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for The Will of the Empire

1/25 c19 Thundercest fan
Looking forward to the next chapter
1/16 c8 TheLastGarou
I think so, Brain. But where are we going to find rubber pants in our size?
1/16 c5 TheLastGarou
"Artoo-Deetoo. Saving everyone's ass since 1977."
12/16/2020 c19 Pridedclub
please update
12/8/2020 c19 Thanasi
When they say failed palpatine clone i like to think like it wasnt force sensitive... they probably had someone take the clone thinking they could use it again him and discard it when they realized they couldnt... who then lived a normal life and had Rey. I personally think we will find out about this clone in the mandalorian.
11/22/2020 c1 Purecolour
I love the interactions between Anakin, Obi-wan and Yoda at the end there
11/16/2020 c18 5Light Lord Cybergate
Well well well... allies sure can be found in unexpected areas.

His aunt, former handmaiden to his mother is a senator on Imperial Center.

An excellent political ally.
11/14/2020 c19 Guest
This is a gorgeous fanfic. I am very excited to see more of it in the future. :)
11/8/2020 c19 UltraMickey
This story is well written and well thought out. Morons in Disney could learn a lot from you about writing and planning sequels lol
10/27/2020 c19 2DebaterMax
cant wait for more!
10/17/2020 c19 Mia
Let’s just say that Disney had no plan for Star Wars.
10/11/2020 c19 Blackholelord
Well I like the story, and do wish you the best writing this story. As for the story plot and the many holes filled with kid logic for the newer films. Later films, well they had a cheat device, the old cannon universe, filled with so many ideas they pushed off as their own work. Like they did in Star Wars Rebels, the TIE Defender was originally from an old Star Wars computer game, so nothing original except people pushing the idea as their own to unknowing new fans.

Generally speaking when you watch something new in anything related to Star Wars, there is a chance they gotten the idea from the old cannon in one way or another. They say original idea like with Force Awaken, but what I saw was a cheap copy and paste of New Hope, with a heavy dose of kid logic that was so corny for me a older viewer. Starkiller base and its superweapon I get it using solar energy to fire its main gun, but a whole star to fire it once, and this was before they wrote it was capable of space flight.

They were learning to produce Star Wars films, but sadly their writers were likely guys from Disney kid films. People hoping to become famous in creating the latest Star Wars film, the greatest longest lasting idea next to Star Trek, but not bother to put much effort and look at their work from an outsider view. Saying would I like to watch this or could I make it better.

I truly worry for Star Wars. I truly love it the old and willing to give the new a chance, but... The fans are having a civil war caused by people who wanted their own thing, but also fans who angry at the insults given by Disney staff. Disney has suffered heavy money losses as what they hoped for continue to fail as fans they driven away by a mixture of insults and producing stuff not even equal to the pre-sequel films. Various fans have complain and there been negative reviews, which caused Star Wars to be sold in the first place as it caused stress on George Lucas. But the storyline and the action, the exotic new worlds follow certain requirement introduced by the first three films. To outdo the what was made and reach for the stars themselves. Instead we got to much ego riding on the back of Star Wars hoping to create a name for themselves, and real life issues introduce into the films, stuff we go to the films to avoid for a short while, instead we got forced fed the stuff...

Its one of the reason why I enjoy Star Wars fan fiction. Fans know what fans love and these days write better story plots then people hired to write them. Your story is unique, but also good and I look forward to see where you take it.
10/11/2020 c16 Blackholelord
Rise of Skywalker...
I saw it, but it was a overall mess. I'm not sure when you made this review, but the fact was Kennedy was constantly interfering with the film, that resulted in four different possible endings with enough stuff for a four hour film. When they gotten a ending that was suppose to please the fans, that was when Lucas and the lead director got together to get fans back after Last Jedi, but Kennedy is reported upset that nobody wants to follow her path and went behind their backs and push forward her own plot idea for the ending. Ben Solo was suppose to survive and together with Ray rebuild the Jedi Order, but Kennedy pushed her own idea ahead and made things even worse. This is suppose rumor, but seeing how bad the film was compare to Force Awaken (considering it bad in my eyes) and Last Jedi (not good, but improving from lessons learned), it was clear that ideas were flying everywhere in attempt to create a film that would draw back the fans, but causing the creation of a half-baked film that seem rushed and poorly put gather.

Overall there was severe creative differences happening during the final film. Disney being despite to get Lucas to come onboard to help save Star Wars and ever growing fan civil war that Kennedy caused by upsetting the fans. I personally didn't care if the lead was female, black, Asian or from Mars, but a good story plot that didn't seem kidlike. I love Star Wars, like you and I worry about the future. But there is to much ego going on, with Kennedy she would pushing her own thing, didn't care, but when negativity was pointed towards fans well you get the point. Well in the end, fans fought back, boycotting Star Wars in various ways, like with Solo. Saw it on DVD, and saw improvement from their earlier attempts. Now Disney and Lucasfilms are working hard to get those paying fans back, but it might be to late, Disney is losing money badly as films they hoped to bring the big money in is failing as fans leaving Star Wars behind for being insulted.

In the end, Star Wars is vast wonderful universe that going through a rebirth as new creators coming to bring new wonders. I willing to give it a chance, only if they push good work, because giving substandard work expect the title Star Wars make you love it will not work on anyone. Personally I found it insulting that saying that the old cannon was not cannon it sounded insulting to everyone who worked on Star Wars before the Disney buy, they could said they were creating a new universe. I get they were afraid attempting to build upon what was made before in the old cannon, and thus they wanted to push their own idea. Thus the rebirth of Star Wars.

On a final note. I personally believe that the original Star Wars actors for Luke, Leia and Han should have never been brought back. That these films should have taken placed in their future after their deaths. Fans hoped for something great with the original actors being back, but left disappointed.
10/7/2020 c11 Xemi
Luke should have been able to take Mara in lightsaber combat no problem, after all he's the man who defeated Vader, a much more powerful combatant than any other of Palpatine's force-sensitive minions. There's a reason why he was Palpatine's aprentice, and not anyone else. Even Palpatine was impressed at Luke learning new moves and adapting his lightsaber style mid fight with Vader (ROTJ novelization), the fight should not have been anywhere near as close as you made it IMO.
9/29/2020 c8 michaelmoose1997
I got the Pinky and the brain reference and I was born in 1997 if that helps any. I was more surprised to see it in this relatively serious fic.
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