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9/18 c57 SargentEpsilon
Wasn't expecting Bane to show up. Interesting take on his resurrection. Not that I'm complaining.
That movie was truly an enjoyable ride. Still, regardless of the form, the fact remains that Bane has entered the fray, both for this particular attack and Remnant as a whole. And I look forward to seeing what he does now that he's here.
9/18 c57 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
9/18 c57 10BROKEN Brother Draco
Good chapter. Nice inclusion of Bane there.
9/18 c57 2merendinoemiliano
Very good sisterly moment, can't wait to see the fight against Bane.
9/18 c57 OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOV
9/18 c57 3RonaldM40196867
Dust is power.

Yang is just full of energy.
8/19 c55 Guest
I do hope they regain their powers. Can you imagine all them at their full strength and their old powers, abilities, and weapons. Would be slaughterfest against salem and grim. You have a literal demi-god that toppled the greek patheon along anything else sent his way, literal died several times and always came back stronger and more powerful. One who is half demon that went up against demons and few deities if memory served, went to hell and survived it gaining many powers, weapons, and abilities along way. Lets not forget bayonetta who witch who powers are something similar to dante who made pact with demons to gain supernatural abilities and weilds powerfl magics and weapons. Then dante who is only human and while not the most powerful of the group fought some most powerful beings in his time from humans, monsters, demons, and even god. These four are top tier over the top characters. What next Nox and Reven from star wars enter the fray and helps team scrn?
8/19 c13 ODst fan
Just found this and im finding it interesting, least somehow bayonetta able to get contacted by someone from their world. I wonder if dante and kratos rwill remain human or if their god and demon heritage will emerge and regain their original powers and weapons.
8/8 c1 MahNemIzJay
I could say the same with Jeanne (Bayonetta's best friend/rival). With her being Vergil's partner and girlfriend like Bayonetta to Dante's.
8/8 c1 MahNemIzJay
I just wanna say that I'm so glad you kept Pyrrha alive. She was my favorite character and I hate to see her die again. On the other hand, it's a good thing you do it too. It means you're taking a different route in some story events.

Though I must say, It kinda feels incomplete (for me at least) without Vergil in this story. It'll be awesome if Dante and Vergil meet again after being reincarnated with Vergil being a look-alike to Dante rather than his twin.
5/13 c24 Born2BeGodLike
So there has been others revived into remnant. Both good and bad people. That actually not good thing for remnant. There are a good amount of OP people out there in crossover verse.
5/12 c12 Born2BeGodLike
Still not liking you adding the resurrected villains. Make no sense why they are there. Still good story but this issue really kill the story for me Everytime. At least the fight part and music choice for it helps me deal with it but I still dislike it l. Where these resurrected villains the reason for the death the guy saw and decided bring these 4?
5/12 c8 Born2BeGodLike
Don't really agree with the whole new extra villains idea but let see how it goes. So far the story good.
5/2 c56 2merendinoemiliano
Quite nice dialouges
5/1 c56 OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOV
Things are going smoothly so far.
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