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for Eclipse Okami (One-shot, discontinued version)

10/24/2020 c1 Okamifan2019
About the music for Final Fantasy XV, I would say that it is the only decent thing in this game, with somnus possibly the best theme in the game. but even the music was almost a forgettable Hollywood-style generic soundtrack and nowhere near the level of okami’s score which heavily utilized many of the Japanese traditional instruments like shakuhachi, koto, taiko and biwa.

I would also like to clarify that aranea highwind and cor leonis were the only characters I ever liked, and they were barley used in the game at all. That’s how very mediocre final fantasy xv is to me.

And one more thing: I actually played horizon: zero dawn only briefly before, in my own clulessness, decided to play final fantasy xv the next day.
10/23/2020 c1 Okamifan2019
Hey, I like to improve my previous comments from before, because those comments I made seem more childish than I hoped, so here it goes.

As I said before, Okami is one of the greatest video games ever, to me it’s my personal favorite video game of all time and no other game would ever top it ( I have played marvel’s spider-man on PS4 and I say it’s the
best spider-man game ever, but still it won’t top okami)
for it’s great story that balances the lighthearted and humorous tone with a serious and mature tone, memorable and lovable characters, amazing gameplay that’s inspired by the legend of zelda, beautiful graphics, how it mixes a lot of the original myths and folklore from ancient japan to make a unique story, like making Amaterasu into a wolf goddess of the sun, which is a cool concept executed very well, and the overall music that I could just listen to every day.

Sure, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, heck, nothing ( as I’ve said before ) can EVER be perfect. but that’s because the people who made Okami are human, and none of us is ever perfect. the camera can be awkward at times. some of the minigames can be tedious sometimes as well. blockheads can also be pretty hard to beat. but some like those are my only issues, and they are just minor or irrelevent, with the game. Those minor issues aren’t enough to stop it from being a masterpiece it truly is.

and i’m really glad it gotten more HD remasters in 2017 and 2018, because these gave Okami more mainstream attention and resurgence of popularity that it deserves to have, like shadow of the colossus.

Final Fantasy XV, on the other hand, came in November 2016, ten years after Okami and the initial announcement of the original final fantasy versus xiii, became the highest selling mainline final fantasy in the world, but was met with very divisive reactions than okami. Some people compare this game to sonic the hedgehog from 2006, and now I know why.

While not terrible like sonic 06, FF15 wasn’t the next game I was hoping for to play at all, after coming back from my New Year’s Eve vacation ( before it was the shadow of the colossus remake and horizon: zero dawn I’ve played and they are great for what they are ) and I’ve made a big mistake of playing it ever since.

Which is funny, because I used to like it when I first played it back in early this year. but now looking back at it, it hasn’t hold up well.

the story of FF15 is so fragmented and boring, the whole ‘ prince has to help the rebels take back his kingdom from the evil empire and must banish the darkness with the power of light ‘ is such a tiresome and generic trope that’s been done before and much better than this, like star wars and the lion king.

The FF15 characters are so one-dimensional, unlikable and bland as heck. there’s one scene in the train at the beginning of chapter 10, where the king’s supposed shield, gladio, starts yelling and angrily berating at noctis for being a coward and mopping around at the death of lunafreya ( the most blandest, unemotional and boring damsel in distress character in this game ) and, I’m sorry, I just can’t stand with this guy who is also so ugly designed, I really hate this character so much. I just wanted to push him out the train for him to get eaten alive by malboros. that’s how much I hate gladiolus.

and, as youtuber super eyepatch wolf would say,
there are many problems with the game’s gameplay worldbuilding and graphics like the copy and pasted
buildings and NPCs, some sidequests that are from the main quest, the infamous cup noodle sidequest with gladiolus... ugh, the potions and Phoenix down that removes all the challenges from this game and the fact that kingsglaive and brotherhood: final fantasy are all taken straight out of this game.

Why do you guys have to do that? like, there’s no need for it.
7/19/2020 c1 OkamiDisneyGoji
I have played Final Fantasy XV before, but here’s the difference between this and Okami:

1. Whereas Okami is considered by many, like me, to be one of the best video games ever made as well as the one of the most underrated masterpieces ( for me, while not perfect, heck, nothing can ever be perfect, is personally the best video game I’ve ever played! ) and has a huge growing fanbase throughout the years since it’s release in 2006 on the PS2 ( which is probably why I think, like others, that the PS2 is the best console there is ), final fantasy xv, while it does has it’s fans and tried to fix the story as possible, is still considered by many to be one of the most disappointing games of 2016 and the most disappointing game in the final fantasy franchise ( for me, I used to like it back in early this year, but now, I came to realized how really overly-melodramatic, dull and boring this game is ).

2. for me, While Okami has a very great cast and story ( for me, the best character in this game happens to be the main female protagonist, amaterasu, and she doesn’t even have a human form or doesn’t even speak, which is surprising, in a very good way, but i would’ve also like to see those as well, Lol. I also love oki, waka and issun, those are amazing characters as well. ), beautiful graphics that resembled a Japanese painting that came to life and awesome gameplay,
Final Fantasy XV has a very boring and poorly-written cast ( except aranea, who I think is the only good character in this game ) and a terrible and messy story that doesn’t know what it wants to be ( like with the prince taking back the king, the chosen king or a road trip story ) with otherwise great graphics ( though not as good as Okami or the uncharted series ) and cool gameplay. It’s just a generic final fantasy game set in a modern day setting with too much style and no substance.

Whereas Okami has a much better soundtrack that suits more with the Japanese instruments and a really beautiful song called ‘ Reset ’ by ayaka hirahara of spirited away fame, final fantasy xv, with the exception of the themes called ‘ somnus ‘ and ‘ dawn ‘ has a soundtrack that sounds too melodramatic and western-ish for a final fantasy game.

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