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for The Secret Life of Castle and Beckett

6/9 c53 arata7kasuga
the story is so nice when they are like this rather than in angsty situations :3 c:
6/9 c52 arata7kasuga
Alexis is precious :3 also, good on you for apologizing castle and thank God Kate also apologized and acknowledged her own behavior as well. here's to hoping she becomes a sweetheart again
6/8 c50 arata7kasuga
you know, your version of Kate was my absolute favorite version of Kate of all time before the last couple chapters. bows she's just insufferable...
6/8 c49 arata7kasuga
well of course he didn't reply. one worded messages barely have any content to reply to. maybe if you actually tried to intimate communication he might have responded.
6/3 c115 2castlefang
I have been reading this story since the beginning. I have waited for weeks and many times for months at a time for updates. I think you have done an excellent job on this story. I feel like I was waiting for this arc to be covered the most. And if I were honest, I was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong. It is your story to write as you like.
I felt that the emotion displayed after coonan was not very different from the way it was covered on the show. Except this story would have them both in a very different place emotionally.
I am sorry. I don’t mean to offend in any way. As I said, I had been waiting for this since the very beginning of this story. I was just hoping to see more out of them both.
5/28 c115 Chris
Great Chapter as always.
5/30 c115 dopeysac
I finally was able to read this update. Great job and I can't wait for the next chapter.
5/27 c115 leingh
another great chapter
5/25 c115 TORONTOSUN
Very good writing having Espo helping Rick and Kate.
5/24 c115 sasans
Really, really good chapter. Excellent job on the aftermath of the shooting both at the precinct and at her apartment. Very realistic.
5/24 c115 life's a mystery
5/24 c115 57Pen to Paper Writer
Outstanding Chapter! :)
5/24 c115 Castle4Eva
thanks for the update!
5/24 c115 18wendykw
Great job fitting that epi into your story. Loved Castle being open enough to tell Kate he wanted her to be the last thing he saw if he died. I just wish you'd included Castle's brilliant head butt to Coonan. Thanks for another chapter.
5/24 c115 TracyGsoccermom
Excellent chapter, incredible how you presented the post traumatic shock and the beautiful Caskett support of each other. Thank you.
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