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11/30/2017 c58 Lizard4523
This was an outstanding read. I really enjoyed the story. I hope you keep up the wonderful work
8/23/2017 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
Love this work I enjoy reading it
8/9/2017 c2 R3APERX3
...So basically a reversed 2016 election, with the far-right causing violence. Huh.
But meh, I'm not even american.
7/16/2017 c1 Ernest.Shippinglane89
You know the USA was torn to peices long before ME1 started right? In universe lore that is.
7/15/2017 c1 19DarkDanny
I'm curious to know why you thought this was a good idea.
6/30/2017 c1 1Rookie2016
Didnt bother read the rest
Are you seriously trying to put politics in fanfiction?
A really retarded move by you
Reported and saged
6/25/2017 c2 HitmanForHire
Not even bothered to read the rest. As a non-biased democrat, I appreciate the value of good storytelling rather than a good told story. Let us see the riots that the Left made as well, and if this is based irl, we the left should be marching down the streets mindlessly in protest, fucking with our own leftist towns by blocking roads. SMH. No motivations are shown, just a "fuck them their so blatantly racist and thats all SEEE" way of thinking that so many liberals use. I really have no hope of true democracy over corpracy becoming a reality. So, combining both the free speech of the right and the censorship of the left, FUCK YOU REPORTED.
4/6/2017 c1 Commissar Critical
Luckily, the shittiest canidate didn't win in real life, so it's all good.
4/4/2017 c1 1OriginPoint
Can't tell if this is troll or not. Either way, current IRL politics have no place in fan fiction. Reported.
4/4/2017 c2 Giraffeknees
Hillary and the left lost the election by being a bunch of shitbags that committed illegal acts.
It also didn't help that she got the DNC nomination through corruption instead of fairly competing against bernie sanders. Your just as bad as those nut jobs that created a fictional twitter account and website that had hillary winning the election. get over yourself and try again in 4 years thats how are republic works.
3/26/2017 c1 Kivdon
Yes, because current-day politics is exactly what fanfiction needs. Definitely.
3/9/2017 c1 27squigglysquid
This concept of trying to stop a war breaking out at human hands with the help of what could be one of humanity's biggest 'boogeymen' is a very neat one. However, there are some tips I think I can offer.

It seems that political views are presenting themselves as a writer than a character, in this case Robin. Instead of just stating what Robin sees and expecting readers to disagree, show why she dislikes this candidate. Remember, readers do not exist in this universe and, thus, do not know this political theater. Instead of telling them why to hate them, show through Robin's own dislike.

I really enjoy the personal life of Robin and her friends. It's an AU take on them, so I think it'd be more interesting to focus on them and pepper in the election and politics. In essence, switching the ratio will make it seem less like a politics debate opener and more like a story focusing on the aftermath of the election of a this man that may bring humanity down into trouble.

Congrats on your first fic and look forward to more!
3/9/2017 c3 2darkerego
You have done an absolutely terrible job in your execution of the plot. You have failed to make a meaningful connection to current politics besides headline issues, but then you try to make an intricate political game happen simply based on those, of which you do a poor job. I suggest you try to fully plan out your story if you want to improve.
3/5/2017 c2 butters101
So you say this story is based on the US elections. Now I don't want to get into a political debate, but you are doing a poor job of making this look anything like the events that is happening with the election. You haven't provided even a basic rundown of the beliefs or policies of either candidates you seem to mention or the problems that people are having and why a large population on the planet voted for Toby Dunn.
Now I see you have hinted at the illusive man stirring shit up to make neo nazis look like heros (I can tell you now, no sane person will ever legitimise a neo nazi, even if he save a puppy from a burning building) to somehow make it easier to exploit the galaxies resources, which makes no sense to me. Now you have specifically stated right wingers and the media are crazy rioters who are out of there minds.
I will admit I'm a conservative myself and judging from the direction you are taking you are a liberal. I usually dont have much of a problem with liberal stories or the messages, even when i dissagree with some of the messages. But you obviously havent thought the general plot of this through and the overall quality is lacking from it and only serves to frustrate people like me. And when you claim its based on US elections and the aftermath then make it seem like neo nazis are parading the streets calling people who like aliens whores, its doing you no favours, only making you look like your pushing an agenda instead of writing a political thriller with what i assume to be some romantic elements. I love political thrillers and I like some of the romances in the mass effect fanfiction and I think there is a lot of potential for a good story based on what happened late last year and what could happen in the next year and I really hope you take what I say and try to improve what you have here.
3/4/2017 c1 7Dr.Compass
Very intriguing, and interesting place to start. Just wondering, how often do you plan on posting?

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