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5/11/2017 c19 61Perseus12
Oh, how wrong you are, Danzo Shimura. You thought you think that you have the blood of Sol doesn't mean that you'll steal the Uzumaki knowledge. But you are totally WRONG! Your reign and your empire will FALL when the times right! You and your deluded followers will follow you into the pits of HELL! Mwahahahahahahaahaha~! *Thunder BOOMS!*
5/11/2017 c18 4Kalez The Dark Storm
I just read all the chapters to date and I have to say that I regret not having discovered this gem before you clearly have good ideas and the ability to translate them in a good way (something that not all writers have)

I give the total support to this story and I will be watching closely if you upload others in the future :)
5/10/2017 c18 1crasyadis
Is it wrong that I find the torture scenes help me get off. When better than the lemons do.
5/10/2017 c18 7Make FFN Sensible Again
Damn. Naruto went full-blown scorched-earth mode.
5/10/2017 c18 Zerig
Who will be the next konoha filth to face his wrath? I hope the next to suffer is the old hag and i want to see rin have her revenge on the one eyed piece of lower then trash. (heres a suggestion to brake him have the ghost of the white fang appear and disown him)
5/10/2017 c18 Redtooth
Huh" if ye ask me jaraiya's death was too fast he should of had a slower death.
5/9/2017 c17 bladetri
like XD
5/9/2017 c18 Guest
Have to admit, I have read multiple where naruto is betrayed his family, friends, ect. Some where good and others just had bad plot or one thing or another that just ruined the entire story with just one action or another. They all had potential but most were disappointing cause of how the author set things up. Like one where naruto was in prison/banished or even tortured and killed. While most just forgived everyone and still work for the leaf village. Now some made a good example of revenge (but for some reason whether it because it's thier favorite character or something) they had one of them beforgive or even become his lover like in a LOL xover even though she betrayed him. You on the other hand had given us exactly on what should you react to when being hurt for so long and being betrayed by those u had cared about. Not only that you also stuck to making the characters power leveling just about right as well. This has been won of my favorite story's to read, and have been reading since 2014. Great job really can't wait for the next chapter and hopefully after the story ends the next story.
5/9/2017 c3 Rangle
Man, that's just too fast. Naruto needs to suffer more. He needs to be put in his place as a whipping boy.
5/9/2017 c18 Guest
Fucking garbage like you that bash and hate characters for no fucking reason either needs to stop writing or needs to go die. Also those that like this story also needs to go die.
5/9/2017 c18 1rinnegan18
i like
5/9/2017 c18 Shadow
Zato eh? Love the new name, to think they murdered his twin just because he made naruto happy, well i look forward to seeing the inuzuka being put down like the rabid mutts they are also although she deserves it why is that red eyed bitch being raped by men i would of had her shagged by either animals or demons or are you saving that for ino pig?
5/8/2017 c18 3Nariem
Jiraya should have been interogated, he is higher on food chain, so he would probably knows where Sol's son is
5/8/2017 c18 19blukmage19
The Mt. Myoboku Toads, Jiraiya, Shikamaru, Kiba, and Shino: Destroyed, very utterly. Whatever happens to Kurenai is anybody's bet, most likely to end up in the real cold hard facts of life; but who taught Naruto/Sol about the subject.
It's just like how the saying goes: Revenge is best served cold, but in Sol's case, he likes it red hot.

But who knows what'll happen next to the unfortunate vic-, I mean, opponents when Sol begins to really raise 'cain' and be through with Konoha and see what happens to remainder of his family?
5/8/2017 c18 Stratos263
Normally I am against rape of anyone in general. But kurenai has proven to me that I have to make exceptions for someone like her.
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