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for Percy Jackson: An Age Gone By

5/10 c4 beta tester beater
Zeus is so annoying and paranoid like this old fuck needs to retire.
5/10 c3 beta tester beater
Perseus staying with his friend to see his dream come true instead of being at home with his mother and wife makes him a great friend
5/10 c2 beta tester beater
she'll come around
5/10 c1 beta tester beater
I'm so glad that the hunt was supportive and I hope they continue to be.
4/25 c33 TheScottishLegend
Love this story! I hope the ending you’ve hinted at isn’t too sad, surely Artemis has been sad for long enough in the story, right? RIGHT?
4/9 c33 Guest
This is a great story, truly original, hope to see a new update soon
3/31 c33 vansh4895
Read it all in one go. Its well written, but the story seems to be about Perseus and not Percy Jackson at all, who we all know and loveAND becuse of whom a majority of the people, including myself, started reading this story I am sure), or even more specifically Artemis- a hypocrite of the highest order and very easily defeated for a goddess.

I kept hoping right up till the last chapter that Percy Jackson would take over the reigns but the original plot seems to have fallen on the wayside. Oh well.
3/31 c33 Guest
This is insane, pls update soon!
3/11 c2 Guest
Very good
2/8 c33 2Ben Thryss
I wasn’t expecting to love this story as much as I ended up loving it when I picked it up the day before yesterday, but frickidy-dickity-ding-dang-what-the-higgity-heck, you got me good. You had me on the edge of my seat this whole time. Love me some actiony romance with strong personalities that aren’t just actually assholes who hate each other until they magically don’t. You did a really spectacular job of characterizing everyone very vivaciously.

Thank you for writing this and having it be favourited by some other rando whose profile I was perusing randomly. I’m really looking forward to the next instalment, and hope it doesn’t take too much longer!

Though, for real, take your time. Life comes first, and all!

But like… not TOO much time.

Ignore me. Take your time.

…Is it done yet…?

(That was a joke, please don’t feel pressured, thank you for writing this!)
1/17 c33 9Krypton Joy Writes
Wow, will definitely be waiting for more
1/17 c32 Krypton Joy Writes
HAHA! Love the cliffhanger
1/17 c30 Krypton Joy Writes
What the hell, was that twist?!
1/17 c28 Krypton Joy Writes
well, that was emotional. Also forget my last review
1/16 c17 Krypton Joy Writes
So Act I had the side story of TLT
Act II has Sea Of Monsters
Act III would have Titan's Curse, Am I right?
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