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4/22/2017 c8 5Orangebird124
Whoa, ho, ho! Another chapter has been published! I know, that was some screaming that my Sadness did earlier. (Sadness: Sorry about my language, HollyAnne1084. It just popped out of nowhere and I have no idea what I was thinking before.) Gee, the way that Fear bolted out of the kitchen when he was trying to get a cup of coffee when he saw Sadness does remind me back when the Emotions didn't give Sadness any respect before she found her true purpose. I can't believe that Sadness did that to Joy after that big fight they had. *shudders* (Fear: Orangebird124, did you have to bring that up?!) I'll bet you that all of these bruises that Joy had really hurt. (Sadness: *stubbornly, turns away* If anyone asks me to get a first aid kit, then I'm not getting it for Joy.) Come on, Sadness. You can't stay mad at Joy forever. (Sadness: *stubbornly* I can and will.) Ooh, now this one is a serious Sadness and Anger chat I see. Anger wanted to know what was wrong with Sadness and I don't think he liked the way Sadness did to Joy before. (Anger: *growls* All I just wanted was to tell Sadness what happened with her and Joy from last night and what the heck was wrong with her!) And I felt bad for Sadness when Anger shouted at her and then started to cry until he softened up and told her to tell him what Joy did to make Sadness so angry. A lot of those times I feel like I wanna give Sadness a hug. (Sadness: You do?) (Disgust: I'd probably do that too.) I also get that it's okay to be angry at something that you might not survive at during those courses at the Mind Games, but I still have a feeling that Sadness might win. I didn't know that you can't say something that can offend the champion or lose the champion's confidence or say that you think a champion won't be able to survive. (Joy: Wow, those are some serious rules.) (Sadness: *angrily, to Joy* Just get out of here, you stupid, dumb, Emotion!) (Fear: Please keep me out of this fight!) (Disgust: Whoa, whoa, whoa, please do not start another fight! It's already done!)

Ah, so if someone offends a champion, then they have to report it to the headmistress? (Sadness: That gives me an idea. I'm definitely gonna report Joy to the headmistress the next time I go back to the Mind Games.) I also didn't know that Anger had a guide about the Mind Games. (Anger: Yep, I sure do. *to himself* Although, I still wanted to do it.) Oh, jeez, just as things were calming down, it got dramatic again when Anger told Sadness that she should apologize to Joy about her behavior, not him. I liked the way when you added "She called Joy a bad word" because I didn't want to hear any explicit language in this story. (Disgust: If this story does have bad language, then this would either be rated 'T' or 'M', am I right, HollyAnne1084?) Anger was only trying to help Sadness and I thought he was gonna get mad because she didn't listen to him, but felt painful instead. I knew that Anger always had other feelings too because that's the way he is. I didn't cry when Sadness started to cry and ran back to Anger, but I still liked it when she hugged him tightly. (Sadness: *sniffles* It's just that those thoughts kept popping into my head and I kept thinking about it over and over again.) That was really heartwarming with what Anger said to Sadness about saying that he can't ever be mad at her when she tried to apologize to him and tell her that she will nail that second course. You wanna know something else? Anger and Sadness were in character the whole time! You let Anger get mad and annoyed at first, and then soften up at the end of this chapter! (Anger: Holly, if I ever met you, I'd give you a ruffle on your head like I do to Sadness.) (Sadness: *hugs Anger tightly* Oh, Anger! I could kiss you!) (Disgust: No kissing!) Disgust, shush! Sorry about that. I'm very proud of Sadness for saying that she's gonna apologize to Joy and prove to her wrong that she'll survive the second course. Sadness, don't listen to what Joy said about the Mind Games, just apologize to her and don't let fear stop you from doing the thing that you love. (Sadness: I'm gonna try, Orangebird124.) Once again, Holly, I'm super proud of you for writing this well-written, dramatic chapter and mostly proud of you for keeping Anger and Sadness in character since the beginning to the end of this chapter. I really hope that Sadness makes up with Joy in the next chapter and prove her wrong that she'll survive the next course. Fantastic job, Holly!
4/22/2017 c8 6lordhaxsupreme
I have only just read chapter 7 to make sense of this chapter, so I feel I'm the last to find out about the massive scrap between Shooting Star and Stormcloud (that's what I call them nowadays)! I honestly couldn't believe it, I mean, a fight! An actual fight between Joy and Sadness! Wow! But now this chapter. It was very believable the way Anger was reacting; first he was annoyed at Sadness, then as soon as he heard Sadness' side he completely did a reversal just like his nature would make him go when things aren't fair for someone (especially when that person is your best friend!). Extremely good and I can't wait for the second test and for Sadness to prove Joy wrong!

P.S. Forgive me, I just thought about this, what if Joy is right? What if Sadness can't complete the challenges ahead? Highly unlikely, but you never know, plot-twists going OTT!
4/18/2017 c7 1Tripledent
I can understand Sadness having never felt like this before, because I can't imagine Sadness acting like this before. It was pretty poor form from Joy, I guess she thought she was giving advice and being honest but it hurts when someone says they don't have confidence in you... bit of tact is good (I think Joy thought she WAS being tactful... oh, I hate this kind of dramatic stuff in real life). I bet Sadness put the hurt on Joy even moreso than she would have done a few weeks ago because of the training. Maybe Anger has some advice for Sadness on dealing with... anger?
4/17/2017 c7 2LilacPetals21
Woah, that was intense, wasn't expecting Sadness to act like that. Can't wait to see what happens next.
4/16/2017 c6 LilacPetals21
Wow, Sadness sure is doing great with her practices, I mean I wouldn't go anywhere near that rope if I were her! Doing something like that takes a lot of courage. Keep it up, you're doing great! :)
4/15/2017 c7 5Orangebird124
Oh, boy, I've been waiting for this dramatic chapter to come out and here it is! (Fear: Dramatic?! Oh, geez, I don't know if I can handle this...) So in the beginning, I just found out that the champions are going to be doing the second course and I learned that each course will be more difficult than the last one. (Sadness: I still can't believe I survived the first course, though.) (Fear: *to Sadness* You got lucky, Sadness. Real lucky.) That was so cool when the champions got to be on TV! I almost wish I was on TV! (Joy: Hey, I wanna be on TV too! Please put me on "Good Morning, America"!) Sadness and Tony did great on the interview and they weren't even afraid after all! (Sadness: Maybe I was just a little shy at first, but then I did it which was all thanks to Tony.) (Disgust: Hey, guys, book the wedding for me and Tony Anthony already!) (Anger: *to Disgust* You ain't getting no wedding, Disgust!) (Disgust: *shouting, to Anger* Oh, yes, I am and I'm not even inviting you!) *I face palm myself* Oh my gosh...

As I was saying, I felt a little bad for Sadness when she was a little irritated by that lady screaming at her at the training center. (Anger: *hollering* Somebody please fire her already!) But at least she didn't pass out from tiredness. (Sadness: *takes some deep breaths* I think I need to lie down or have a glass of warm milk.) (Joy: *gives Sadness a glass of warm milk* Here you go, Sadness!) (Sadness: *smiles, to Joy* Thanks, Joy.) Ooh, another Sadness and Anger chat! I felt proud of Anger for saying how well Sadness did on that interview even though she didn't mention him on the news. I'm happy when Sadness said that Anger helped her a lot with her courage and they were in character! (Joy: Nice job, HollyAnne1084! I'm proud of ya!) If I had to guess, I'd say that Anger is starting to act calm around Sadness now. (Disgust: Or maybe he's developing a crush on her.) (Anger: Wait, what?! No, I'm not! I'm just proud of Sadness for not giving up in the Mind Games, that's all!) (Joy: *laughing* Did I hear Disgust just say that Anger is developing a crush on Sadness? *to Anger* So, the truth comes out! You're in love, Anger!) (Anger: *yelling, as his head explodes* No, I'm not, so shut up, you two!) About the ending, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Sadness, are you KIDDING ME?! (Fear: I did not see that coming!) Listen, just because Joy was talking to you about how dangerous the Mind Games are doesn't mean that you should beat her up! (Sadness: *angrily* I was just angry, okay?! Joy needs to learn to think before she offends me!) (Joy: *to Sadness, madly* Oh, I need to learn to think before I offend you? Sadness, you need to be more optimistic like me! I just don't want you to get killed because Riley needs you!) (Sadness: *screaming furiously at the top of her lungs* I DON'T (censored) CARE ABOUT RILEY OR JOY! RILEY CAN'T BE HAPPY WITHOUT ME BECAUSE I'M PART OF IT TOO! *The Emotions and I are stunned* (Sadness: *voice breaking, as she starts crying* Okay, fine! I don't even care about you guys anymore! I'm gonna go kill myself! *runs off in tears*) (Anger: *calling* Sadness, wait! *to us* I'll be right back, guys. I gotta go talk to the kid. *runs off*) (Fear: *shocked* Wow, I wasn't expecting that.) You know, Holly, I've never seen Sadness get so angry like that before. Never. But it was a good thing Disgust, Anger and Fear broke up the fight, otherwise things would've gotten worse. Gee, I feel like history is starting to repeat itself again! Oh my gosh, Sadness, you did NOT just say that to Joy in the end! This fight was definitely dramatic and I hope that Joy and Sadness apologize to each other in the end. They're best friends! (Disgust: Yeah, best friends!) (Joy: *sniffles* What have I done?) Anyway, you are doing so wonderful with this story and if you ever feel like that you're gonna give up hope, don't. I will always be waiting for the next chapter and in that case, Happy Easter to my LemonLime BFF! :) (Fear: Gee, I hope things will get better in the next chapter...)
4/15/2017 c7 31iHateFridays
At the start: Oh, what a nice chapter with the interviews and stuff. Anger/Tony bonding with Sadness. What's this drama Holly's talking about? There's no- *reads end* WHOOOAAAA! What the heck! That got intense quickly! I didn't know Sadness could get so mad XD And poor Joy... man, I think she was only trying to help Sadness. Oh well. Good job, btw!

4/15/2017 c7 6Karebear49
*can't even bring myself to speak because my jaw is currently on the floor* I never would've expected that reaction from SADNESS of all people
4/9/2017 c6 1Tripledent
I think that's common advice for having to do something from a great height - don't look down. Must work alot of the time.

Hooray for Sadness! I'm worried these courses are going to get more and more dangerous as they progress. Imagine if someone put Fear's name in instead of Sadness's...
4/8/2017 c6 5Orangebird124
Woohoo! Another chapter has been posted and you just made my day, HollyAnne1084! You really did! I liked it when Tony gave Sadness some advice and told her not to be scared about walking across the rope. I think Tony is a brave, trustworthy guy after all. (Joy: Walking across the rope? Hey, that reminds me of the circus!) (Fear: Circuses can be fun, except if there are clowns that just pop out of nowhere and then scare you to death!) (Disgust: I'd invite Tony Anthony to the circus with me!) Oh, Disgust, you and this Tony Anthony thing! Anyway, it was also nice of James to wish Sadness the best of luck when it was her turn to walk on the tightrope. (Sadness: James may be a nice guy, but I still hate going last.) I know you do, Sadness. (Anger: *shouting* Being last sucks!) (Joy: Anger, watch your mouth!) (Anger: *angrily, to Joy* Don't tell me what to do, Joy!) Hey, can't you see that I'm trying to review this chapter? (Anger: Sorry, Orangebird124.) OMG, I got a little nervous when Tony went first on the tightrope walker which made everyone nervous. (*Fear sings "Boom, Boom, Ain't it Great to be Crazy" quietly*) (Anger: *shouting* STOP SINGING, BEANPOLE! I can still hear you!) But then I felt better with relief as he made it to the other side along with Jessica and James! (Fear: They made it? Woohoo! Now it's Sadness' turn!) (Joy: *cheering* Come on, Sadness! You can do this!) That was really nice of Audrey to encourage Sadness when her turn was coming up. She must be a wonderful, supporting headmistress to her! (Disgust: One for the money...) (Fear: Two for the show...) (Anger: Three to get ready...) (Joy: *loudly* And four to go!) Sadness followed Tony's advice and she was so brave enough to walk across the floor and everyone, including the Emotions were very happy for her! (Sadness: I was nervous because I thought I was gonna die, but I guess I got lucky.)

Those four champions that survived the first course got lucky once, but not lucky twice. (Fear: *nervously* Uh, Orangebird124, I don't mean to interrupt, but, this is kind of creeping me out a little.) Oh, come on, Fear! It's only a story! Sadness, James, Jessica and Tony survived the first course and I'm really happy for them! (Joy: Hooray for Sadness!) (Anger: *cheering* Way to go, Sadness!) That was fun when the champions got to sing karaoke and when they sung "We Are the Champions" by Queen and even Sadness sang along! (Sadness: I guess being in the Mind Games isn't so challenging and bad after all.) (Joy: *to Sadness* There you go, Sadness! That's the spirit!) Hey, another TearBrick chat! You know, something tells me that there really is something going on with- (my mouth gets covered again by Fear) (Fear: *shouting* No, Orangebird124! Don't spoil the ship name!) Fear, how many times do I have to tell you not to cover my mouth?! (Fear: Uh, two?) (Anger: *shouting* WILL YOU GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE, BEANPOLE?!) (Fear: *runs off* I'm going, I'm going, I'm going!) Thanks, Anger. (Anger: My pleasure, Orangebird124. Continue.) Oh, man, I loved it when Sadness asked Anger to stay with her in her room for a while! It looks like she can really use some company! Anger said that one of those champions signed her up in the Mind Games, but they'll have to find out soon! You know, what a wonderful job you did on the chapter and the TearBrick chat. Fantastic job keeping Sadness and Anger in character! Don't ever think that you did poorly, you did spectacular and I'm very proud of you! I'll see you in the next chapter and you're always welcome for my reviews. :) (Joy: T.T.F.N.: Ta-ta for now!)
4/8/2017 c6 31iHateFridays
Yeah, I'm getting there... ;) Anyway, Sadness aced that! Whoo! She did super. Well, everyone did super. Like I'd be able to do that XD The next event will probably be much worse, so Sadness had better get ready. Nice chapter as always!

4/5/2017 c5 1Tripledent
I reckon there should be an exemption in the mind games that Riley's emotions aren't allowed to die, imagine if she lost Sadness, the movie showed that isn't good at all. I wonder what Oscar will be doing while Sadness is tight-roping.
4/3/2017 c5 6lordhaxsupreme
Well, Sadness is in for it now isn't she? Will she fail the first task? Will she fall off even? Anything is possible, but I'll place all my bets on Sadness being the one to get this, even against all odds!

And as for the training score, I think its a bit unrealistic, but only a very little bit. I was thinking that she would get an average score at best, but surprise everyone with her unrealised abilities when she finally got to the tasks. A high score works too though I guess, it worked for Katniss in the Hunger Games!

So now I guess I'll have to wait for the next chapter and find out, won't I?
4/1/2017 c5 Out of FFN
Dang! A ten! Looks like Sadness is braver than me XD I can't even face a cockroach XD

Can't use anything but your feet? I'm outta here! (Runs away)
4/1/2017 c5 5Orangebird124
OMG, another chapter that was published on April Fool's Day! This is going awesome! In the beginning, when the headmistress said, "People can die from any of the courses.", I think this reminds me of "The Hunger Games". (Fear: Hold on a minute, what did she just say?) Fear, I just said that. Were you even paying attention? (Fear: Not until she said something about death!) Oh my gosh, Fear. Anyway, I liked it when Sadness made Tony feel better. It's just like the same way she did with Bing Bong when he lost his rocket in the Memory Dump. (Sadness: Yeah, I remember that. It was really sad.) I also loved it when Jessica gave Sadness a lot of encouragement and positivity about the scores. (Joy: *jumping in the air, eagerly* Positivity for the win! Go, Sadness! Go!) I also didn't know that Tony's full name was Tony Daniel Anthony. And holy cow, the photographer is Tony Anthony's father! That was really nice of Richard to meet Sadness and say that Tony has told him great things about her. (Sadness: Yeah, he was really nice, I guess.)

WAHOO! Sadness got a ten as her high score and everyone was proud of her! (Joy: *cheering, as she picks up Sadness and twirls her around* YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT! I KNEW YOU WOULD SCORE A TEN! I JUST KNEW YOU WOULD!) (Sadness: *chuckles* Okay, okay, thanks, Joy. Can you please put me down?) (Joy: *puts Sadness down* Oh, sorry, Sadness.) Oh, Joy. I just felt so happy for Sadness when she got a ten. Turns out she really is a good runner after all. That was so funny when Disgust fainted when Sadness told her about Tony Anthony wanting to meet her. (Disgust: Tony Anthony is mine now! *starts singing "Love Story"*) (Anger: *shouting* Oh-no, not that singing again! Shut up, Disgust!) (Disgust: *stops singing, to Anger* Hey! Don't tell me what to do! I'm in love with Tony Anthony!) (Anger: *angrily, to Disgust* Who cares about Tony Anthony?!) (Disgust: I do!) (Anger: *yelling* WELL, I DON'T!) Anger and Disgust, stop arguing! Both of you are acting like preschoolers! (Anger and Disgust: *in unison* What?! No, we're not!) *I face palm myself* I mostly loved it when the Emotions congratulated Sadness when they found out about her score and I liked the chat with Anger and Sadness in the end and so far, you're doing great! (Fear: Keep it up, Holly!) Whoa, the first course they're going to do is the tightrope that's above the Memory Dump? Sounds really risky! (Fear: Oh-no, I ain't doing that course!) You're not even in the competition, Fear! (Fear: I know that, but it sounds so scary!) (Sadness: There's a very good chance that I might die.) Don't worry, Sadness! You won't die! You just got to have the courage and faith in you. I'm looking forward to the next chapter as always and good luck, Sadness! (Sadness: Thanks, I guess.) (*Disgust continues singing "Love Story"*) (Anger: *shouting, as his head erupts into flames* YOU'RE STILL SINGING?! *starts swearing and screaming at the top of his lungs*)
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