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8/10 c19 MissMikaelsonForbes
This story was amazing! So beautiful, touching, unique, creative and well thought through. I actually didn't see the story developing the way it did, which made it even better. Wow, it's truely one of a kind.
7/4 c19 cathn
Finally! I've finally read a multi-chapter fic that you've actually finished and it was sooooo worth the wait! Starting with the title which references one of my favourite Snape quotes (but including so many of his other quotes throughout) I have adored this story so much! I've laughed. I've cried. I've fallen in love with Snamione... Thanks so much for sharing.
6/14 c19 finishthedamnstory
Loved this. I sort of hoped that Draco & Harry would age again but thats just because I love their relationship! Thank you for sharing
4/7 c19 Fairybuttmunch
I absolutely love this story, it's so creative! I almost didn't read because it's shorter than what I normally go for but I'm soo glad I took a chance 3
2/19 c19 pwrmom2
Sweet story
12/27/2022 c13 7tallyho
I had to pause, grab a glass of wine and walk around my house when I figured out what you were setting up here. Absolutely brilliant.
11/5/2022 c19 Shukushaka
That was so - fucking - cute
8/8/2022 c19 Neekah
Awww! How did I miss this one?!
5/27/2022 c17 3antebellum13
I loved this story at first. I wanted so badly for it to be a story that captured not only the devastation of miscarriage, but the devastation of having to decide on abortion. While Hermione decided to keep the child, as is her right to do so, the fact that Snape calls her a murderer and then turns around and forgives her instantly when he finds out she miscarried sits wrong with me. I wanted Hermione to fight back. To tell him he doesn’t have the right to an opinion over her decisions, especially when he chose not to give his opinion when she begged him for it at the beginning. He should have loved her whether she’d aborted or not, and him thinking of her as a murderer, after all the wretched, evil things he’s been made to do in his life, seems explicitly uncanon of him. Then you go into further detail, describing the expelled fetus in detail, which is something pro-life protestors do frequently. As someone who has suffered the pain of both a miscarriage and a necessary abortion, the story feels very biased toward those who have had miscarriages and very hateful toward those who have chosen to abort. I think your writing is excellent and you have a talent for writing difficult scenes, but I do wish the anti-abortion agenda had been left out.
5/8/2022 c19 5Idebadwolff
I conked out at about 3 last night after starting your story a little too late last night. what a gorgeous story. loved every minute of it. finished the story this morning... thank you for writing something so incredible. have a lovely week x
3/2/2022 c1 1Lavirtu.2
I love it, I wish more details
3/2/2022 c1 3LadySnape19
Segunda vez que tengo el placer de encontrarme con esta historia y debo decir que me fascina. Lloro y río en cantidades iguales. Definitivamente, amo a esta pareja y amo tu manera de escribir.
2/22/2022 c19 Sparklightning
Whoa what an unexpected story. I absolutely love the twist and totally wish there was a sequel of this new life of her raising the boys and seeing them young again but brought up as brothers. Absolutely fabulous story.
2/17/2022 c19 Catlover92
I really, really loved your story. Thank you!
1/26/2022 c14 Guest
Love the plot but his explanation of his behavior is very weak and confused. Still, great story!
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