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5/28/2018 c7 25EvenAtMyDarkest
All In:
I got mood whiplash from Shawn rambling about rubber bands and pineapples one second and deadpan threatening murder the next, but in a good way—it was incredibly in character and honestly, I was also caught off guard by the guy's pulling the trigger anyway. Awesome job.

Riding the Lightning:
XD Honestly AUs just really aren't my thing, but this was a fun time. I can't think of any dreams off the top of my head that were too crazy, but can I submit the fact that I've had like four dreams about the apocalypse?

Always love me some Despereaux.

One Shot, One Kill:
Gosh, after that intro I was like "How are you going to set up something that intense in what appears to be a 1k-word chapter, much less resolve it?" And then it turned out to be fluff. XD You got me. Nicely done.

Words and Deeds:
I totally thought "DAT SCENE THO" was the polygraph scene—well, the other polygraph scene. Anyway, holy cow, man. No, I actually don't think you rambled—there doesn't have to be structure with stream of consciousness oneshots like this, and you never entered the realm of repetitiveness. Just, dang. I've never seen anyone use that scene to overlay a death fic. Man. I need a minute to recover.

One Day, One Room:

Gotta say, if they're playing Melee I must assert that the baseball bat is, in fact, the cheapest move in the game. XD Juliet being unexpectedly masterful is a trope that I should've seen coming but didn't, and it was a great way to end this.

I can tell you had fun writing all of these and the diversity in genre is great! Keep it up!
4/1/2017 c3 19PrePsychPineappleLover
The length is perfectly fine because you still made me laugh :D
3/30/2017 c3 8SnydersOfHanover
I love these! Please continue writing more!
3/5/2017 c1 Guest
Keep up the great work!
3/6/2017 c1 19PrePsychPineappleLover
Oh no! Please don't tell me that Shawn is dead! He could be saved, right? Right?!
Anyway, great one-shot! :)
I really like how well the flashbacks fit to the story. First I didn't know who's talking and why it's written in italics and then in the end it all makes sense... perfect! :)
3/5/2017 c1 56DiamondHexagons3000
Thank was pretty awesome! You did great! Keep it up!

Best Regards,

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