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7/13 c10 jeremych56
nah once you forced itachi on a parallel with old life I'm out
7/27/2022 c2 I-Nex-I
Is Itachi really that strong? I just don’t think Naruto characters surpass people like Sirzechs until Six Paths
7/20/2022 c10 Shifufufd
I must say...That Jin shit destroyed this fic and I'm glad this shit is over bye motherfuckers
6/1/2022 c16 Om2374
Seriously just seal loki in toutska blade and get it over with the guy is way too annoying
1/16/2022 c16 Voltrous
Please update this story soon
11/2/2021 c2 Alastor Bosco
Itachi became a devil i am donw with this story
10/25/2021 c2 8Inv0ke
It is making less sense... If she knew she was part of the Gremory house they wouldn't attack them in fear of provoking them the Fallen must know there is around 14 devil's in the area at the moment.

Not including the guards that the 2 Satan's would have put there to protect them after all they are Heir's to noble families...
10/25/2021 c1 Inv0ke
Ya not seeing why the fallen would leave them alive in the area of a devil.

I never got that in any fanfic or the original it makes 0 sense
10/6/2021 c1 Dasgun

10/6/2021 c2 Dasgun

10/6/2021 c7 Dasgun
10/6/2021 c16 Dasgun
9/21/2021 c16 2HawtTaquito
This was a really good story, I'm really sad there isn't any more.
9/18/2021 c9 1Deathpen16
The hell? the fvcking oc is stronger than itachi? heck I can still accept it if the shinobi's on canon but this you created oc and it feels like itachi's no match for them is truly unforgivable.!
9/15/2021 c2 StrangestQuark
dunno if you just added an extra 0 or it's intentional, but Itachi Uchiha's MP seems... excessive. Maou are supposed to be capable of sinking Japan in it's entirety and much as I would understand a final arc Naruto's level being there Itachi was about a magnitude weaker then full power endgame Naruto and Sasuke.
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