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7/11 c26 110bluecatcinema
I loved how Fury mocked Celestia like that. This was a really great story overall. I'm actually a little sad to see it end.
7/3 c25 bluecatcinema
That was really good of Fury to confess like that. Now for the reaction...
6/18 c22 1EmeraldGreenz
RIP Puff. Lovable pony and paladin... fuck you Crest.

Fury mentioned she was a queen-type changeling, and I think that was a mistake. Mostly because she called herself a warrior-type right after, and she called herself a warrior multiple times before. ./shrug
6/7 c21 110bluecatcinema
A bold move on Fury's part. Here's hoping it pays off...
5/22 c19 bluecatcinema
I think Fury really was a little jealous there...
5/9 c17 bluecatcinema
Uh-oh. Looks like things might be taking a turn for the worst...
4/28 c15 bluecatcinema
I love the humor in this story.
4/24 c14 bluecatcinema
Fury just loves to tease Crest, doesn't she?
4/21 c13 1EmeraldGreenz
Fury is my new favorite character... sorry Blaze. Partly because blind characters are so creative, and sassy.
3/25 c11 110bluecatcinema
That was kind of sweet of Crest to hand out a compliment like that.
3/13 c5 bluecatcinema
Looks like someone's starting to have doubts...
3/8 c2 bluecatcinema
Ooh. I'll bet the ponies didn't want to hear that...

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