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5/29 c3 1aaronmag
I couldn’t help myself... I had to find out what happened next. :)

The bound woman lay watching intently.

I like this aspect of her being instructed by her captive.

And done...

I liked this. Of course I am now wondering if Daelynn has appeared in the background or has been referenced in your latest work. Or maybe she is from centuries earlier? I guess I will have to read on to learn what happens to Daelynn in her own story before I can speculate.
5/29 c2 aaronmag
Back for more with Daelynn...

An equerry held out this hand to assist her in alighting from the coach.

this hand - his hand

Gone were the lilting phrases of the far northwest, replaced by a flat southern accent.

Oohh, nice detail. I should have noticed his voice had changed.

The woman had been as interested in the art collection as she was in carrying out her serving duties. The elf could not blame her. The exhibits were amazing to behold.

I am guessing she is also a thief who is using the maid cover.

Stretched canvas covered each step and had been painted to resemble stone. The material slightly muffled her steps as she ascended.

Very nice extra detail that gives that extra layer of immersion.

She appeared to be wrestling with the latch.

I was right!

Okay, this is a fun heist story! I look forward to seeing what this rival their is about.
5/26 c1 aaronmag
Okay, onto the continuing adventures of Daelynn.

The shadows moved, rippling an[d] flowing to one side…

Slight typo.

Okay. That was the only typo I found. Interesting. So we are learning more about Daelynn. It will be interesting to see where this leads. Of course we readers have an advantage over Daelynn since we know Roland works for the Tymoran priestess of the last story.
11/16/2017 c1 9Belmakori
This was very good. I can’t wait to read more if Daelynn’s adventures

4/15/2017 c3 31penny4him
End? Come on - more! :)

I want to find out what else Daelynn gets herself into, and what her training involves! Your story intrigues me, and your descriptions were beautiful - something not easily achieved. Very well-written and interesting. Nicely done! I would certainly follow it if you'd decide to write more.

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