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for The Past Nine Years

6/24/2017 c30 Droolia
This is it? It hasn't felt like 9 years have gone by :)

With the April -9th thing, it just hit me that while this horrible thing happened, life not only continues to go on, but that there are going to be things, unexpected things, that will pop up and make you fall back a bit from the recovery. That must be so hard and I don raise that on anyone. That said, she's lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful and thoughtful kids.
6/24/2017 c30 littlebittykittyone
I swear, I will never read a story where Rory, April, and Jess show up to cheer Luke and Lorelai up and show support without getting teary eyed.

This was a really great story that displayed a rollercoaster-worthy amount of emotion. I'm sorry to see it go but look forward to what comes next from you!
6/24/2017 c30 Nancy
Ah, "all our babies are here. It's a great day." Clearly shows that the healing is definitely underway. And, they all get along so well. The end? Sorry to hear that, but I am appeased when you wrote that you would "occasionally drop in with a quick one-shot" - that does help. It has been a wonderful story. Life does go on, and eventually some form of healing does being. Thanks so much.
6/19/2017 c29 Droolia
Great last line. Exactly what he wanted to hear.
6/18/2017 c29 Nancy
And, she made it into the diner and everyone is ever so welcoming. They missed her - and truth be told, bet she missed the people and the diner. Thanks. More soon please.
6/18/2017 c29 kpop38
Sweet chapter...nice to see Lorelai getting out again!
6/7/2017 c28 Nancy
Glad that Luke and Lorelai have grown even closer during this very sad time, but they are openly and lovingly communicating. That is a good sign that they are getting better and better. Talk has shifted to grandbabies, so focus is changing. I am glad that they will have some things ready if there is a need just as they had some things had been available for Lorelai from Mia. Glad that they are keeping and using the rocking chair that Luke had crafted for Lorelai. Thanks. More soon please.
6/7/2017 c28 kpop38
I'm surprised Luke doesn't wrap Lorelai in bubblewrap before she leaves for work! He's such a protective husband and good guy! The world could handle having a few more Lukes in the world!
5/31/2017 c27 Droolia
I'm so happy that the picture was what it was. Something happy. She needed something like that at that moment.
5/31/2017 c27 Nancy
So good that things are starting to look up for Luke and Lorelai. So glad that she found that picture in the drawer: it is clear proof of what they have attained together, and it is pretty awesome. Thanks. More soon please.
5/31/2017 c27 LC42
Its never easy getting over a misscariage cause its always going to be there and your always thinking of what ifs. Luke is an emotional cook and Lorelai knows it. I was a step up fpr Lorelai to go back to work and she handled it good yes, it was emotional but it went good. I wish we could see the pic but Luke and Lorelai seeing it together and telling each other that they have a good family and thats all they need.
5/31/2017 c27 kpop381
How is it even possible to make Luke an even greater guy? Where are all the Luke's in the world? Glad to see Lorelai back to work & realizing how much she has to be thankful for in her life. Can't imagine the feelings of loss though.
5/28/2017 c26 Droolia
Poor Lorelai. Though I can see how going back to work will help. I hope stars hollow stays away.
5/27/2017 c26 Nancy
Glad that Luke persisted and was able to really talk to Lorelai. They are both doing the best that they can. Hopefully, "time heals" (my opinion, is that time helps things be a bit better after a while) will start working for them before long. Thanks. More soon please.
5/27/2017 c26 kpop381
I can't imagine the pain she's going through. And poor Luke, having to watch Lorelai in that emotional pain. Let's hope there's happiness on the horizon for this much loved couple.
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