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6/5/2015 c1 Haley
The story was so cute... and I usually don't read things like this for JtHM, but this was really dark and cute and I couldn't resist.
12/5/2012 c1 blank-account-8609
hi this is fullmetalyaoi666 and i have a DA and I'm asking if i could put this in my edgarxjohnny group on DA
12/4/2012 c1 7Flameear
XD nice end commentary
6/1/2010 c1 3Swiping Monocles
Best. Edgar/Nny sorty ever. Just saying.

This was awesome.

6/29/2007 c1 2Magic Toast
Aww! You can create a cute fic. I mean, one without death. They're all cute. Except, technically, there was without Nny or Edgar dying? But in a literal sense, Jhonen /did/ kill Edgar pretty early in the series...

6/10/2006 c1 Lovova
Agh! Why does Johnny have to be so bloody crazy? Wahh, there really cant be a happy ending with those two,can there. Unless Edgar suddenly dicided that killing people diddnt effect him much, but that would make him a bastard.

Hm...A homocidal manaic with a guy who really doesnt give a damn about anyone else's life...the perfect evil couple... but thats not Edgar for ya -;

Great fic.
6/10/2006 c1 1Johnny6600
do a sequel!
11/18/2005 c1 Skye Otalvo
Me: Let's make this a happy cute fic! Give Edgar a present, Nny.



Me: NO! NO STOP THAT ARGH! Stop bein a nut, Nny!

Nny: Can I be really distant instead? ::stares off into space::

Me: NO! Darn it!

Nny: I'm a ragdoll. ::floppa::

Edgar: Kay. o.o

Me: I can live with that.


And cute
10/29/2005 c1 3opiumsmoke
(End note was hilarious) This peice was just what I needed to supplement Vargas. God I can't wait untill they get there! This was so sweet. Please keep up the good work. :)
8/29/2005 c1 30animeninjaNIPPON
o, this was cute! pretty IC as well, as far as slash stories go...and I liked it! ^.^
7/9/2005 c1 4Kkwy
It's an insane homicidal maniac, but you made him so CUTE!
4/16/2005 c1 12Rinny Z
A HAPPY ENDING! E. -gleebunnies-

"Nny: I'm a ragdoll. ::floppa::"

That made me giggle.

Aw, that was so cute. So cute. So. Yes. Mew?
9/26/2004 c1 3Tainted Valentine
aw! that was so cute!... yay! ^-^
9/9/2004 c1 Emily
God, I love your work.
8/17/2004 c1 Kittyduck
Darn you for making this another one of my favorite couples. I'm not supposed to like JTHM or I'll be grounded, but I love this couple among others too much to ignore the pangs of cravings I get for JTHM. I even drew a picture of them together as kitties! And it's all because your amazing writing, adorable pictures, and deep reasoning for why this pairing can happen made me a mind-slave to your shrine of this pairing. Yes, a minor like me stalks you. STALKS YOU! So now that I'm finished ranting, I would like to say that this is such a cute story and I printed it out to forever read...YAY! Now I got that off of my back...I'll shut up now.
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