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for The Boy Who Dreamed

2/23/2020 c1 2Clay Bach
you write really goo hp/warcraft fics
3/4/2019 c1 5JohnyXD
1/20/2019 c1 Hadrian.Caeser
12/30/2018 c1 FirstThaumaturgy
I appreciate the story
11/20/2017 c1 EIpy
Very sweet, like all of your oneshots.
7/14/2017 c1 dragonnargus
"because dragon laid load of eggs" was somehow the most amusing part pod this story to me :3
3/31/2017 c1 1EliteShadow
very nice story i liked it
3/6/2017 c1 naruto
great chapter keep it up
3/5/2017 c1 Guest
Aaawwwww that's so nice it's not often you get such a sweet one shot.
3/5/2017 c1 The Man
And then Legion came. X)

Really though, cute story. It was nice.
3/7/2017 c1 FateBurn
nice short story
3/7/2017 c1 28Kairan1979
It's kinda bittersweet that Harry was unable to get to Azeroth.
3/7/2017 c1 Alex2909
kinda bittersweet for most of it
3/6/2017 c1 61Perseus12
That a good story and I really love it.
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