romantic ship is Sadness/Tony and the bromance shipping is Anger/Sadness after all. (Joy: *happily* Congratulations, Sadness!) (Anger: I think we should plan a wedding for these two lovebirds!) (Disgust: *angrily* Remind me not to come!)

Well, at least Jessica made it and wait, hold on, James is dead?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not James! He can't be dead! There's gotta be another way around to save him! There's gotta be! (Sadness: *crying* James is dead and I never got a chance to say goodbye to him!) (Joy: *sniffles* The last words he said was to tell the others to find the lifeboats.) (Fear: *sobbing* Why, James?! WHY?!) (Anger: *sadly* James may be gone, but never forgotten.) (Disgust: *depressed* I guess that means we have to play "My Immortal" for him.) *My Immortal starts playing* Jessica told them that he sacrificed himself to save her before she could fall off. This is just like when Bing Bong jumped off the rocket and helped Joy get out of the Memory Dump! (Sadness: *still crying* First Bing Bong, now James! *cries into Anger's arms*) Rest in peace, James. You were a fellow champion and an amazing fighter who saved Jessica's life. Now that's being a true champion. (Joy: *crying quietly* At least James is in our hearts now.) Yes, that's very true, Joy. I didn't cry at this chapter, but I felt very sad when James died. (Anger: I didn't cry either. Besides, I'm a toughie and toughies don't cry!) I had a feeling that the three champions weren't going to be happy after the second course. This was a spectacular chapter, even though it was very sad. Thank you for warning me about it and I also liked it when Tony, Sadness and the headmistress comforted Jessica. That was so sweet, but tear-jerking! I'll be looking forward to the next chapter as always! (*Joy, Sadness and Fear both hug each other tightly, while crying as a sorrowful and sympathetic Disgust joins in the group hug*)
4/29/2017 c9 31iHateFridays
Ugh I'm freaking dumb I meant the second course... *face-palms* Thanks for pointing that out. Anyway! Oh wow, a lot happened in this chapter. Oh damn, James is dead! Was not expecting that! And Tony and Sadness kissed. I knew they'd be a pairing! Plus, that event was pretty extreme. Now, I wonder what will happen to Joy... good job as always!

4/29/2017 c9 6lordhaxsupreme
Whoa! Hold on there! You killed someone! You monster! I think it wouldn't be proper to move to the next chapter without a proper eulogy:

James was a good man. He may not have had the spotlight, he may have been the macguffin, but his bravery was what made him stand out at the end. No matter what comes out the other end of the Mind Games, people will always tell good stories of the boy who sacrificed himself to save someone he barely knew. A true hero who will be missed by all of Mind world. Farewell James, and be at peace.

But now that's done, time for the proper stuff! Stormcloud got her first kiss? Beautiful! And Jessica, poor Jessica, I think that either she'll be the next to go or she'll be traumatised for the rest of her life. I mean, she witnessed it first hand, and that's enough to make anyone break (that's why Haymitch hit the bottle and the Morphlings took drugs in the Hunger Games). There are so many ways you could send this story it makes my head swim with ideas and I might end up getting a headache!
4/25/2017 c8 1Tripledent
The Sadness by the end of the chapter was the Sadness we all know and love. Even if her next conservation with Joy doesn't go well I don't think she'll report Joy, she just couldn't do that to her even in her anger (or at least, not now). Anger could have been like Yoda by saying: "Do or do not do. There is no try." Hey, fun fact about Chuck Norris - when Yoda was told he had to defeat Chuck Norris, he responded with "I'll try." XD
4/22/2017 c8 31iHateFridays
Huh, so Anger's helping Sadness. Well, at least Sadness is starting to understand her actions a little more! Now she's going to apologize to Joy (hopefully) and get ready for that third course... Good job as always!

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