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4/26/2021 c3 ersy
Love this but would love more shawn and Riley please can't wait for the next chapter
1/9/2020 c5 Guest
Love it so much can’t wait for more
7/21/2017 c4 Ss
Your writing is really good and I like the direction your going for the story! One thing though is that your description of Zay falls into the trap of a token black character who's only purpose is to make people be laugh and is only really tolerated because of his white friends. It's probably not your intention to do so, especially since that was how he was protrayed in the show, but that doesnt mean we should be carrying on the show's mistakes!
7/18/2017 c4 Carolyn
Great chapter Courtney! I feel a little sad for Riley, but I'm proud of her for stepping out and making the club. I love love her conversation with shawn and noticed growth for her. Hopefully the friends will come and behind her and support her. Thank you for the update.
7/17/2017 c4 violet1429
Ah yes, the football issue makes an appearance here as it did in the show, except this time there's a direct reference to the Tombstone incident. I like the way you handled it. I always thought Riley telling Lucas he'd get killed on the football team was a little OOC for her. I understand the girls' apprehension and Poor Maya for feeling like she doesn't have the right to act like a "concerned girlfriend". But I think having concern for him doesn't necessary have to be from a girlfriend/romantic perspective, but her jumbled thoughts don't let her see that. I do like how Lucas reassures Riley the best he can without knowing the full extent to why that light wasn't quite reaching her eyes.

I really really liked the conversation between Shawn and Riley. I appreciate all the scenes you write between them because they didn't get nearly enough screen time as the should have together. I like when she goes to him because its almost like he's an objective third party, but still knows her and her life enough to where he isn't if that makes any sense?

I LOVED Isadora's part in this chapter. Probably my favorite part of the whole chapter and in this series, Isadora is probably my favorite character, especially because you write her so brilliantly. I have never ever liked the Riley committee and agree with Isadora: it does a disservice to Riley. I knew they had good intentions but I would think that does Riley more harm than good. I love that Isadora doesn't look at Riley as the naive girl that needs protection like some of the others might see her. She gives Riley the credit she deserves. All of her observations made me mentally applause in my head. I am so happy Riley broke off and made her own extra-curricular. She deserves something that is just hers and doesn't need to follow one of the others in their activities.

Amazing chapter
7/17/2017 c4 xForeverAndAlways
Good chapter. :)
7/17/2017 c4 Sanchezashley
I love how lucas reassures Riley about his feelings for her ... please dont break then up ...also can we get more Rucas moments between them...
7/16/2017 c4 10shebe67
I love everything about this chapter, Courtney. I love the conversation between Riley and Shawn, two characters I wish had gotten more interaction on the show. I love the way you write Smackle as well, her observations were interesting, I'm glad Riley made her own place. Sometimes you just have to! Beautiful!
7/16/2017 c4 3naelacy
I loved this! Lucas and his feelings for Riley are definitely there and I'm glad that he isn't letting Maya dictate their relationship. I do feel for Maya, but at some point she needs to let Riley discover the world on her own and be there as a supporting role. I like how Farkle tried to stand up for Riley. And I really liked how you did the last part of the chapter from Smackle's POV. I think you did a great job with that. Good for Riley taking the initiative to start her own club. Friends of Rachel sounds perfect for her!
5/22/2017 c3 naelacy
You do you. Family comes first and foremost. I will still be here when you do update. I'm a patient woman. I look forward to seeing an update in the future!
4/21/2017 c2 10shebe67
I loved Maya in this chapter..we always here about how Riley or Lucas would do anything for their friends, but this chapter showed that in Maya. Maya definitely has some messed up feels for Josh and Lucas. I loved her plotting to poison the reporter that caused Farkle trouble...Law and Order is one of my all time favorite shows so that bit was funny. Love how the Matthews siblings saved the day for Josh! You did a wonderful job, Courtney. Can't wait for what's next.
4/2/2017 c2 53Rose Garden Twilight
Beautiful chapter Courtney! So much to go through! I laughed too hard on the law and order reference. I watch that show a little two much. Maya just want to protect her Farkle. Zay striking on the Corey story brought a smile to my face. The Rucas moment at school was so adorable. Of course Lucas would always be there for her. The joshaya encounter with the other girl made me laugh as I could see everything in my head perfectly. (Side note I really liked Josh's observations and I hope you bring it back in the future.) The rilaya conversation has me intrigued and I have a feeling something more is going on that meets the idea. This was a great chapter and I can't see what else you have in store.
4/2/2017 c2 Guest
Aww that was sweet of Cory and the Matthew's fam. It will be interesting to see what happens with josh around. Good chapter.
4/2/2017 c2 violet1429
First off: gotta love Maya's method for revenge against that stupid reporter. May's probably lucky I'm not her friend, I would probably encourage the retribution. Also Zay's line about Josh being Corpanga's kid was probably my favorite part of the whole chapter

I loved what I saw of Joshaya in this chapter, especially her jealousy when those girls were making eyes at him (but can we really blame them?) and his subsequent response to that awful girl when she said Josh isn't interested in Maya. They had each others backs and I loved it(:

I liked Lucas reassuring Riley. Riley wouldn't be Riley if she didn't have some insecurities about people not liking her (or about Lucas potentially meeting another girl). Its very sweet that he always know the right thing to say to put her mind at ease. At least most of the time. This is Lucas after all.

This Cassandra girl reminds me of nearly every girl I went to high school with and I went to private school so yeah, the self-entitlement was at its peak. I love that Maya put her in her place but something tells me this isn't the last they'll see of her.

The elder Matthews sibling coming together to help their little brother out warmed my heart. We hardly got to see the four of them together but this sounds like exactly something they would do. And now we get even more Uncle Boing, which is always a plus in my book.

The Rilaya scene, like most of them having been doing, made me sad for these girls because while they're still sisters and have their strong friendship, there is still so much going unresolved between them. They know the circumstances and they're being honest with each other but things are at such a standstill and it breaks my heart that they seem like the feel so helpless about how to go about all this. I'm glad Riley does see that there is a difference in the way Maya reacts to one boy and not the other and I think those differences say a lot. But if I have faith in any pairing, romantic or not, its in Rilaya. I loved the chapter as I always do, and I look forward to what comes next!
4/1/2017 c2 xForeverAndAlways
Good chapter. :)
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