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for The Slytherin Reformation

12/30/2023 c20 pix25
Lovely story
12/26/2023 c20 17Debra N
I really enjoyed this story from start to finish. I liked your take on Albus, a flawed person (as we all are) trying to make amends and better choices. I also appreciated Lord Voldimort dying in a whisper. The less fanfare he gets, the better. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
12/24/2023 c4 Lamorak Korving
I HAVE A FEELING THAT ALEXIUS will soon find that he's just a small fish in a very large
after all, destroyed a mountain troll and SLYTHERIN'S BASILISK, and in my mind, that makes
Harry one of the sharks, but one that knows how to play the waiting game.
12/24/2023 c3 Lamorak Korving
AS I'V E SAID BEFORE, Harry - when partnered with Tracey and Daphne Greengrass always
makes for much more interesting reading, especially since without Ron around, Hermione
usually loosens up around Daphne and Tracey, particularly Tracey Davis, who seems light-
hearted enough and friendly enough that Hermione actually takes advice from her.
12/24/2023 c2 Lamorak Korving
Now those comments of Lupin's actually DO MAKE SENSE, in a way. Sirius came from the
Black Family, which had a notorious reputation of blood purity and supporting dark lords,
such as Voldemort. Theodore Nott Junior's father, however, is a Death Eater. So the Nott
Family isn't exactly trustworthy.
12/24/2023 c1 Lamorak Korving
I always like stories where Harry is paired with Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis. Why?
Because it makes for much more interesting stories. Ones that I SIMPLY CANNOT STAND ARE
Draco & Harry. They are, after all, meant to be enemies, NOT star-crossed lovers! It is
beyond disgusting. those kind a fanfics?
12/15/2023 c19 Shub Niggurath
Pleasant surprised at the quality of this fanfic. Very well-written! Great job!
12/7/2023 c20 Timtaker
Very good story and I can see a possible story with them as more older and then having children that goes to Hogwarts, and a new threat as well but as the adult version of them and their kids plus Sirius and lupin, they deal with the threat and becoming more famous.
11/29/2023 c20 aemilyl24
Great story! I liked it a lot.

I do wish I got to see even more of an epilogue with kids and such, as I'd really love to see Harry and Daphne's parenting style, but the fic was still incredible. Thanks for a great read!
10/3/2023 c20 szw5009
7/13/2023 c20 mrafricanzulu
loved it. really pleasant read
7/3/2023 c15 HeartsGlow
In "A Chance Encounter" Harry learned the locations of all the horcruxes. So why now do they not know the items/locations?!
7/3/2023 c14 HeartsGlow
That's OK. What would be the point of writing JKR's story the same way? I like this.
7/1/2023 c1 HeartsGlow
Harry gave Dumbledore the locations already, so WHY would it take years to find them? It wont take THAT long to follow "leads" when they already have the location. That is very odd. The only one that may cause trouble is the one in Hogwarts if Harry and Dumbles don't know what the Room of Hidden Things is (room of requirement). Of course, when he goes to the cave, he'll find that the horcrux there is a fake, (IF your story runs that way) but at least he knows where it is. At this point in time, there is no Nagini yet. The Diary is destroyed, the Cup is in Gringotts, so Dumbles only has to take people to the cave and to the Gaunt Shack. Then afterwards start searching Hogwarts. Of course, then he'll have to spend maybe years looking for the Locket if your story still has the known one as a fake.
6/10/2023 c11 26Sarcasm Dragon
This is a nice story, with writing on par with your previous one.

I do have a criticism about the "doubting" voice that became prominent here. It's a nice touch, but it feels inconsistent. It should have been present throughout the first story.

That is just a minor issue, though. Overall I enjoy reading it a lot.

Thanks for the enjoyable story.
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