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for The Slytherin Reformation

3/7 c20 MrsFH
I read the two stories in this series back-to-back and enjoyed then very much. Thanks for sharing your original and interesting take on the familiar story.
3/1 c20 Dr Stranger
Congratulations on completing this long story. And thanks for sharing it with us.
2/22 c20 1meggels13
Great story.
2/4 c20 2Astral8
Happy to see the story reached the end, was a great story and I loved following it over the years, can’t wait to see what you do next!
2/3 c20 carlosotros
I finally finished with both stories and you did a great job with this alternative take on the series. I truly enjoyed reading it, thank you so much.
1/6 c7 toggers
Tracey has a lot of character development that's just hidden behind wraps. You say that she's super shy and timid "until she got her camera" and yet she's always radiated confidence. It's like Tracey is one person and at the same time another.
12/5/2022 c12 Guest
I really enjoy your take on the story and the characters. Its interesting to read what could have been.
11/14/2022 c9 suraj
that is the advantage of harry being in slytherin can influeance death eater children form voildermort or to be double agents what if voldermrot knew that he had a piece of him in harry and merged with harry harry s poersoalty and voldermorts personality mix they are neutral what if the mothers love turned coldermort a good guy
10/30/2022 c9 suraj
fudge may have been like ron weasley or a coward or hufflepuff weak and bullied hmm and technically fudge and delores or dlores umbridge werent lyign voldermorts body was destroyed now no one told of hocruxes because no one except dumbledore knew slughorn never told dumbledore only harry because of lilly and the liquid luck nd the firewhisky slughorn likes intelligent harry is intelligent his other was harry wasnt eucated by his realtives yes harry should take arithmacy and ancient runes harry coudl marry hermione or susan bones hereshe doesnt marry ginn and the reason why ginny looks lily is because ginny is lillys and james daughter i would beleive this molly might have been disowned and cursed not to have female children so that the females dont betray back stab the family and run away possible jginny here would have james eyes and lilly face and hair harry has ames physcial features and lillies eyes possible ginny could ahve been blood adopted and it is possible that before vildermort came lilly transfered her womb over to molly and that molly became the surrogat e mother lilly trnasfered her egg lilly and james did know they weasleys because they were in dumbledores order of the phoenix army so yes they could ahve been good friends and lilly didnt wasnt ginny to be illtreated by petunia and her husband and she didnt wasnt harry to be a bully in school like james so maybe this humbled hatry and ginny living in piverty made her hmble here sheo would marry draco reason being draco miught not have hated ginny also draco isnt his father bigooted sure but fear stress pressute broke draco down also yes makke harry intelligent here arithmacy ancient runes divination healing dark arts the sdark arts isnt it self evil but the intent you could use ligt arts to killa swe ll so neville with a slytherin ron with gabrielle delacour because he saved her life in the goblet of fire lift debt soul bond veel bond fleur will buill belltrix with remus half blood turn belletrix good heal her useing the philosphers stone harry opotter would also learn alchemy
10/3/2022 c11 shenge86
Great romance scene.
10/1/2022 c8 shenge86
And then everything got harder with covid.
10/1/2022 c20 ElsieD
Thanks so much for writing! I enjoyed both of your HP stories so much and hope that appreciation after you’ve finished writing still feels good. I loved the idea of Luna writing friend fiction!
9/26/2022 c20 Hank1967
Excellent wrap up! Love the thought of all of the friends continuing to remain close. I also like the thought of a magical Zeppelin. Seems like the sort of thing Grindelwald would have, though. Perhaps Neville likes to fantasize about being a dark wizard? Would be rather humorous. Given he's exploring the world in an airship, I wouldn't be surprised if he met up with Luna on one of his expeditions. Might make for a fun story. (Shoos plot bunny away.) Loved both stories. Hope to hear from you in the future with something new. Many thanks!
9/21/2022 c20 Cwhit930
Thank you for the time you put into this to complete it. Enjoyed your take on a slytherin Harry
9/16/2022 c20 Snarry Potter
omg i loved loved loved this story thank you so much for penning such a wonderful story, as of now I am a new fan of your fanfiction and look forward to many more wonderful stories that you write in the future for years to come.
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