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2/5/2022 c2 KittAnn
BTW, thank you for keeping Snape alive.
2/5/2022 c2 KittAnn
THIS IS SOOOOO FUNNY! I literally sprayed my beverage all over.
6/16/2021 c2 2Dj19
I was embarrassed just by reading the ending of your story but overall it was great!
2/22/2020 c2 22Ms. Loony Lovegood
Dear Merlin! All your stories r so funny! Hahaha. This one too, omg. One of my favs! Your writing is really amazing, it really fits for my soul who's such a sucker for happy endings! Lmao. Pls, keep writing! You r awesome!
3/1/2019 c1 Guest
I don't know where you find all those crazy ideas but that's awesome! It's so rare to have fics with creativity and good sense of humour, yours are so good it's a shame you don't write more lol. Thank you and good job!
3/1/2019 c1 Guest
I don't know where you find all those crazy ideas but that's just awesome! And it's so rare to have fics creative and funny/hilarious!
12/6/2018 c2 Whit96
This is so fun and delightful. I love all the songs. Ha ha ha
11/12/2018 c1 24Bionically
I loved your equally egotistical Hermione and Draco, although their arrogance clearly stems from different angles. And it's so rare that the other houses get an honorable mention. Loved Terry and Anthony's plot to get the house cup. Very creative and extremely funny too!
7/22/2018 c2 8Luckyme22
so frigging funny!
6/22/2018 c2 Gizzy's Mama
This is freaking hilarious! I busted a gut laughing out loud. Picturing all of them busting into Your ending was perfect. Grease is the word! Oh I’ll be reading this one again and again and again...
4/5/2018 c2 Kelsey441
That was the most delightfully ridiculous thing I've ever read.
3/12/2018 c2 6LissyGray
I was laughing so much at this. This was a fun mash up of HP and musicals.
7/9/2017 c2 54Kyonomiko
Loved it! So fun and silly and great big finish! I hope to see more from you in the future!
4/16/2017 c1 katsweetybooks
Oh Grease!
4/2/2017 c2 Phoenix Rebel glad it got changed to Grease! I was wondering how it would end when they were doing West Side Story!
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