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4/1/2017 c5 31iHateFridays
Sadness got a ten! Good job, Sadness! And everyone's being nice to her. Hmm, a bit suspicious, or they're just polite. I think Tony likes Sadness. I don't know. And I've got an interesting feeling with Sadness and Anger here... ;)

3/29/2017 c4 1Tripledent
Sadness performed beyond expectations again. There's got to be something to this. Wonder what a meeting of Tony and Disgust would be like. Or Tony and Anger... or Joy, or Fear come to think of it.
3/28/2017 c4 2LilacPetals21
Sadness sure is doing great with her trainings, she deserves to become the champion of mind games. I'm not sure, but something tells me there's going to be a love triangle between Anger, Sadness and Tony. Who knows, maybe there will be? ;)
Look forward to see what happens next :)
3/25/2017 c4 5Orangebird124
Holly, you're back! (Joy: Oh, Holly, we missed you so much!) I've been waiting all week for this chapter to come out and here it is! Another well-written chapter you did! Hey, I loved the part when Anger gave Sadness some advice about the Mind Games. In fact, he must be a good brother. (Anger: Well, it was the best advice I could ever give to that kid.) (Sadness: At least I got Oscar as a friend.) I'm sure you did, Sadness. I like Oscar and he may be protective, but he is cute. (Fear: Except when he roars loudly and shows you his white, sharp teeth... *shudders*) Whoa, Tony named his tiger, Remus? That's a really nice name! (Disgust: You know, I prefer Legend, but Remus isn't that bad.) (Anger: If I had a pet tiger, I'd name him Killer so he can kill the beanpole.) (Fear: *shrieks* No, not Killer! Killer is a bad name for a pet tiger! *hides behind Joy* Hide me, Joy!) Ay, yi, yi, Anger, did you really have to bring that up? (Anger: Sorry, Orangebird124, but I just can't help myself!) As I was saying, I didn't know that the hyena was in the top 8 strongest animals on the list. What I also loved was when Sadness told Tony that Disgust is a big fan of him. (Disgust: *happily* Oh my gosh, Sadness told Tony Anthony about me? *to Sadness* Wow, thank you, Sadness!) (Sadness: *chuckles* I just wanted to get it out of my system, that's all.) (Disgust: And he says that he wants to meet me someday? I think I know what this means! *starts singing "Someday my Prince will Come*) (Anger: *bellowing, as his head erupts into flames* Oh-no, not that singing again! Shut up, Disgust!)

So, while my Disgust is singing, I liked how Sadness tried out running the track and I felt like she burnt a lot of calories! (Sadness: I wanted the coach to stop yelling, but I didn't want to shout it out loud, so I kept it in my head.) That's good, Sadness. Keep those insults in your head. I also hope that she gets a ten as her score. Who knows? Maybe she will. (Joy: I think she will! Cross those fingers!) (Fear: *crosses his fingers* My fingers are crossed!) I'm surprised that the training wasn't so bad in the end, I think Sadness will definitely get the hang of it! I'll be waiting for the next chapter as always and you're still doing a perfect job with this story so far and you're very welcome for my reviews! (Joy: I'm already loving this story!) (*Disgust is still singing "Someday my Prince will Come"*)
3/25/2017 c4 31iHateFridays
Hmm, I reckon the shipping's either Sadness and Anger or Sadness and Tony. I see how Sadness and Tony are forming a relationship now... I wonder if Disgust will get jealous XD Yeah, I enjoyed talking to you as well! And nice chapter as always :)

3/22/2017 c3 1Tripledent
Heh, 'Awesome Oscar'.

Very interested to see how the spirit animals are involved in the Mind Games. I'm worried Fear will only bring Sadness down in the lead up...
3/20/2017 c3 2LilacPetals21
That was great! I think Oscar is the perfect name for her lion, it really suits him. Wonderful job with the new chapter and good luck with the next one :)
3/19/2017 c3 SummerKitty04
Who signed up Sadness!? WHO!? WHO!? TELL ME! (Slaps you XD)

And Oscar, huh? If I'm Sadness, I would have named him Discord (named after my husbando from MLP: FiM XD)
3/18/2017 c3 5Orangebird124
Alright, another chapter has been published! HollyAnne1084, you did a perfect job as always! (Fear: Hey, Holly, I forgive you. It's just that I got nervous when I saw the blood because I always see them in horror movies. You know, you didn't make this into a horror movie after all. *chuckles quietly*) I loved it when Sadness named her lion, Oscar. (Sadness: I know that I'm not good at name picking, but it was the best I could do.) (Joy: Hey, Oscar reminds me of Oscar the Grouch from "Sesame Street"!) You're absolutely right, Joy! But still, Oscar is a very cute name for a strong lion. (Anger: If I was a lion, then I would eat Fear alive!) (Fear: *to Anger, screaming* No! Please don't eat me! Riley needs me!) (Anger: *snapping to Fear* Relax, beanpole! I was only kidding!) You better be, Anger. Anyway, I laughed when Fear shouted, "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING DOING HERE?!" when he and the Emotions first saw Oscar! (Fear: For a moment, I thought Oscar was gonna eat us alive! If he did, then we won't be able to control Riley's actions anymore!) (Sadness: That's be really sad.) Whew! I also got relieved when Joy understood what Sadness was saying about her not signing up for the Mind Games. I really wished that Sadness would tell Tony Anthony about Disgust liking him as a fan, though. (Sadness: I'm too sad and nervous to tell him.) (Joy: Don't worry, Sadness. You'll tell him soon the next time you see him.)

Can I just say one thing where you got to the chat with Sadness and Anger? I loved, LOVED the way you portrayed them and you managed to keep them in character! I'm super proud of you! I mostly loved it when Anger said, "You're easy to talk to, unlike the others." because whenever Anger gets upset, he can always go to Sadness and she'll do everything she can to make him all better. The chapter was not only well-written, it was perfect! Ah, so Sadness found a Mind Games black jacket on her dresser the next day? Perhaps she has to wear it so that way she's an actual participant. (Sadness: I have a feeling that I'm still gonna fail. I haven't even started training yet.) No, but you will soon, Sadness. Besides, you have Oscar! (Sadness: Yeah, I guess. But still, I'm really not ready for it.) Oh, I think you really are, Sadness. Just don't give up! I'll be looking forward to the next chapter and I'm enthusiastic to see what'll happen next! And OMG, you're going on a cruise to the Bahamas next week? Hope you have fun! (Joy: Take me with you, HollyAnne1084!) (Disgust: I hope you don't get seasick while you're on the cruise!) (Fear: Watch out for the powerful storms and waves!) Don't you worry, HollyAnne1084 will be just fine. Anyway, enjoy your time in the Bahamas and I'll be waiting for the next chapter as always when you get back. :)
3/18/2017 c3 31iHateFridays
So Sadness is back home! And she named her lion Oscar 3 Thank goodness the other emotions were okay with the whole competition thing! And I see something going on between Sadness and Anger... is the ship TearBrick? I guessed it when you said "there's a person who loves this ship to death..." And I know OrangeBird loves this ship. Anyway, yeah, memory is weird. I remember weird and non-important stuff, and sometimes important stuff. Thanks memory. This is getting pretty long so I'll drop off now...

3/18/2017 c3 6lordhaxsupreme
Another top quality chapter you got going there! I think Oscar's a great name for a lion, it's completely nothing like I'd expect it to be called and that's what makes Sadness' lion the king of the pride. But when Sadness started talking to Oscar I swore that it was gonna start talking back. Or maybe it will talk at some point, and its only Sadness that will be able to hear him because of the special connection between the two? But hey, that's just my fan theory for ya, just pulling it out of my... well you know what...
3/15/2017 c2 1Tripledent
I'm looking forward to seeing how the emotions react to having a lion in Headquarters. I think they would believe Sadness when she tells them she didn't sign up, but I wonder why Sadness didn't claim there was some mistake and instead went through with the whole process. I guess she was just too timid to cause a fuss like that. Tony Anthony knows something...
3/14/2017 c2 2LilacPetals21
Sadness got lion as a spirit animal? That actually suits her. Sadness really is a strong person, or emotion to be exact. Can't wait to see what happens next and great job :)
3/13/2017 c2 Out of FFN
I'm relieved that Sadness got a normal ion. Imagine if she gets Mayor Lionheart, it will maybe be a catastrophe...

Yeah, still got Zootopia in my mind..
3/11/2017 c2 5Orangebird124
Woohoo! Another well-written chapter! So, I believe that Emotions have hearts and organs like a typical human would have. I felt very happy for Sadness, but I wasn't sure why the Emotions weren't cheering for her. (Disgust: She was unexpectedly chosen! Hello!) I know, but, you guys were supposed to be happy for Sadness! (Joy: I still can't believe how Sadness got chosen.) (Fear: Don't look at me, guys! I didn't sign her up for the Mind Games!) I wasn't even talking about you, Fear! I feel like Tony Anthony must be a big fan of Sadness because of what she's doing for Riley. I also loved it when Sadness and the others went into the limo and saw all of those decadent treats and could play games on a phone. (Joy: I love sweets! They put me in a wonderful mood!) Hey, I like sweets too, Joy! I mostly love those small Sara Lee iced sprinkled party cakes. Have you ever had them before? They're really delicious. (Sadness: Believe me, if I ate a lot of sugar, I'd go on a sugar rush.) Oh, Sadness! LOL!

I'm very proud of Sadness, Tony Anthony, James Hill and Jessica Reyes for being brave when they had to get the syringe. (Disgust: I felt like I was gonna throw up a little when I saw the blood entering the syringe.) (Fear: Wait, there was blood in that chapter! *starts screaming* We're gonna die! This is like a horror movie!) (Anger: Oh, for crying out loud, beanpole! It's just a needle and it doesn't even hurt!) (Fear: But it's very painful!) I was also surprised to see the spirit animals going to their owners from a tiger to a wolf, from a jaguar to a lion. (Sadness: I can't believe that I got the lion. I feel like it's the most strongest animal I ever got.) I guess those spirit animals mean that they show the chosen ones how strong they are, and the four reasons are intelligence, integrity, courage and strength. (Sadness: I still don't know who would sign me up for this.) You'll have to find out soon enough, Sadness. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next chapter and what do you really think the Emotions would say to her in the next chapter? I guess I'll have to find out soon! (Fear: Hopefully if there isn't any more blood in the next chapter.) (Me and the Emotions: FEAR!) (Fear: What?)
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