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7/13 c72 Hariana Halone
This story is really great, Harry's team is perfect. It's sad that the story is incomplete. The story itself is a bit lacking, it's sad that Harry didn't continue learning certain areas of magic, it would have made him less of a damsel in distress, knowing how to teleport, become an animagus, come out very useful without wand options. In short, it spoils the story a bit that he doesn't care and lets himself be saved. The beginning of the story promised that it was okay and being more "hot" when you remember when the three of them slept together the first time, I would have preferred it to have been a slow burn with a lot of a bit explicit scene . It's sad that we no longer see their closeness throughout history. Anyway, I hope there will be a sequel one day.
10/30/2022 c20 Eyeless Jay
Whenever I see the phrase “didn’t know whether to laugh or cry” my mind automatically goes to xie lian lol
10/16/2022 c57 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
I like how saber missed the fact kiri called the grail a damn monkey’s paw.
10/15/2022 c46 Planar-Walking-Entertainment
XD O.O no wonder why the people few chapters back were so confused whether there were three or six culprits. The trio that bonded with Harry are dual elements. Harry, being a literal Sky, has a FULL SET of the seven flames with those three.
6/21/2022 c81 DarkBan
What an amazing ride this was!
Kind of a weird premise, but you made it work! :)
It was HIGHLY entertaining, thanks for writting and sharing this story :
2/7/2022 c81 GloryEdan
i will patiently wait for the next chap, this is my 5th time rereading this since 2019. i miss u
9/28/2021 c81 Guest
Are you going to continue writing this
6/17/2021 c81 12Esmereilda
i really hope u have a reunion scene tween harry and fon in future chaps and one where lupin risei and dumbles get theyre just desserts
6/17/2021 c80 Esmereilda
poor poor kariya
6/17/2021 c77 Esmereilda
its future xanxus and co XD
6/16/2021 c67 Esmereilda
u have to have a scene where fon discovers that harry is still alive
6/16/2021 c66 Esmereilda
Lol is heroic spirit nip XD
6/15/2021 c55 Esmereilda
ok what i wanna know is what happened to archer emiya since he hasnt been in the past few chapters
6/15/2021 c51 Esmereilda
and if only harry will comply and kawahira should worry less ab what he is gunna do to harry and more ab what harry's guardians would do to him if given 1/2 a chance XD
6/15/2021 c47 Esmereilda
im pretty sure fon is being drawn into harry's sky with out either of them actually realizing it
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