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for The Secret Life of Castle and Beckett

3/16 c102 Guest
The fact you are still writing this brings my heart so much joy
3/9 c102 Guest
Still loving this story. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
3/8 c102 2cruise1213
Nice update. Waiting for the next chapter.
3/3 c102 Flo974
I'm happy you keep writing this story. I'll follow the update. Thank's
3/4 c102 dkfan
I always look forward to your next chapters and so appreciate you staying with this epic story. Castle and it’s characters will always remain my favorites, and I so appreciate your continued support and writings for this fandom. Thank you!
3/1 c102 Trude
great chapter
3/2 c102 9theputz913
Hope they get this Alexis thing squared away so Beckett isn’t pushed out of the loft due to how uncomfortable Alexis is making it for her.
3/2 c102 rina123nike
Thank you for the update!
3/2 c102 dopeysac
Keep the chapters coming. Looking forward to the next update.
3/1 c102 sasans
Very good update.
3/1 c102 Madelynn one
Another really good chapter. Thanks for writing. One of my favorite episodes.
3/1 c102 life's a mystery
3/1 c102 Jbug47
Tricks on friends aren’t funny to me! Kate is making up, for her part in the trickery! Looking forward to more!
3/1 c102 Bookwormw
Another great chapter! Glad you're having as much fun writing it as we are reading it! More more more!
3/1 c102 Jokin
still with you and still enjoying. please keep posting and above all keep writing
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