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for God's Tongue Meets Devil's Son

9/20 c6 The Lord of Fereldon
This is my go to fix now
7/30 c6 teathree
I love this story :), I can't read it without a little smile on my face. I can't wait for new chapters. Also, I have quite a few ideas on how to progress to the next parts of the story, (ie: Erina finds out about Shinomiya vs Megumi and Soma and her reaction, she meets the polar star kids during training camp because soma invites her to play cards or something, etc). If you want to talk about some potential ideas, just PM me! I'm more than willing to talk.
6/28 c6 super321476
Can't wait to see the next chapters of this awesome story!
6/20 c6 3JdkLeBleau728
This chapter alone is enough for Humor tag lol
6/20 c6 7Teloch
Why not have Soma suggest that he checks if a RS has any worth and if it does he helps bring out that potential, stating that all foods should be made as delicious by the hands of any chef. If a RS truly has nothing to add, then he'll crush it personally.
6/20 c6 Deaths567
Love the story! It's an interesting 'what if' scenario and I'm excited to see more!
6/19 c6 mahdi22.theotakuhitman415
I'm starting to wish this was cannon.
6/19 c6 Jose19
It is shown in the epilogue at the end of the series that Soma and Erina do end up together.
6/19 c6 1wildtrance
I agree with what Erina’s stance on cutting down redundant clubs and wasteful spending. Perhaps Soma could suggest adding subdivisions in clubs.
Also, could Erina meet all of Pole Star and realize that the way it is set up and the people in there are in line with her stance and could be allies.
6/19 c6 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent work
6/19 c6 MauserTeleri
Loving the AU you're building. You do a great job of writing everyone's actions/reactions in character despite them being in new scenarios. Can't wait to see what happens next and see more Sorina moments!
6/19 c6 Francesco Capogna
Next soon pleaseeeeee
6/19 c6 10NPGamer11
That was a fun read. Good job
6/19 c6 mimi19980019
This is getting interesting I can't wait to read the next chapters
6/15 c5 1Ragnas Bredvolts
Huh, I like it short but simple yet still somewhat fulfilling, like eating something good but the portion wasn't enough for you so you come back again for a second helping, that was my reaction to this story. I look forward to seeing how this will improve as time goes on, REALLY looking for a Fanfic where Soma and Erina meet as kids and be enjoyable to read. I do feel like they should see how Souma interact with Erina cause this will establish to the school that the two of them know each other and seeing our boy being so casual with his Waifu will spark some wildfire here and there which may lead to Shokugeki with Souma asking to learn more cooking methods. This I like, this I will favorite. Hope to see some new recipes (just look to YouTube for foods there's a lot to chose from) along with how this club Souma might for make.

Which in my opinion can be a somesort of diner/intern the premise of this club is to allows students that join to have a first time experience of how thing actually work in a restaurant or a diner, by having the students have a weekly or every other day time which they serve other students with dishes that they have for the menu by using the budget of the club so that they can simulate more of how things work in real life (cause restaurant and other establishment do operate on a certain bidget). This allows students to have the experience and skills needed when they finally graduate from the school (if they get lucky) while also improving the quality of students that are in Tootsuki, so it a win win (somewhat) situation, students gets some real experience behind the kitchen while the school has more well rounded students that might survive the challenges they will encounter while studying there. But that's just my opinion, let me know what are your thoughts.
Anyway that is all for now and I hope that you have a GLORIOUS DAY TODAY.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!
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