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11/17/2017 c50 514yellow 14
A nice little ending. I liked how Sabrina decided against being Queen Bee. (I am surprised that Alya didn't get he Fox Miraculous, but I think Nathanael fits nicely.) I'm also dubious about the return of Darkblade or Reflekta, but I would have to say, the good outweighs the bad. Keep writing
11/11/2017 c49 yellow 14

To be honest, I'm not sure what to make of this chapter to be honest. There's some very...off aspects to it starting with the way they let her go, or rather the reasons. Just letting her go because Chat proved they couldn't stop him...the law doesn't work that way. A pardon earned because of her role in taking down Queen Bee and Volpina might make more we have the random police officer who hates Marinette for undefined reasons and serves no purpose to the story.

However on the good points, I really liked seeing Marinette's despair in prison, very real and I like the idea that Alya and her friends are coming together for her. Keep updating
11/5/2017 c48 yellow 14
Banished? I think you mean deported. Still, it's nice to see Chloe and Lila get their comeuppance. Hopefully Marinette should be okay as well. Keep updating
10/28/2017 c2 Guest
Wait, the kwamis are just ok with being evil? Or do they think Hawkmoth is good right now
10/29/2017 c47 yellow 14
That is pretty fast time too trial. Would they not typically have longer? After all, the defence and prosecution need time to prepare. Keep updating
10/19/2017 c46 2lazy2login
Oh sh!t
10/20/2017 c46 yellow 14

Sorry, I don't see Marinette just standing there. She's a very active personality, especially by the end of season one. This feels very passive. And the fight...is not your best work. Sorry.

On the other hand, Chat's impulsiveness is pretty dead on. And Chloe's momentary pause is a nice touch. Keep updating
10/12/2017 c45 yellow 14
I think you meant hospital, not hopital

While it does feel a little...melodramatic in places. And what's with Volpina using smoke bombs? She's an illusionist who can pop out smoke on her own.

Still, it's an entertaining reveal. I enjoyed seeing Nathanael beat the akuma and Nino's great in this. And for the first time, the heroes have the opening advantage. Keep updating.
10/9/2017 c44 yellow 14

The sex thing is a bit...cliche? Sort of, blond slut style really. Like it's living up to a stereotype instead of a person. But that's hardly a story killer. Not sure Chloe is exactly mature enough to handle being a parent though, babies are demanding, noisy, smelly creatures (especially when they fill their nappies. Chemical warfare has nothing on the contents of a baby's nappy. Especially one on solids.) Then again, maturity is not a requirement to have a baby.

Overall, an interesting chapter. Keep updating
9/30/2017 c43 yellow 14
Now this is getting interesting. I sense a conclusion coming. Keep updating
9/29/2017 c42 yellow 14
The fight was a bit on the weak side, but I like how Nino and Nathanael are on the case. Keep updating
9/24/2017 c41 yellow 14
How long before Chat starts knocking on Chloe's door I wonder? Now she's indicated a connection, it can't be long I suspect. As for Nino and Nathanael, well let us hope their investigation turns up results. Keep updating
9/16/2017 c40 yellow 14
Cafe Blanc. Like the fan-favourite name for the akumatised Chat Noir Chat Blanc? Nicely done. And Chloe...that was a bitch move. But why did she wait so long I wonder?

Still, a good chapter. Keep updating
9/14/2017 c39 yellow 14
Oblivious indeed. Keep updating
9/11/2017 c38 yellow 14
Oh this is getting intense. Keep updating
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