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6/1/2020 c2 Kayumeee
OTL best describes the feeling.
6/1/2020 c1 Kayumeee
That’s so sweet. And Oh Shit! My last review had asked about Tredd and co. They’re the double agents! Genius.
12/1/2017 c1 Val
I love your work! If possible, If possible, could you write something like Stella's childhood/relationship with Noctis?
6/5/2017 c2 IM CRYING
O ma goodness I'm bawling in my chair and my mom is asking what's wrong with me.
How dare you make me cry you fictional character!
5/11/2017 c2 8IsraAl'Attia-Theron
Really shouldn't be listening to emotional music while reading this...
Bad for the heart! :'( but, I'm like really sad now...
Anyway, loved it.
NO, NO, NO, not again, oh why do I want to make myself cry?! WHY NYX?! WHY?! I LOVE UUUUUUUU?!

I hate this...I hate crying...I hate crying over this over and over again...Now all I want is for him to come back to life and marry Stella...Why do I do this to myself?
3/29/2017 c2 QuirkyAlien
why do u do dis? i kennnot. Nyx x Stella
ik he's gonna die but TT
3/20/2017 c2 Guest
Wait does this mean Stella will fail in saving Nyx!? or is this some sort of false interpretation for us?
3/19/2017 c2 Spiral-Voltron-Zero0Q1
Now that is sad
But also sweet
Know what I mean?
3/19/2017 c2 7LadyAmazon
Nyyyyxxxxx! My babeh! I know he died with happy thoughts and for what he believed in but it still hurts!
3/19/2017 c2 1SuperbiJulia
My heart hurts so bad! I really thought Nyx would be alive! And my god the unrequited love QwQ QAQ
3/19/2017 c2 trouvaille
Hahaha. Nope, nope. Lalalalalalalalalalalala. Leave me in my denial! This. I cannot take this.
I still love this story but this just hit me so deep.
3/19/2017 c2 21Koa Eton Anatole
Oh, Nyx, that was a truly beautiful yet heartbreaking speech you had for Princess Stella and your friends.

"Went crying in a corner of the room".
3/5/2017 c1 trouvaille
Ohhh. That was so sweet. I love how Stella touched lives simply by existing and being determined to her oaths.
3/5/2017 c1 12JusKIdding
This chapter is really bittersweet - despite being strictly narration, it was interesting enough to not make me sleep. It may probably sound like disappointment, but truthfully, this is good even if there are no actions involved (other than by passing).

Looking for the next chapter.

Oh, can we have a our King's POV on Stella's birth? Thank you!


P.S. Haven't been writing stories, but writing and designing programs a lot (like freaking java language/mobile application)
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