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5/16/2017 c25 LizziePuma
More, please? I'm really enjoying this story. xo Lizzie
5/9/2017 c25 Droolia
They made up. Yay! Rory coming back with not pushing jess in the lake was funny.
5/6/2017 c25 kpop38
Ahhhhh...too cute. Glad Rory decided to stay in town! Those Danes/Mariano boys are pretty special!
5/6/2017 c25 Nancy
Oh, sweet, wonderful Luke. Rory and Lorelai will have a lovely evening together, just the two of them. Jess and Luke will be fine. Jess has a book; Luke can sleep: all is well that ends well. Thanks. More soon please.
5/6/2017 c25 SarahJoyGrace1983
5/3/2017 c24 Droolia
I'm glad you didn't make her just get over it. I think this in real life would have been painful and would have taken more than one chapter. Thanks for keeping it realistic.
5/3/2017 c23 Droolia
This must have been a difficult chapter to write. It's just so sad. I thought Luke's line about the incision was beautiful. I'm glad he was able to get Lorelai to do some of the normal things, like showering.
4/29/2017 c24 LizziePuma
You are such a beautiful writer. It's easier, in my opinion, to write happy things. But it takes true talent to write something sad in a believable, relatable way and you are doing this. This story is one of my favorites ever, the best I've read in a long time. Keep doing what you're doing. Xo Lizzie
4/29/2017 c24 kpop38
I can't imagine their pain, but you've written a beautiful chapter that brought me to tears. I'm ready for them to be happy again! Please!
4/28/2017 c24 Nancy
You did an outstanding job of capturing the deep hurt and emotional pain of losing a child. They are both so sad, but they are together and they have each other. Day by day it gets a little more tolerable, but it never truly goes away. Thanks. More soon please.
4/27/2017 c23 4LUKELORE
Please continue
4/26/2017 c23 Nancy
It takes love and support and strength to gradually recover from such a serious hurt. Thanks. More soon please.
4/26/2017 c23 kpop38
Can't imagine the pain they're going through but what an amazing couple they make. They both just know how to take care of the other person. You keep making Luke seem like the perfect guy! Can they have some happiness now please?
4/25/2017 c1 Lady Meme
I found it refreshing. I felt Lorelai to be very much in her voice as in reference to the series. Luke, I found to be a little more chatty, and light than in original character, but I liked the new Luke. I will see how it goes through the remaining chapters.

I didn't like the center spacing for your convo between them. I found it hard to read, and hope that doesn't carry on through to the next chapter.
4/24/2017 c22 48CountessCora
Great chapter! xo Lizzie
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